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    Same Marc. I like Radiance a lot...Holy Ground had a couple of fillers....Radiance is straight in your face hard rock with Doug Aldrich being a natural foil for Glenn...way better than he was with Dio or Whitesnake (I think Aldrich was scared of Coverdale and prob of Dio too)....Those 2 tracks on the best of CD are also pretty awesome, though Glenn is a lil buried in the mix! Two albums, video clips, eps, covid sessions and a couple of well organized tours gave our Man some good exposure to people that did not really know him. Do people know he sang backing vox on the Motley Crue album with Corabi? Maybe Glenn was his vocal coach too ;) On that Dead Daisies Best of it's interesting to have Corabi and Hughes paired together as the Corabi tracks are Slade/Quiet Riot type of tracks...while the Glenn stuff has some more depth to it....and better vocals of course!