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    Hi hughesfan!! Thank you for the clips!!

    As always when I see him perform, there were some new findings.

    Nobody today can sing "A whiter..." as Glenn does!

    Glenn is very very good at playing the Guitar and singing at the same time.

    With strings, the songs reminded me of super Beatle tunes!
    (Now I strongly wish to see him sing Strawberry or Rigby, etc with strings)

    Glenn doesn't need any loud backing band when his music tells everything.

    :bow: :bow: :bow:

    Hi Soulmover !

    I know that you and RHCP are coming to Japan for Fuji rock festival.

    Don't you think it's a good idea to give a small promotion gig in Japan for M4TD with Big Daddy and JJ ?

    Glenn may not be focusing on Japanese market right now but promotion will be very important.

    If you do, Glenn will come... :)

    Why is everybody so quick in reading Burrn? :lol:

    I got to got o a book store first thing in the morning tomorrow :)

    By the way I booked the CD at HMV !! I can't wait!!!


    I am curious where you found it beucase I went to the show and am wishing to hear that again! Your info. will be appreciated.

    By the way, I do love JB's guitar while I know what you mean.

    I would say Gary Moore's is red fire and JB's one is like a blue fire. Also Gary is famous for being a big fan of Jeff's.

    Yes TOP CAT I agree with you.

    By the way in which are do you live in Oxford?

    I still remember some part in Oxford. "Oxford story" was amazing thing which I loved.

    Beautiful town.

    I do agree with you guys. If the two team up, it will really blow out any other ones!!

    I think there used be a possibility for them to make a trio but it ended as Pat's solo album... Shame...

    But at the same time, I must admit that I enjoy a lot of collaborations by GH with other guitar legends...

    Thinking about it was just 10 years ago, and Ritchie was playing Burn, it is already great.

    Next, the sound quality is very good and very live with excited Japanese audiences as Achim says.

    Third, thinking about what Ritchie was thinking about 2 missing original super vocalists from this song "especially Glenn", makes me feel very pround of being a big fan of Glenn.

    According to EURO5 who gave me a message above, the schedule seems to be the one for Rainbow. This ad was a right part of 2 pages ad. he says. On the left, there was Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow album being advertised and some part of it was split over to the right page where Glenn was advertised.

    At that time both Rainbow and Glenn was from the same lavel in Japan by Polidor therefore, the ad was covering them at the same time(many artists were covered at one time.)

    The reason I made the mistake that "Glenn was comimg to Japan" is coming from that we often omit Suject from sentences.

    In Japanese, it only says "was decided to tour in January"...

    Who? We have to imagine what the subject was from the context.

    The answer was Rainbow but watching only the right page, I could not get enough info with context

    Sorry for confusion guys. Now I also understand what happened to "the mystery tour":confused:

    "Glenn is coming to Japan in January!!

    11 Jan Nagoya, 12 Jan Hiroshima, 13 Kumamoto, 14 Fukuoka, 16,17,20 Osaka, 18 Kyoto, 21, 22 Tokyo Budokan, 24 Koriyama, 27 Sapporo, 29 Akita, 31 Nigata, 1 Feb Kanazawa "

    What a big tour !!

    I was watching very carefully both Glenn and Tommy after DP broke up as I thought the 2 guys would make a huge move forward with their talents.

    I bought the LP(not CD at that time) just after the release but I don't remember if I saw this ad with tour announcement. I don't think this tour made place.


    Thank you very much guys. Sorry for replying late as I was in a hectic situation for my business.

    Anyway, I enjoyed a lot with my family singing Happy birthday, etc.

    As my kinds were playing Power Rangers Mystic Force Video(srarts a week time in the US right?), I could not play GH album out loud but I was thinking about GH from recent Ritchie interview.

    Thanks again guys!! :birthday2

    Sorry for my late reply.

    Let me translate as much as I can. Hope it brings what is written in Japanese.

    I(interviwer): You played bass on 4 songs on Long Live R&R album while you had Bob. Any reason for leaving your bass play as was?

    R(Ritchie):I don't remember why I left them but I remember why I started to play first. Because I was sick of the play by a previous bass player before Bob.

    I:Any favorite bass players ever? Say Rodger Glover.

    R: He was good at playing 8 beat.

    I: What about Glenn Hughes?

    R: He was really good. Especially he was good at a play with syncopation which is very important.

    I: Greg Smith?

    R: I may have liked his play the most.

    I: Bob Daisley?

    R: Bob was more a songwriter than a bass player. Wonderful person. Also he was good lookin' and was really a nice guy who made me feel at home all the time.

    I: Jimmy Bain?

    C(Candice): Didn't he show before our live the other day.

    R: Yes, he came to see our show in LA. He was more like a band member who gives a presence.

    C: The current Bob (Sir Robert of Normandy)is very good at playing.

    R: He is very good. We call him Boblem as he makes a lot of problems. Whenever we tell him of our tour schedule, he says, "No, it not possible" We ask when he is OK and he replies "In March". After we re-set up our schedules for March, he says "What ? I said it was NOT OK in March" (LOL)

    Anyway I like him a lot because we can talk anything stupid as long as we want.

    On the recent issue of Burrn Magazine in Japan, Ritchie talks about Glenn.

    He was talking about many bass players he had played with and how he thought when he was playing with them.

    About Glenn,

    "Glenn was a very good bass player. Especially he was very good at syncopation."

    Though it was short but I think it was only one interview that Ritchie talked about GH.