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    First of all, I want to apologize to you about the delay of my review, but on saturday morning my boyfriend Sergio decided to invite me to a romantic weekend in the medieval city of Toledo. The city is beautiful but I have to tell you that, if you're going to visit it please wear some comfortable shoes... all the city is full of slopes .
    Well, this is my review of the HTP show in Madrid:
    Aroun 9:30 p.m. the venue was almost full... I can't guess how many people were there but I could see more people than in the last HTP show in Madrid, and this is a veeeeery good thing .
    After some time waiting for the band, while the stage was being prepared for the big show, people started to shout and clap, getting excited for what they are going to live there.
    Before talking about the show, I think that I must warn you about something. Sergio and me were placed in front of the stage, just on the front row. On this occasion, Glenn and Joe didn't use these "little loudspeakers" that singers use to listen their own voices while singing (I don't now its name in english... in spanish it could be called "mirrors"). In this show the used some little headphones inside their ears to be able to listen their voices. Because of it, if you are very close to the stage , you can't listen their voices... and of course, Sergio and me couldn't listen their voices . We tried to move a little far of the stage, but we couldn't because we were encircled by people. We only heard the guitar (we were in front of the guitar amplifier) and some drums and bass. So I thought that it was like a karaoke ... but J.J. told me that I must to be happy because I had a whole band playing just for me . To be honest, we hadn't the best sound of the venue, but I had a beautiful gestural conversation with Glenn and J.J. during the show... and I wouldn't change this magic for nothing :-).
    Nevertheless I talked with some people of the audience and they told me that the sound in all the venue was magnificent. So I recommend you to be placed a little separated of the edge of the stage... I think that the third row will be sufficient to listen all the show perfectly.
    I must add that be placed where we were allowed us appreciate better how wonderful guitarist J.J. are. He was perfect, sublime... he was enjoying of the show all the time and making all the audience felt in love deeply with him.
    I could hear all the people of the venue shouting and singing all the time... all the audience was very very excited during the show and I think that the clapping could be listened in all the city :)
    In spite of I couln't listen the Glenn's voice during almost all the show, I was flooded once again by all the feelings that he spreads when he is on stage... don't ask me how could I feel this way if I didn't hear his voice because I can't explain it. I think that, when I was looking at his face while he was singing, I could listen his voice inside my head... of course not literally... I don't know how to explain it... do you understand me?? :-).
    When he was singing 'Mistreated' and 'You keep on moving' the sound of the guitar stopped for a while, so I could hear him perfectly for a while an I got completely touched... the only thing I could say to express it is "woooooow!!".
    I think that all the band had a great time on stage. They were smiling all the time and it seems that they were enjoying a lot during the show. After the show all of them were full of enthusiasm... it was an honour to be present at this wonderful scene with this happiness floating in the air... and this was rubbed off on me :-).
    One more time I have to thank Glenn for all that he gave me... it's becoming very difficult for me to think a way to return all of this to him... you know I love you Glenn, you're an angel. Also I have to thank J.J. for being so kind with us... you're lovely, guy!!. And, of course, I can't forget the rest of the people that were there, including Walter Giardino (from the Argentinian band "Rata Blanca"... it was a big pleasure to have some words with him) ... all of them are very good people, very kind and nice... I could "breath" the love in that room, it was a wonderful atmosphere and it was beautiful for me to be there... I'll never forget it.>>
    When I passed people on the street, they must think that I'm crazy, because these days I've got a big smile in my face moved by my memories of that day... in fact, Sergio laughed a lot at my "eternal smile" this weekend .
    Love to all.

    Hi all!!!
    I'm sorry for the delay, but I was not at home this weekend so I haven't be able to post my review up to now . I was passing the weekend in Toledo, visiting this beautiful medieval city with my boyfriend Sergio and I hadn't no computer to write my review.
    So, while I'm preparing it, I'm going to delight you with some pics of the show and after it :-).
    The first is a pic of Glenn with the Argentine guitarist Walter Giardino, from a great band called "Rata Blanca"... absolutely lovely man; I hope to see him again soon, because it was a pleasure to be talking with him that night. Sadly, he couldn't go up on stage with HTP... it would have been wonderful.
    See you on the next post :-).
    I hope you like my pics.

    Hi Gema!!!!!!!!!
    I saw you yesterday after the show and I'm very very happy that you have decided to write here. I hope to see a lot of post from you here from now on :-).
    Best regards,

    Hi all you GHCP!!!!!!!!!
    I was talking to Glenn yesterday after the HTP show in Madrid and he asked me to send you his loving greetings. He said that he hope to see you all in the next HTP shows because you know that he loves you and he loves to feel you close to him at the shows.
    I hope that you enjoy in the shows as much as I did yesterday.

    P.S.: I'll try to write my review as soon as I can to post it here. I can reveal that the show was absolutely superb, even better than the last year's one. I'll post some pics too as soon as I get it.

    Hi all!!!
    Some of you knew that yesterday was my birthday... and you know what??. My boyfriend Sergio gave me a wonderful present.... try to guess... no idea?? ... he gave me a beautiful electric bass!!!!!!!!! with its amplifier and a very nice case!!!!!!
    I don't have no idea of how to play the bass yet but everything can be learnt (I know a little about guitar playing, but not too much). He also gave me some CDs with bass lessons and I'm going to search a music academy to learn the art of bass playing.
    I'm going to take a photo of the bass and, as soon as I have it, I'll post it in this web to show it to you, ok? .
    Wow, I'm very very happy, it was the most beautiful present that I've received in all my birthdays!!!
    I want to use this post to wish all of you a joyful Christmas and a very very happy new year!!!!!!!!
    Best wishes to all of you, GHCP.

    Welcome, Guillermo!!!!!!
    I'm completely agree with you... Glenn is better person than musician (and it's quite difficult to be better than Glenn as musician :-))... lovely man, I adore him. I'm imagining you after your meeting with Glenn; full of love and peace with a big smile in your face and trying to convince yourself that you're not dreaming; am I wrong?... no, of course not ;-).
    Hope to see you in this forum dozens of times more.
    Esther from Madrid.(cerquita de donde estás tu, imagino :-)). (I said "close to where you are, I think")

    Hi all again!!!
    Remember that, when I posted the setlist of the Madrid's show in this forum I said that I've probably forgotten one or two songs... and, yes, I forgot them... 3 of them to be honest: "Beyong the Numb", "Wherever you go" and "Getting Tighter" (I noticed by myself 3 days ago that I've forgotten "Beyong the Numb" but I wanted to ask him for the complete set list before posting anything). I asked to my "e-mail friend" :) Javi (who posted some messages in this forum time ago) about the set list and he sent me the list of songs and the order of them (more or less :-))... he has got better memory that me :-).
    This is the complete setlist:

    In My Blood
    You Kill Me
    Higher Places
    Beyond The Numb
    The First Step Of Love
    Written All Over Your Face
    Can't Stop The Flood
    Blue Jade
    Wherever You Go
    Seventh Star
    Getting Tighter
    You Keep On Moving

    Now I'm going to be completely honest with you: I remember perfectly when he played "Beyong the Numb" and "Wherever you go" (in spite of my lost of memory :) ) but I can't remember to have listened "Getting Tighter" in this show... I'm almost sure that Javi's got the reason with it because in the encore I was so full of emotions that I couldn't touch the ground with my feet... I wasn't in this Planet at this time, I was in heaven!! .
    I'm sorry for my forgetfulness... I promise to take some paper and a pen to the next show to write all the song and don't forget no one ;-).
    My best wishes to all.

    We arrived at Macumba around 8 p.m. when the supporter band (a spanish band called TEA) was testing the sound because they had some problems with the amplifiers. They started around 8:30 p.m and played 4 or 5 songs... then, they had to leave the stage for the preparations of the Glenn's show... the big event is very close to its beginning.
    It was around 9:30 p.m. and we heard the magical words: "... the Voice of Rock: Glenn Hughes!!!!". And all the people there (I don't know exactly the number, but I think the there were around 800 people there... they filled up almost all the venue) started to scream and shout. Unfortunately just at the beginning of "In my blood", they realized that they were having some technical problems and they had to leave the stage... but it doesn't matter, this is like when you show a candy or a piece of chocolate to a child and you hide it after some seconds... then the child will want this candy more than anything in the world... and this was exactly what happened with all the people there. When he come back to the stage, the people shout more than the first time... now the show have started.
    Glenn was great, singing on a incredible way, "playing" with the audience, making us enjoy all the time... and, the most important thing, making you believe that he's singing just for you... he looked at the eyes of the people while he's on the stage and then you feel that there's nobody there, only Glenn and you. I know that there are more artist with big voices, but I can't find noone who makes you feel the same way that Glenn do, there's nobody like him. I remember that I talked with a man who was assinting Glenn's crew in the spanish tour and he told me that he has seen a lot of shows but he got impressed with Glenn's voice. I answered him that I think that Glenn has got a gift: I don't know how he gets it, but when he's singing (also in the albums, but specially on stage) you can feel the music flooding your body, traveling through your veins and filling your heart... I don't know if I've expressed it correctly, but this is the best words I've found to explain the sensation I've usually got when Glenn is singing.
    Then, when Glenn took the microphone to say hello to all the people who are there, something really special for me happened: Glenn's words was: "Hi Esther, hi Spain, hi Madrid". Well, I haven't heard before my name with an english accent :-), so I though: "no, I'm in a mistake, he couldn't have said my name... no, no, it's impossible"... but it happened, it really happened, he was telling my name, calling me there, just in front of me (my boyfriend Sergio verified it to me :-)). But special moments hadn't finished for me. After some songs, a lot of smiles, endless applauses and more shouts of all the people who went more and more crazy during the show, Glenn gave me another gift: he was going to sing "Seafull"... he knows that this song is very special for me and he dedicated it to me... he approached to the place where I was (of course, I was on the front row :-)) and gave me a bottle of water... a sign of his dedicatory (you had to see me now... I'm trembling just thinking about it :-)). Just at this time, I started to float through the clouds... I thought that I was dreaming, I was asking all the time to my boyfriend Sergio "Am I sleeping? because, it is a dream, isn't it?"... I still can't believe that, I'm still trying to assume all the thing that happened this nigth.
    As the show was advancing, people fell completely in love with Glenn, all the people who were there... you had to hear them shouting and clapping when Glenn sang "Mistreated"... this applause seemed to have no end, it was incredible to feel all this love floating in the air, and I know that Glenn felt it too.
    The show seemed to be finished, and all the people stayed there acclaiming him... then, he went again on the stage for the encore. He sang "Blue Jade", "Seventh Star" and "Burn"... and all the people sang with him. And there was another gift for me: he put in my hand one of his picks... wow!!, in spite of the music I could hear my heart beating.
    When the show finished, Glenn told us that he will be signing in the venue and some people stayed there to have their tickets signed with a big smile in their faces.
    Then, I stayed on the queue and, when Glenn saw me, he stood up and gave me a big embrace and asked me to go to his room with Sergio to have a little meeting after the signing... remember that I was flouting through the clouds and all these thing seemed a dream for me :-). So we go uptairs and we met J.J. Marsh, Lasse Pollack and Tomas Broman there. They were very kind with us, it was a pleasure to meet all of them; thanks for your patience with our bad english and for your kindness with us. We also met Glenn's promoter and some of his assistants and we only saw people smiling and having fun with their work; there was a beautiful atmosphere in this room. Some minutes after, Glenn went into this room, and we fused in an embrace again... I could feel his love in these embraces; now I can't express with words all the feelings that I felt at this time; it was a mix of love, peace, sweetness, affection,... All of us know that Glenn is a great singer an musician (the best, to be honest :-)) but I have to say that he is even better as person; perhaps you think that I'm exaggerating but I can feel a lot of love and peace when I was with him; I can say that he is one of the sweetest persons I've met in my life.
    We were talking some time about a lot of different things (these are the times when I'd want to speak english better than I do because it's very difficult for me to express myself in english like I do in spanish and there was a lot of things that I wanted to tell him and I couldn't tell because of the language and my excitement... but I hope that he could read all these things in my eyes that were sparkling because of the emotion). After some time talking, we suggested to leave him alone because the next day they had to travel to Pamplona for their show in this city and they had to rest. Then he signed us some cd covers and the photo that we took the first time that he came to Spain... we took some photos with him (I'll post these photos tomorrow) and it was the time to say goodbye, it's time for waking up of this beautiful dream. But this night will be allways on my mind, I'll never forget all the special things that happened to me... I don't know the way to return all these gifts to Glenn.
    The only thing I can say is THANK YOU, Glenn, thank you for ALL... and, believe me, you don't have to thank me for nothing because the only thing I do is to give you all the love and support that I can... and it's impossible for me not to love you, because you have a piece of my heart with you and nothing could turn it back.
    Esther Leal Pareja.

    Hi again!!. I'm going to start to write the chronic of the Glenn's show, but before this, I'm going to post the setlist of the show in Madrid. I'm sorry but I don't remember the correct order and I could forget a song because of my bad memory... perhaps someone who was in this show too could help me :-).
    The song were these:
    -In my blood (this was the first)
    -Can't stop the flood
    -Written all over your face
    -You kill me
    -First step of love
    -You keep on moving
    -Seventh star
    -Blue Jade
    -Higher places

    Well, probably I forgot one or two songs... if I remember something more, I'll post it here inmediatly :-).
    See you when I finish the chronic (perhaps it will take some time... it's difficult for me to express all the feelings in my poor english :-)).
    Best regards.

    Hi all!!!!
    Last night was one of the most special nights in my life. It was the Glenn's show in Madrid and, as soon as I have the photos in my hands, I'll post them here and then I'll tell the rest of things that happened in this magical night (I'm trying now to assume all the feelings that I had, trying to accept that it wasn't a dream :-)).
    "See" you soon :-).
    Esther from Madrid.

    Finally I'll see Glenn again playing in Spain!!!!! And I'll listen JLT on stage for first time!!!!!! I'm very very happy... in spite of the elimination of Spain in the World Cup "thanks to" the arbiter .
    Waiting for the confirmation of the dates ...
    Best regards. Esther from Madrid (Spain).