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    If any one were to produce a movie about the life of Tommy Bolin... I'm convinced that Johnny Depp must play the part of Tommy... If any one else has seen the intro (at least) of the movie "Libertine" You may agree. I'm not a big fan of Johnny Depp.. but I must say that he really takes his role seriously and really becomes the characters he plays.

    Hmmm. Who should play the role of Glenn Hughes in this movie?

    Better yet... I think someone should produce a movie about the life of Glenn Hughes..having Johnny Depp playing the co-star role of Tommy!


    I should have used NEH also- they have done pretty well for me in the past...but I have had some really fast shipments through Amazon as well- in fact a recent one. So I placed the order May 6th... and now they give me an arrival date between June 16 and July 8th! (What a crock!) :( I guess I didn't get my order in as early as I thought- I'm guessing my order didn't get filled with their first shipment?. I'm tempted to order another one... I usually end up with at least 3 copies in the end anyway- so I have legit bonus tracks...that is the Glenn Hughes Crazy Person way isn't it?


    I just wish my CD would get here... I've just listened to the radio show- over and over in my car...can't wait! I pre-ordered way back when it was first offered- and it still hasn't made it's way to me! :mad:

    GLENN HUGHES Revealed As 'Mystery Guest' On New THE LIZARDS CD - June 13,
    >Legendary vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) has
    >been revealed as the "mystery guest" on the the new THE LIZARDS CD,
    >"Against All Odds", due later in the year. Hughes lends his dynamic vocals
    >on four tracks on "Against All Odds". In addition, he has recorded bass and
    >vocals on a cut that will be set aside for future release.
    >Glenn, who sang lead vocals on BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi's last
    >solo CD ("Fused") and is about to release a new solo album of his own,
    >stated about the LIZARDS recordings, "They were the best sessions I've ever
    >done outside my own music!"
    >THE LIZARDS, who feature in their ranks Bobby Rondinelli (BLUE ÖYSTER CULT,
    >RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH) and Mike DiMeo (RIOT), recently completed several
    >successful tours of the USA and Europe with the likes of the VANILLA FUDGE,
    >UFO, IAN HUNTER, MOUNTAIN and CANNED HEAT, in support of their third album,
    >last year's critically acclaimed "Cold Blooded Kings".
    >"Against All Odds" began life in the group's private studio, aptly
    >christened Electric Randyland, in mid-2005. Along with Rondinelli and
    >DiMeo, THE LIZARDS bassist Randy Pratt and guitarist Patrick Klein
    >painstakingly wrote and recorded 10 new songs, many of which are destined
    >to become regulars in the band's live repertoire. Likewise, the
    >arrangements incorporated into the music are intricate, compelling and
    >downright rocking! Even real horns and strings were used in the mix! "I
    >think we're evolving," says Bobby Rondinelli, "going deeper into our roots,
    >but also taking it to new places? I think the CD will surprise people."
    >In recent news, THE LIZARDS have performed a series of U.S. dates with
    >guitar legend ULI JOHN ROTH and British classic rock heroes 10 YEARS AFTER.
    >Likewise the band is putting the finishing touches on their third live DVD,
    >shot last year in Europe, as well as finishing a CD of hard rock covers
    >(both projects slated for a summer 2006 release). On a similar note,
    >bassist Randy Pratt will appear in an upcoming issue of Bass Guitar
    >magazine, which will feature a full-photo spread of his unique bass
    >collection. Pratt can also be heard blowing his harp on the
    >soon-to-be-released CACTUS CD, featuring Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert.
    >Also, Mike DiMeo has lent his powerful vocals to RIOT's forthcoming album,
    >called "Still Alive".

    When I try to think of a song that would cover Glenn's total range... I can only think of live performances that he has challenged himself , vamping -putting on a little show- if you will. (As he did in SLItCoA). And I think there is more than one or two boot recordings that have him displaying his range this way. As far as performances I've seen-I think he did the most impressive "vamping" (I call it that anyway) in San Antonio on the Tommy Bolin Tribute Tour. But I am not aware of any recordings- other than the ones the Archives hopefully still have somewhere!

    Ok... there is a somewhat common error with this description... How many catch it right off the bat?

    (Hint: It's not the usual miss-spelling of Glenn's Name)

    Rock Legends Autographed Fender Guitar ITEM # 7411185274
    1. David Coverdale (Whitesnake), 2. Steve Vai (Whitesnake, Frank Zappa), 3. Steve Lukather (Toto), 4. Vivian Campbell (Dio, Whitesnake, Def Leppard), 5. Marco Mendoza (Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy), 6. Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Glen Hughes (Deep Purple), 7. Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio), 8. Gilbey Clark (Guns'n'Roses), 9. Ronny James Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio), 10. Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath).
    All of the above except Geezer and Vinnie Paul were photographed while for authenticity purposes.
    The Heavy Metal legends will is one-of-a-kind given Ozzy and Dio, both former front men for Black Sabbath, signed it. A photo album of these pictures will be included with each guitar. All signatures are guaranteed 100% authentic.

    Feel and Tone? I am not a huge fan of Gary Moore (I like his playing a lot)- I've got several of his album's- his work with Glenn of course, Victims of the Future, a couple blues etc. And I am not aware of any material that competes with the feel and tone of "Cause We've Ended as Lovers" from Blow By Blow.
    The thing I find interesting (I've just heard) about Jeff is that he takes his guitar playing as a lesser hobby than his race cars. He's a natural, with minimum effort- just experimental, and for fun and records when ever he feels like it. That impresses me. Just wonder what he could do if he really worked at it? I've seen him live only once, years ago on the "Wired" tour...absolutely wonderful. Sounds like he has paralleled Ritchie (in the past) as far as difficulty to work with. I think that's just how it is when you work with someone who is a genious' as those two definetly are.

    Thanks Wolfsmith! Wishin' I could catch him in Florida... Again, I'll encourage everyone to go see Robin if you never know, it could be his last tour in America (upcoming). If people come out to the shows- he'll be back! Support the senior rockers of the 70's!


    Hey David-
    Happy belated Birthday!

    And a totally awsome cake! You Brit's rule... everyone needs to acknowledge that... Glenn Hughes, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple... the list goes on and on...
    And I'm enjoying the heck out of the latest Capital Beatle Box Set right now! Sorry, But I think it's better than the Polydor albums though... Hacked up or not!


    I know what I'm getting from Glenn on my birthday..... a day late, but thats ok (June 8th).

    Hi all- for those of you in Florida - I encourage you to catch Robin Trower when he plays 3 shows this June. I'll bet most of you have already seen him before. I don't think Davey Pattisson on vocals is confirmed- but I think (hope) likely. He is the only vocalist I've heard with Robin that does a cover of the James Dewer vocals nearly as well. Trower is a must see!

    16 FriFt. LauderdaleCulture Club
    17 SatTampaJanus Landing

    18 SunOrlandoHouse of Blues

    I may try to make it out for a couple of these if they don't add any Texas dates.

    A little more research reveals that
    Robin will be accompanied by Davey Pattison, Dave Bronze and Pete Thompson ....BUT... the entire tour is NOT confirmed yet.

    Black Sabbath
    Led Zeppelin
    Mahogany Rush
    Deep Purple

    Very Honorable mentions:
    (every one of them was in my top 5 at one time or another)

    Robin Trower
    Pat Travers Band
    Ted Nugent
    Les Dudek
    The Allman Bros
    Uriah Heep
    Humble Pie
    Dave Mason
    The Beatles as Solo Artists

    I was lucky enough to be at all four shows- what a great time! One of best things I got out of this tour was making some really great long-time friends. I finally met people I had emailed and got to know through CTC and posts on the site. And I finally got to meet Glenn for the first time. Mike Drumm had set me up with a photo pass, so I was able to take unlimited pictures all four nights. Unfortunately, I did not have the skills of a photographer or the equipment- but I did get it well documented! In fact -enough to fill two thick photo albums. I made two sets, one for me, and one for Glenn- he wanted to take it to his mom for archiving. If I am able to make it to Chips this summer, I will be sure to bring them. I'm pretty sure the only night that was recorded was in San Antonio- I remember talking to Robert Ware about it after the show- he had just had a listen. I think they tried on the earlier shows - in Dallas anyway, but was very unhappy with the sound man's work- and scrapped it. I'm guessing that Mr. Diamond (The Promoter) and Mike Drumm had control over the recording(s). Sadly, I doubt we ever get to hear them :confused: !! Mike had used a video camera many times too... I have only seen someone's personal boot ("I love you too Big Jim" ;) Would really love to see anything Mike could have put together.