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    Courtesy Mazur P.R.

    VENICE, Calif. - English rock star Glenn Hughes, the singer and bass player of legendary bands Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Whitesnake, has finally met his match and is getting hitched.

    Hughes' fiance is music producer Gabrielle Dotson, of the Venice-based Sound Design and Music House, Machine Head.

    The couple met on a blind date arranged by drummer Gary Ferguson, who has known the couple individually for many years. Whimsically inquiring of her friend whether he knew anyone single, "Ferg" arranged for Dotson and Hughes to meet - at a Venice restaurant owned by actor and musician Dudley Moore, star of the hit movies "Arthur" and "10."

    Dotson evidently scored a perfect '10' herself, since a few weeks after their initial meeting, Hughes proposed. The marriage is scheduled for November 25 at Palos Verdes Estates in California, with a reception to follow at the hip Santa Monica lounge bar VODA.

    In addition to his status in the Rock 'n' Roll fraternity, Hughes' vocal prowess has enabled him to collaborate with, and crossover into, other musical genres. Dubbed "The Voice of Rock" by famed English electronic/dance band The KLF, he was invited to sing the lead on their song "America:What Time Is Love?" which was a world-wide hit in 1991.

    Hughes is currently touring Europe to promote his latest album, Return of Crystal Karma, which culminates in a headlining show at the famed London club The Astoria. In true rock star fashion, Hughes will perform onstage in London, with Dotson in the wings, and then both will leap on the next plane for Los Angeles and be married less than 48 hours later.

    "He's always lived his life in the fast lane," quips Dotson, "so why should his wedding be any different?"

    Montana-native Dotson joined Machine Head in June of this year, after a successful six-year tenure as Executive Producer with Wojahn Bros.