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    I don't understand why Steve Augeri had to leave then??

    I am very sad that JSS did not make any chemical to the band for a potential future...

    Only hope is the new album to have something new and different than tracing legends.

    By the way, JSS maybe happier with Satan again for his wonderful solo carrier :clapper:

    Is Mark's bootleg available on e-bay? :lol:

    When I saw "Transformers" (amazing movie though), "e-bay" was kind of an important word. Thank God I knew how it worked.

    You are to come back again to refresh your memory :thumbup: You will be again surprised how it was changed :eek:


    Even Don Airey was there!! All of the musicians visiting Japan are found in Shinjyuku :lol: The shops should be proud of giving the chance for Don to listen to the old recordings.

    Mark san,

    Thanks for the Nakajima story. It is with a lot of info. For Sears, that's why we did not see many of those in Japan.

    As you noticed, some parts of laws are not fully supportive to minors/children/old people here in Japan yet :confused:

    CD shops are getting smaller in its business size I think. Maybe because of new style of music distribution. But the bootleg shops are still surviving. Then I think I can locate a bootleg of Mark singing Karaoke :lol:

    Mark san,

    I tried to find any of Nakajima typewriters on the internet but all seems to have been gone. Even I used to use Olivetti :D

    Porn shops are on the other side of railway I think. There are very tall business buildings and famous shrines. Porn shops and bootleg shops.. All are mixed and are living together... Strange town :lol:

    Hi! chrisloeb,

    It's nice to know that GHCP know about Japan or has paid a visit to Japan :clapper:

    I don't know exactly which town you went but If you can walk from Akihabara, it may be Ocya-no-mizu or Uyeno. Uyeno has less CD shops so I think you went to Ocya-No-Mizu (literally it means "water for tea" where we could get clean water)

    The one Chad and Howie visted is located in a town called Shinjyuku. There are more than 10 bootleg shops if they survive as used to. I don' know historically why there are same kind of shops close together but the first one was "Shinjkyuku record" if I remember correctly.

    Anyway I have to go there today to tell them to hold more of Papa's ones and Howie's ones :lol:

    I have to go to bed by now(Japan Time) but I could not help reacting!

    Play Me Out = Soulution
    Hughes/Thrall = I Got Your Number
    Blues = The Boy Can Play The Blues
    From Now On = If You Don't Want Me To
    Burning Japan Live = Still in Love With You
    Feel = Does It Mean That Much to You?
    Addiction = Talk About It
    The Way It Is = Too Far Gone
    From The Archives Incense And Peaches = Jolayne
    Return Of Crystal Karma = The State I'm In
    A Soulful Christmas = White Christmas
    Building The Machine = I Will Follow
    Hughes/Turner = Devil's Road
    Songs In The Key Of Rock = Courageous
    Freak Flag Flyin' = Seafull/Beyond The Numb
    Hughes/Turner 2 = Alone I Breath
    Soul Mover = Isolation
    Iommi/Hughes Fused = Let It Down Easy
    Music For The Divine = Black Light

    Hi Grace.

    Thank you for your answer. Now it clarifies why there was no bass sounds. Isn't it great to see Glenn only singing not playing bass in order to sing better...

    Sorry. I made you confused by the word boot. I meant to say "bootleg" but we always tend to shorten words in our country like Davi-Cover :lol:

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

    I thought that Glenn did that again like he did that in Japan during "Burning Japan live" I will listen carefully again to find why bass sounds is not there...

    By the way did Glenn pay for the amp he blew up? :lol:

    Anyone please tell me if Glenn played piano during the NYC show.

    When I listen to the boot of the show, it sounded like Glenn was not playing his bass in the last half (specially in improvisation part) of YKOM while piano and synthesizer could be heard at the same time :huh:

    I used to own the boot of the show which I sold and never heard of the contents since then :(

    Is EMI releasing exact the same source remastered ???
    EMI is re-releasing the boot you mean ?? :clapper: