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    Here is my best of list:

    PORCUPINE TREE - Fear of a blank planet
    GLENN HUGHES - This time around - An anthology
    SATELLITE PARTY - Satellite party
    ARCHIVE - Live at the Zenith
    SHAW & BLADES - Influence
    DREAM THEATER - Systematic chaos
    NINE INCH NAILS - Beside you in time (DVD)
    PAIN OF SALVATION - Scarsick
    TOTO - Falling in between Live

    Best wishes for 2008

    I was one of the 200 people...really great gig and great band! I have all their cds and so I can say: check them out!

    JJ Marsh plays on two cds from Tomas Bodin:

    SONIC BOULEVARD (2003) and
    IAM (2005)

    There is also a possibility that JJ plays on a fun album called SWEDISH FAMILY - VINTAGE PROG (2004)! That's also a BODIN album where all the musicians are listed with fun names!

    The soon to be recorded album by Bodin is the second part of his planned trilogy - IAM was the first - YOUARE will be next!

    Hope to hear some soundfiles from MUSIC FOR THE DIVINE

    Best wishes Michael

    Hi Chris!

    Welcome to the club! We went from Graz...stayed also for the night...and yes it's the disappointment of the year!

    First I wanted to go to Regensburg...but we wanted to see Glenn in Austria...

    ...but I was early enough to get FFF and a T-shirt...

    Hope to see Glenn in Austria soon...maybe before Arrow Rock!

    All the best Michael

    According to the news from Van Halen will reunite!!! These are very good news from my point of view!

    But now it looks like the planed supergroup Planet US with Hagar, Schon, Anthony and Castranovo will not happen...

    Some years ago I suggested Glenn as new VH singer! As Glenn and Neal Schon have both talked about their mutual admiration I think Glenn should join Neal in Planet US!

    Hi all!

    Last week I bought the new solo album from Tomas Bodin who is the keyboard player of the fantastic swedish group FLOWER KINGS!

    It's his third solo album and JJ Marsh is playing the guitars on 7 tracks!

    We all could/can keep an eye on his development as a really great guitar player - the HTP 2 was his last highlight!

    On the Bodin album he has reached a new level! Check it out!!!!

    All the best Michael


    I saw 2 Stevie Salas concerts and all I can say is: If you have a chance to see him - go an get him!!!! He is really brilliant!!! One oft the hottest live acts - especially in smal clubs - he kicks ass!!!!

    I never saw T.M. live - but his albums are great! And they are important for the funky GH-fans! Listen!!!!

    Michael Kicker

    Hi guys!

    Here are my contributions to the must-have albums for the GH fan:

    First of all I have to say that my musical taste is quite diverse – I have CD‘s from Metallica to very soft US-pop, from Dream Theater to Toto, some funk or jazz and of course classic hard rock.

    There are a lot of great albums here already mentioned – but also some new things for me which I’ll check out soon! The only thing I cannot understand at all is David Hasselhoff! Come on James – you live in the homeland of Rock!!!???

    So here is my list:
    Stevie Salas – Back from the living
    Stevie Salas – All that...and born to mack (Live in Japan)
    Third Eye – Hardware
    Nicklebag – 12 hits and a bump

    Three albums from Stevie...featuring some great musicians like T.M.Stevens, Bernard Fowler or on the Third Eye album Bootsy Collins and Buddy Miles...that’s rock with funk in the vein of the songs Stevie has done with GH on „the way it is“...

    Diesel – Solid state rhyme

    Great australien musician...the album from 1995....he has also contibuted to some Jimmy Barnes songs! Good mix of rock, pop and funk!

    Richie Kotzen was also mentioned! I think he gets better and better! Therefore „Slow“ is MY album!

    Very sensious is the music from Maxwell! Check out „Maxwell’s urban hang suite“ or „Embrya“! Very groovy and sexy too...

    From King’s X „Gretchen goes to Nebraska“ – from 1989 the best from them for me until today

    Tackhead – „Strange things“...very rare...very groovy...great music from great players/singers featuring Bernard Fowler and Doug Whimbish

    Then my „Richard Page“-section...great musician and singer from the L.A. studio scene...with:
    Mr. Mister – „Welcome to the real world“ and „Go on“
    Third Matinee – „Meanwhile“ featuring also Patrick Leonhard and many studio cracks from L.A.
    Richard Page – „Shelter me“

    And then: Dan Reed Network – „Dan Reed Network“ and „Slam“...perfect mix of rock and funk...

    A must-have for me: Seal – „Human being“ and „Seal“ from 1994

    Some others:
    Jeff Scott Soto – Parade (his first solo albums – much better than his last one)
    Kip Winger – both solo albums
    Powerstation – Living in fear (great mix of everything – Robert Palmer in great form...last production from Bernard Edwards...RIP)
    No Doubt – Rock steady

    Please excuse my english mistakes – I’m out of practice...