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    This is a question I have always wondered about too. I would think the re-releases and the fact that so many labels have been involved it would be hard to tally. I would at least like to find out the rankings of the solo catalogue. For some reason, I would think "Burning Japan Live" would be in the top 5- at least one of the top Zero

    releases (Combined with Varney's Shrapnell). And the longevity of "Play Me Out" first on vinyl, then CD, CD with Bonus etc- that would have to tally high after all of these years.

    You can add me to this list- Roger I agree with your observations and comments 100%. There is a lot to be said for Mel's tasteful guitar work- for me, it adds so much more than the shredding of a Malmsteen or Vai- it's an integral part of the "sum of the whole". Trapeze was truely an amazing band. The same could be said about Dave Holland and of course Glenn's over the top vocals. Perfect Rock- Funk- Soul fusion (and pioneer's at that!), and all three are equally responsible.

    From the sounds of the reviews- Glenn may now have got something similar going on- can't wait to hear the new band for myself!


    Great! Thanks David. Each time I hear of more of Glenn's and Chads musical inspirations over the years- I understand why I have such a love and respect for thier music. We have paralleled so many times... the WHo - I played the hell out of Quadraphenia- of course Black Sabbath, CSNY..on and on. But like Chad- I was so much inspired by the music that Glenn made himself with Trapeze and Purple.

    I don't know if there has been mention of this on the site- but Chad is on a DVD with Simon Kirke that is coming out soon. This is a link to a snippet with he and Chad (towards the end)- looks like great fun! (From Simon Kirkes official site)


    In general I agree with your assessments about this guy. But I think we should leave the possibilty open that he had all these old recordings together for years and pulls them out to share on his website- and he mistakenly (obviously not true) thought that these were his demos.. that was a long time ago you know!

    Interesting find Mr. Denbow!

    Shows my age...

    First 45- Twist and Shout/There's a Place (Tollie)
    First LP- (Other than Disney) Introducing the Beatles (VJ)

    (I was about 4 years old-and of course the records were bought for me) The first LP I puchased for myself were "More of the Monkeys" and I bought every Beatles' 45rpm I could come across.



    Chavis Records is pleased to announce that QUIET RIOT has joined our family. Their new release titled, 'Rehab' will be available October of 2006 in the US through Chavis Records.

    Original members Kevin DuBrow and Frankie Banali are joined by Tony Franklin on bass (ex-The Firm and Blue Murder), session guitarist Neil Citron, and the voice of rock, Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple and Black Sabbath). Glenn performed a vocal duet with Kevin DuBrow and contributed the bass track on the classic 1969 Spooky Tooth song 'Evil Woman'. QUIET RIOT recently reunited with Alex Grossi (guitar) and Chuck Wright (bass) to tour worldwide in support of the forthcoming Rehab release.

    'Rehab' contains 11 blistering tracks and will be available throughout the US beginning October 3, 2006.

    Pre-orders are now available by visiting our e-store at Don’t forget to visit the QUIET RIOT artist page to hear samples sure to leave you begging for more.

    This has all been covered before guys! There is a lot of us with the same dream! It was Jon Lord who really gave life to the rumour shortly after his "retirement" stating he would like to do a one-off reunion of this sort.


    Todd- Frank just announced some new tour dates in the States-

    Wed. - October 4, 2006 - B.B. Kings - New York City, New York
    Fri. - October 6, 2006 - Sellersville Theater - Sellersville, Pennsylvania
    Sun. - October 8, 2006 - Ram's Head - Annapolis, Maryland
    Tue. - October 10, 2006 - House of Blues - Cleveland, Ohio
    Thur.- October 12, 2006 - House of Blues - Chicago, Illinois
    Fri. - October 13, 2006 - Potawatomi Casino - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Thur. - October 26, 2006 - Granada Theater - Dallas, Texas

    More dates to follow- he's seriously looking for a new bass player- asked for serious inquiree's on his site. The plant I work in is having a full blown shutdown for the entire month of October...just my luck. Other than Glenn, Frank is one of the few artists I would travel for, but this time I can't. :mad:
    Hopin' we'll get done in time for the Dallas date, but unlikely.

    Geez Todd! great job! :claphands

    Someone as eclectic as Tom Fischer... He started out- "Oh Hum" pesimistically gaurded in the beginning of the interview...then you turned it around and he's thanking you in the end! Great job of asking the right questions, helping him along by really relating - staying on the same page/level of thought that as he was on. When the interviewer can make the interviewee feel good about the task... you are going to have very sincere, open valid source of information. Thanks much! I'm going to see Celtic Frost with Larry when they come to Houston.

    So when Tom said "Celtic Frost" - did he say Seltic Frost or Keltic Frost? (I would have had to appologize too)


    Cool! Thanks for sharing that... Glenn didn't even mention his work with Iommi though... I guess he didn't get to complete his history (so far)- he got a little side tracked when he had to explain that Soul Mover is not the new album.

    Not real crazy about Dallas..but San Antonio rocks! The hill country surrounding it is really cool. Rafting or floating down the rivers are a blast. Great parks- Garner , New Braunfells Etc. There are so many great Rock acts (concerts) that bypass Houston that play San Antonio year after year. They even forgave Ozzy for pissin' on the Alamo...San Antonio does Rock! :)

    Oh yea... if you decide to go to a Cardinal game... keep an eye on the weather in St. Louis- other wise it's a pretty cool city...tour Anhauser Bush Brewery.