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    Hey David- You guys met Pete at the Dallas show didn't you? I remember him waiting around to talk to Glenn after the show and his signings... but I don't think he got the opertunity... as SOME people did! He was outside waiting when you two went into the mobile trailer for a visit. (I think he was a bit dissappointed) We chatted a little bit, he lives in Dallas and loves Texas. He said he heard from Mel every once in a while. I'm not sure if he talked to Glenn at all- maybe Glenn didn't know he was there?


    Hey- I know my back yard's big enough for Blackmore's Night maybe, but I don't think it's big enough for a Glenn Hughes show! So let me know soon, so I can schedule some vacation!


    In My Living Room: (5 disc)

    -Doyle Bramhall II "Welcome"
    -Frank Marino "At The Odeon" Disk 2 (boot)
    -Halford "Live Innsurrection" disk One
    -Ian Moore "Via Satellite"
    -Glenn Hughes at Birch Hill (boot of course)

    In My Bedroom: (5 disk)

    -Stevie Wonder "Innervisions"
    -Pat Metheny "Letter from Home"
    the other 3 empty

    In My Computer Room: (excluding CD Roms)

    -Deep Purple- "Made in Sheffield" (Boot)

    In the Garage:

    -Iced Earth "Something Wicked this Way Comes"

    In My Car:

    -Tool "Lateralus"

    Hi Everybody!
    Finally getting around to a contribution here- This is a 75 second clip from Glenn's Sound check Dec. 2, 1999 in Praitlen Switzerland. There is really some fun stuff on this 35 minute collection. I'll put some more of it up here in time- This one, (I'm embarassed to say) I recognize, but I am not sure who did the original.... Santana maybe? I believe it's called "She's Gone". Maybe some one can help me out! I know I should know who it is..... but, as it does quite often these days- my memory fails me.



    Man... things have been kind of hairy over there lately! You got to be careful of what you say- or you find yourself just fueling the fire! I just can't figure that guy... was it our Todd? The one I met at the Houston Show? Couldn't be.
    and no... the caps I forgot were just M&H for my user name mark hoffman!

    (forgot I used caps!) So here I am logged on!

    I got most of "Find Your Way Back"- so I think it was just the introduction?
    I've listened to it 5 times today... Blame it on the Sun really rules! I'm really excited about this project- I can't believe there is not more "Buzz" on this subject on either of the sites. I always thought that John Rafferty tune was the Boss! Always loved the tune "Fooled Around and Fell in Love" by the Elvin Bishop Band (with Mickey Thomas). It was pretty obvious that these guys didn't have to be on a radio show to enjoy each others company. I look foreword to more.


    Donny really sounds good! Thanks Dave for the exposure. I think I still like the unique style of the original version (I believe) done by a favourite of mine- Leon Russell, just a bit better though. It's a great display of Donny's voice, I especially like the ending. (as I do so many of Glenn's tunes!)


    Back in early 73' I believe, I was starting my first real band. I played guitar, and had several older friends that played in bands as well. I had one friend in particular, who was a bass player, had turned me on to several different types of music- namely, Lynyrd Skynyrd (right after thier first release), Weather Report, Wishbone Ash, Average White Band, and this 3 piece band he saw play in Peoria Illinois called Trapeze. Out of respect for him, I listened to this stuff until I learned to appreciate all of it. But with the Trapeze Medusa album- it was instant. I went out and bought "You are the Music" and that pretty much locked it down... Trapeze is still one of my all-time favorites. I don't remember what magazine it was, but I read of Glenn joining with Purple and freaked out- all this took place in what seems to have been a couple of months. I was already a Purple/Sabbath/Uriah Heep/Amboy Dukes fanatic.... this seemed too good to be true, and yet, there was this bitter after thought of the chance that Trapeze would be no more. It wasn't until I saw California Jam on ABC television that I ever saw Glenn perform. In my eyes, Glenn was the ultimate image of what a rock star should be.
    He had the world around his finger... his looks /stage image, his obvious raw talent, women, booze and drugs. Glenn was as close to being an idle for me as anyone could. I followed Glenn's career ever since. He always seemed to pop up in places that I was looking through-out the years between Purples break up and now -PatTravers,I was a huge fan of Little Feat in College (hollywood Horns drummer) And of course the Seventh Star album Blew me away. In the Animal House I lived in during College, my roomates dubed the Hughes Thrall album the "Huge Thrill" album because I listened to it so often.
    So that's how it happened for me. It took place when Glenn became a Deep Purple member and I when I saw him on TV.


    I hope everyone has taken time to make use of the new "Jukebox". Great job Dave! Thanks for puttin' up one of my favorite little ditties "Chances"- from the 1975 "Trapeze" release. The song was written by Glenn, Mel and his brother Tom. Glenns' vocals are over the top on this one- if by "chance" you have never heard it ..... Check it out!


    Thanks for your reply- and setting me strait! How easy it is to jump to conclusions from years of bits and pieces of confirmed and unconfirmed information. I'm glad to know my interpretation was wrong! ....and you know 2/3's was a bit harsh too. I'm really enjoying "Into the Light" - one of my favorite albums of 2000.


    Sadly.... I don't like the tone of David's reply.
    I wish I could see how high his nose was raised for this one. But there is some merit in "the past is the past". I don't mean to be mean- but the fact of the matter is- David's still got a wonderful voice- but his range and abilities have been cut by 2/3's. My opinion is that he is not able to sing like the past- there-for the snubbing of Glenn. (That's my interpretation)