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    Disappointing, but not surprising. Glenn was the driving force behind BCC, I think, because he had the most to gain from it. And so he was willing to put his solo career on the back burner for Black Country Communion, whereas Joe wasn't.

    I think if the band had released 'Afterglow', done press together and maybe a couple well publicized promo performances (including Leno, Conan, Letterman, Eddie Trunk's show or something similar in the States?), given each other breathing room to do their own thing and then committed to tour after a fourth record, BCC might have continued. As it stands, it's back to business as usual for Bonamassa and Shirley.

    I think it's time for Glenn to kick our asses with another solo album again!

    Actually, Lemon Records in the UK reissued Club Ninja a few years back. And there was a reissue of Imaginos by American Beat in 2007, but it wasn't remastered. It would be cool if the extra disc of rarities includes things like "Astronomy" with Stephen King's spoken intro, and if the live disc includes "Wings of Mercury".

    I was beyond excited when I read the press release yesterday! BOC is one of the most underrated bands ever. Their catalog is incredible! I had abandoned hope that Sony would remaster the rest of their albums after they stopped at Some Enchanted Evening in 2007.

    I will not have the opportunity to see the band's 40th anniversary show in NYC in October. I'll have to settle for two shows in my neck of the woods a month later. Such is life.

    I've already pre-ordered my box set, which is cheaper if you order from by the way.

    I just read the news. So sad. Jon Lord was a musical giant. I have everything he's recorded from the Artwoods on...such an amazing musical legacy. His music of recent years was breathtaking, just something to behold. My thoughts go out to his family, friends and fans.

    Even as huge a part of his career as Purple and Rainbow were, they're so far in the rearview mirror these days it's no wonder that Ritchie isn't too concerned with keeping that flame alive. And I'm sure Candice doesn't want to sing a bunch of songs from Ritchie's old catalog. Having said that, Blackmore's Night has done some really nice reworkings of "Rainbow Blues", "Rainbow Eyes" and "Street of Dreams", the latter featuring a nice workout on the Strat. I know their music isn't for everyone, but I like it a lot and my wife was just commenting a few days ago how much she liked Candice's voice. It's all good. If I want to hear classic Blackmore, I can always go back and cruise through the dozens of studio, live and bootleg albums I have from his heyday.

    First Kossoff song that really grabbed me was the song "Hole in the Head", which still gives me chills to this day. His solo is just a searing, raw bit of emotion. Wonderful.

    '](You need some friends like a) Hole in the head - YouTube[/ame]
    And nice to see a signature edition named in his honor. He did play just about the greatest classic rock riff ever, "All Right Now" :thumbup:

    I have watched and rewatched the BCC 'Live Over Europe' DVD, which in turn has made me revisit the BCC 2 album, which in turn has inspired further viewings of the BCC DVD again. I have a renewed enthusiasm for BCC 2. There are some truly great things going on with that album. As the band moves forward to the next release...

    • I would like Kevin Shirley to produce an album which sounds like the live mix on the DVD, where the songs come alive. It really sucks having to remix an album on my own stereo system because the producer buried the high end in the mix.
    • I hope Glenn gets over his Led Zeppelin fetish. I understand the influence in Jason's playing style, but that doesn't mean Glenn needs to rewrite "Misty Mountain Hop".
    • I'd like to hear even more of Derek Sherinian. It still feels like he's been relegated to the background, a la Geoff Nicholls from Sabbath. Instead, he should be a greater presence like Jon Lord was with Purple.
    • I'd like to see the rest of the band contribute more of the songwriting.

    So with that in mind, I hope Glenn and company knock the next album out of the park, and that they continue their upward swing.

    DanielB's comment about BCC 3 and Kevin Shirley had me thinking. I don't know how many of you have heard Joe Bonamassa's 2006 solo album You and Me, but it features Joe, Jason Bonham and was produced by Kevin Shirley - basically, 3/5 of Black Country Communion. And the sound of the album is stellar, which is why the production on the BCC albums perplexes me. THIS is what BCC should sound like...

    Bonamassa - Bridge to Better Days - YouTube[/ame]
    Glenn's albums have always had great production. Seems to me his songs are being done a disservice if they're buried in a lo-fi mix. Kevin Shirley and the band owe it to themselves, and to their listening audience, to make the material sound like a million bucks.

    RATS! BCC has been very well represented this past year, between BCC 2 and the live DVD. I'd much rather see Glenn focus his attention on a new solo recording.

    Joe Bonamassa's been a busy guy. He released his solo album Black Rock in March of 2010, a live album in October 2010, Dust Bowl in March of 2011, BCC 2 came out in June, he released an album with Beth Hart in September, and then the BCC DVD came out in October. My gut feeling is Joe will grow weary of BCC if it keeps up the pace it has so far, and starts to affect his solo output - which is where he really shines. Is there any reason Glenn couldn't take a breather, recharge his batteries with a new solo release, then reconvene BCC in the fall? I'll bet if he was asked, Joe might prefer Glenn go off and do a solo record - which is where Glenn himself really shines - before taking on another BCC album so soon.

    Purpendicular and Fireball are among my favorite albums Deep Purple has released. Truthfully, I rotate most of the band's albums through my iPod at some point or another, adding or removing them from time to time. I truly love all eras of the band, and the various offshoots it has produced in Whitesnake, Rainbow and the assorted solo projects. I don't think a more diverse and talented family tree exists for another band.