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    Thank you, Paul. The link to The Crobar didn't work, but I had a look at The Ben Crouch and The Marlborough Tavern. I will manage to go there.

    Thank you too, David. Unfortunately (or not) I won't arrive until 08/02. At 08/01 I want to be at Buddy Guy's show in Edinburgh.

    Hi Fellows!

    I will be in London from 08/02 to 08/01. I would like to know if you could recommend some places that I should go (nightclubs, museums etc.) related to rock and roll, and, if possible, to Glenn's music.

    I will also be in Edinburgh between 07/26 and 08/01.

    Best regards,


    I did not take part of the contest for the tickets to the DVD show because I live in Brazil and would not be there, even if I won (the costs of flying to USA are too high) . Anyway, I think it will be a wonderful night, and keep looking forward to get the DVD as soon as it is released .

    Thank you, Gabi, for the pictures. The friendly and synergic atmosphere of the rehearsals is pretty obvious on them .


    The pictures make clear that Glenn was having a very good time , what is great! They also show the high vibes surrounding the venue environment . Really hope to see and meet Glenn live in Brazil ASAP!

    I was reading about the great Ray Gillen on the All Music Guide and found this:

    "A Ray Gillen memorial tribute was organized in February of 1994 by Glenn Hughes, featuring performances by singer Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, former Mariah Carey guitarist Paul Pescoe, and Hughes' own band — the re-formed Trapeze."

    Does anyone have more details about this tribute?

    Maz recently posted a question asking what was in our CD players. One of the answers was by Fedor, recommending a band named Kings of Leon.

    I think it would not hurt the purpose of this forum asking fellow members to recommend an interesting band he/she thinks most of us do not, but should, know.

    I recommend Hair of the Dog - real hard stuff! Also Gov’t Mule - maybe some of you are not familiar with this great band.

    The setlist for the 1st Bananas' Tour, last night (09/12) in Goiania/Brazil - my hometown, was:

    Highway Star
    Woman From Tokyo
    Silver Tongue
    Contact Lost
    Knocking At Your Back Door
    Morse Solo
    House of Pain
    Airey Solo
    Perfect Strangers
    Morse plays parts of Sweet Child O' Mine, Voodoo Child and Stairway to Heaven
    Smoke On The Water
    I've Got Your Number
    Black Night