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    Holy F!!!David YOU kill me.. both the pic's and clips!!! My blood is racing!! only a few hours, per say, before Glenn in New York!!!

    Here I am this silly sod, thinking... what do I wear, do I take the train... Motorcycle.. Hot Rod... I know I don't want to be limited by the trian.. last out of Grand Central is like 12-1... Looking cool in either other car, does me no good in the club.. not to mention the parking... I won't drink... much... to make that a problem.. I must say very Nice Problems to have!!

    Folks I am looking forward to seeing you all!! Thanks again to all for keeping this part of my life so alive! I my not be the best poster... but I read almost daily!!!!


    Just a call out to those lucky enough to see Glenn tonight!
    I know you'll post anyway... But would you please give the set-list from the show! I am now getting really crazy of the thought of seeing Glenn is only a couple of days away!

    I took Monday off just for this... Not sure why, I mean the show is not till 8? BUT I am looking at it like a Holiday Weeekend for me!
    and yes I will be late for work Tuesday!

    Looking forward to seeing you all there!

    Welcome! Guess I willl see you at BB's... I will be the 40+ year old guy acting like a 14 year Girl... This will be my 4 time seeing Glenn, The last time he GREAT.. even with a "short" list He killed! time at BB's has to be 100000 times better than the "Vodoo" in Queens! See ya soon! scott

    Thanks for the updated... But as you might have guessed too Late! I bought tickets on line at 5:00am! I didn't buy a ton of them... just a few to get my fat ass in the door! I was a nut looking and looking verywhere for some news. I thought I have looked a BB Kings web site, just the night before to see if anything looked good... When my buddy Jocko said he saw it, I thought he was busting my chops!!! There is a fuuny story how I was in Florida, on a Bussiness trip and some said Glenn was in the hotel.... I ran around looking for him like, something from the old "Hard Days Night" Movie!

    Hope to meet as many Glenn Fans as Possable June 4...
    Where can I get a "Freak Flag"

    I was at the show at Vodoo Lounge March 25, 2001 it was for me 15 years to the date, That I saw my hero go down in flames! After that concert the everything I read about Glenn was bad.

    That night in queens even though he only played a few songs I was Hooked!!
    Fused, Kills Me!
    See You In NY!!!

    Am I dreaming at this early hour of the morning or is the the real deal.. Glenn in New York June 4... BB kings? I just bought tickets!

    Good Pal Jocko said he so it on the BB King web site.. and he was right on! anyone know anything about this?

    Thanks for the heads up!! I was always a Sabbath fan, and I remember it was a dream come true (I was/am very shallow) when it was said Glenn was going to front Sabbath. I also remember the pain of seeing him in NJ, not being able to sing, and just looking very strange on stage! My friends thought he was a joke, and where sorry they didn't replace him sooner with Ray(God Bless Him!)... of course those days.....FEELING OLD!

    Some real die hard BOC fans here! I I I, Back in the day running around with the jean jacket and the cover of "Some Enchanted Evening" on the back, My dodge Challenger I named "Debbie-Denise" and had the "sign of Kronus(?-sp) flags on the fenders - like the caddie limo "on your feet or on your knees.... Very Cool!
    or so I thought....... My kids I am a Loser!