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    Hi folks...

    Glenn's comments were from the interview I conducted with him late last year. The full interview can be read at, and was graciously reprinted in the latest issue (#50) of the Coast To Coast e-zine.

    ***If EMI Records continues with the series of Deep Purple re-masters, will you take part in their release?

    I would love to be part of those re-masters. I asked Roger Glover three years ago “Are you going to re-master ‘Burn’?� He said “I wasn’t on that record.� I said “I know, because if you’re not going to do it, I need to do it.� I’d like to be part of that.***


    It was a great show! Chip and I set up shop about eight feet back from the barricade, just right of center. VCR came on a few minutes before noon, opening with Still The One and Dance With Me by Orleans' Larry Hoppen. I've always loved Still The One, and it got the crowd dancing. Can't remember the exact order of the rest of the setlist, but it was as follows:

    Pat Travers...Snortin' Whiskey
    Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)
    Alex Ligertwood...Winning (with Glenn)
    Black Magic Woman
    Joe Lynn Turner...Hush
    JLT/Glenn Hughes...Highway Star
    Glenn Hughes...Mistreated ("Anyone remember
    California Jam?" Glenn shouted.)
    JLT/GH and band...Smoke On The Water

    They did not play Stone Cold or Burn. If they had played Burn, I would have had a coronary and would not be typing this right now. Funny, at the Deep Purple concert the night before I said hello to JLT. Purple had just finished their set with SOTW, and JLT winked and said "We'll be doing that one tomorrow, only better!" Joe was of course only joking, but I have to agree. Glenn's vocal acrobatics at the end gave me chills, and were some of the most intense utterings I've witnessed him sing in person. Glenn did not play bass at all, except for Mistreated. I was wondering who the bass player was - I had no idea it was Barry Dunaway!

    The rest of JuneFest was great, with all the acts mentioned in Shirean's post. I can't believe more GH fans didn't make the drive over to see this concert. With tickets as low as $10 and only being a four hour drive?! Don't lament that Glenn will never play the West coast...he's been to Vegas twice in 6 months!

    That's about all, folks. Wish you were here. Shirean, Chip has some photos he'll be sending you to post.


    I have to agree with David. Hans has contributed to the last few Glenn Hughes albums, and he would be the natural choice for a tour. If Hans were not available, then perhaps Ed Roth would be. I was impressed by his performance with Montrose, and he knows Glenn.

    Not that keyboard is a major part of the music, but it adds enough flavor and dimension to the music to be noticeable if it were missing. And for this upcoming US tour, we all want Glenn to sound his very best, right;)