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    Hi All-

    I have some very sad news to report. Glenn has lost a big fan, I have lost one of the best friends ever... Most of the core members here know of our friend Larry Briggs. He and his wife Heather came with me to the DVD shoot... in fact, if it wasn't for them I may not have been able to go. You may have noticed that he has not been able to visit the site -as he used to (and same for me). A few months back thier life was changed forever- they lost their 4 month old infant to a crib death, just after attending Larry's son's wake, Larry lost one of his best freinds from East St. Louis (who had moved down here to Texas a year ago)... a double whammy. Their lives were just tore to pieces. Slowly, they have put it back together... things were going well- Heather is pregnant once again, life was getting back to normal. We recently went to see a very important concert (for us anyway)- when we saw Heaven and Hell... and Saturday, Larry took his new Harley to a Molly Hatchet show just outside of Houston. I was to meet him there after going to the Astro game, but it ran too late. I got a call the next morning asking if he was with me or if I had seen him- by mid afternoon we knew there was trouble.. He and Heather were to go to Galveston that afternoon to see thier much anticipated "Monte Python" performance... 3 to 4 PM we finally got word of Larry's demise. He had run off a dark rural road and crashed into a parked vehicle. We are all devestated..He has so many very good friends and a wonderful family. They and Heather really needs your prayers- they have gone through so much. I'm sorry for bringing such sadness to this forum. I'm sorry if this is inappropriate, but I know so many of you knew him here and would want to know. Rest in peace my friend...

    Geeze... I should have known- I feel like I owe everyone an appology! I don't have time to read all the posts on that thread even...

    Not by choice- but you may have noticed I haven't been around much at all the last few months... I was put in a trainers job at work- then we have had many problems with the plant- and I rarely had time to get on the computer. At home, I'm doing good to stay on top of my email..
    and yes... I thought about using the search feature of the site- but didn't..Sorry!

    Just glancing through the posts on the thread- did any one noticed the effect Geezer used on "The Sign of the Southern Cross"? Larry and I looked at each other and laughed are asses off! Sound's like Glenn's had a little influence in Geezer's style! He used the same Digitech (I think) effect in a bit of excess... as in "You Kill Me"

    Once again Dave- thanks for taking care of me!


    PS- who all's going to New York?

    Me either Arjen!

    I saw Tony with Heaven and Hell a couple weeks ago... a tremendous show- I can't believe no one has posted much or anything about the tour on this site. Dio was absolutely great... they were all great. Best show I've seen in a couple years- at least.

    Great news Howie! I hope this is a long term deal, and not a one-off. The band Alcatrazz should prevail! My favorite work of Grahams' was in Alcatrazz. And the bands reputation of having a bad ass guitar player continues with you at the helm- congratulations man. So please tell us there is plans beyond Japan?

    I can't stand John Mayer....I 'dunno, he just comes off to me as trying too hard to sound like his heroes (I assume) - of course, that's not a bad thing - but I just prefer hearing the originals such as SRV, Clapton, Beck etc, whoever he's trying to sound like at a particular point in time, even his vocals are remincisent of others and I simply hear no originality in his style. It just rubs me up the wrong way :) :rolleyes:

    David- you may be right- As I said this was the first time I had seen him...maybe it's just that Strat that I like so much! The tone was sweet! And it looked broke in- just right! I am a big fan of Doyle Bramghall II- and he kind of reminded me of him- and of course Doyle has the same strong influences as you mentioned, the only difference being Doyle actually knew/knows and has played with those guys, I don't know about John... I'll still give him an ear- and I may end up agreeing with you.

    Conchita67- I'm not happy with how the Bush era has gone either. Not happy with some of the decision making or the media's influence over what has appeared to take place. All we can do is hope that the next President is successful in initiating a real fix for some of these problems.

    I agree with Conchita67 somewhat, and the Dixie Chics are definetely talented, but most of there big hits are at least co-written by others- I believe, but maybe I'm wrong- I own none of their material. It's just my personal opinion that weighs-in with more merit if you are a songwriter and performer. And I admit part of my disliking of the Dixie Chics does have some to do with the little chic's comments (not just the anti-Bush ones). But not to sound too hypocritical- I do totally agree with your (Conchita's) comment about free speech. I am bothered that just because you are an entertainer or from Hollywood - that it means you automatically know all about politics or running a country. And that is apparently what some of the American populous believes. I do applaud Al Gore's efforts in global warming awareness- but it's my opinion- he had no business being there. It just proves that there was another agenda in effect... politics...and not just the music. And to me, it's a slight discredit to the actual judging of the awards themselves. If they can try to sway the public politically, they are likely swaying the music and artist's popularity as well...musical politics! We all know that's what is going on. I think that the political side of the event was to bring the Dixie Chics back into the lights...back where they were before her comments. What did they get? 5 Grammy's? Hmmm... I don't know... there was a lot of talent beyond theirs left without awards. Not just the Chics- I absolutely love Neil Young..but best Rock Album? Have many of you heard that album? I bought it- the album was alright, but I think they just wanted to uplift his political stance and nothing more. Maybe I am totally wrong, but I think there was an additional agenda besides just music in this whole event. Is that so bad? I don't know. Was Ted Nugent invited to the Grammy's in 1976? :)

    As far as the Pepper's performance- I was a little dissappointed in the vocals.... but Chad and Flea were rock solid.

    I had heard a lot about John Mayer- but this was the first time I had heard him and seen him perform- I was very impressed- I bet the Grammy Award exposure is going to do him some real good- I know that I at least, will be buying a couple of his CD's very soon.


    I agree .... We need more ROCK BANDS!

    Congrats Chad

    Was that Glenn and Gabby's back we saw as the camera panned in on the band through the croud just prior to the mass of confetti? (probably not) Wish I had TiVo :(

    Don't care for the Dixie Chics (at all) They don't even write thier own music..

    Tonight are the Grammy Awards- and the Red Hot Chili Pepper's are nominated for 6 awards. Best of luck to you Soul Mover! I didn't know it- but Chad also played on the Dixie Chick's latest album...which is also nominated for a grammy or two..

    I wonder if Chad's best buddie and his wife will be in attendance tonight? I'll be watching!

    Also, I'm not sure if it's national pricing or not, but for those who have not yet bought the Pepper's latest- Target has Stadium Arcadium on sale for only $9.99!

    Let's hope that tonight- "Stadium Arcadium" makes Album of the Year!


    I know Ad brought this up a long time ago... As big of fan of PT's as I am -I've just now got around to this purchase. It's another Mike Varney release with this Power Trio line up of P.T., Steve Evans/bass (Steve Hill Trio), and Jeff Martin/drums (Racer X/Badlands/Surgical Steel). As everyone knows Pat's done a lot of cover songs over the last 10 years- but they all play homage to the originals and done very respectfully. The thing is- sure it's to make money, but Pat really loves and was very influenced by the songs he chooses to cover. This release has some tracks that most of us here can really appreciate. I've included snippets of what may be the most interesting for some- not the whole track, and not too good of quality- cause I'd like to think we could help Pat out by buying this one! (Ad has already given us "You are the Music" for those who want to seek out the whole track)…8/a/P.T.+Power+Trio+2.htm

    Check out this track listing:

    2) I'm Your's She's Mine
    3) Stone Cold Fever
    4) Rock Me Baby
    5) Green Eyed Lady
    7) Aimless Lady
    8) Swlabr
    9) RED SKIES
    10) Ready For Love
    11) Rock the Nation
    12) How Many More Times
    13) Keep Yourself Alive

    This sounds interesting- if not great! But.... If he can't get contributions from Glenn, John Wetton, Max Bacon, Neil Murray, Don Airey and somehow bring Ray Gillian and Cozy back- I will only maintain minimal interest in this. He would have to at least get back the living vocalists and Mel on guitars to make this a success. It's not fair how they (he) lost the right to re-release it- I'd probably buy it anyway because of that.

    I agree with Frank- some good points and an interesting analogy. I would really like to see the actual artist have a little something over the record companies in the end... prior it could be the price to pay to get thier push in the market, but end with the chance for the artist to be in the winner's column- and not in poverty. To take away the ability for an artist to make money with their own creation before the end of thier lifetime just isn't fact if I were Paul McCartney- I would want those rewards to be passed down to my family too... and I would have made the same mistake and married Heather also... But seriously, it's not the Paul McCartney's that will be really hurt as much as the one or two hit wonder type artists. But I'm betting a lot of times the music rights are already not thier own by this time anyhow? Maybe after 50 years it should be given back to the artist or his estate for eternity. Who cares if Micheal Jackson still makes (escape) money on the Beatle's music anyway... and just when was the 50 year standard created? Could it be it was back in the 40's when 50 years was more likely to encompass an artist's lifetime? (ASCAP 1918-BMI 1940) An interesting read on this topic:…ays/royalty-politics.html

    I agree with you David.. But I think wether a label is going to support and promote could make a huge difference for Glenn. I often wonder if Sactuary didn't have it's financial problems- if a tour with Tony would have ever come to be... now Tony's got Warner Bros. backing him- I'll bet we'll see "Heaven and Hell" touring the States next year. (Which I am REALLY looking forward to!)

    Glenn! Help the Kitten... (she's got claws)!

    Someone needs to help her help herself... What a beauty that has only had ups and downs in life. Let's hope and pray this is the last down- for the childrens sake too.

    Thanks so much David- We ask, and we receive on this web site!

    Very interesting results- I was pretty close to being right about Burning Japan Live cause once you take out the Iommi stuff and Hughes-Turner (which I wasn't concidering) that would make it #5 in the US anyway... And maybe "Play Me Out" was more rare than I thought! I guess these are all the Cd's that are still in print? Cause if we are going to look at Hughes/Turner and Iommi/Hughes we should also have Hughes/Thrall to see where that ranks.


    Great footage of Mark ;)

    As far as the other comments/reviews...I too would like to see Glenn drop some of the Purple stuff for solo material- but we must remember these gigs aren't played exclusively for fans like us here on his sites... I hope that someday Glenn does reach the popularity that it is not necessary to play this old material- but the identification is far too important at this point. Think about how little Glenn has been on the road since 1976- not much for someone of his calibre and talent. I could only hope that Glenn could stir it up a bit and do a few different oldies on tour...make each show a bit unique. There is plenty to chose from including Trapeze, Hughes/Thrall, Moore, Phenomena, and Sabbath.
    Now as far as the comments on Jeff... I know I was not there... but I really feel he is worthy of his placement in this band- or he would just not be there. I totally trust Glenn's judgement- he could not be happy with sub-par (We all know this). Could it be that Jeff was more affected than Glenn -when it comes to the low turn-outs? Glenn is about being 100% all of the time- not all musicians are capable of that. I know - I bother's me a bit when I hear someone deviating from Ritchies style when playing Burn (and Mistreated)- I will always compare with the originals (and most do)... but from a musicians stand point- I can totally understand him wanting to give it his own twist- unfortunately, a song like Burn is too hard for a guitar player to make it his why try? just go ahead and take us back (to the day)! I like the way J.J. handeled it- he had a little of his own style thrown in - but did a great job of respecting the original (like throwing in little Blackmorisms like his little revelry riff etc.)

    Thanks to friends here I've heard Cosmosquad and I bought Moog-Way when it came out- I know what Jeff is about- he is very talented. If you've all read his influences an know what he likes- you could see how he should fit the mold pretty well for Glenn. I encourage those in doubt to seek out some of Jeff's past material- and have faith in Glenn's decisions....he's the right guy- at least for this time of Glenn's career.


    Larry has had a lot more to celebrate than just a birthday.....

    Welcome Theron Lieghton Briggs!

    AKA- Baron Von Theron Leighton Briggs 5# 12ozs. 18 inches long,,,born on 10-22-2006 @8:24pm

    Theron is Heather and Larry's first child- life has just taken on a big change! This probably accounts for his not seeing this post (yet- I'll make sure he does) Another great change- Heather now works out of thier home- no more travels to California and a half dozen other places around the States! Also- happy anniversary to Larry and Heather- just this week.