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    I am a bit drunk today and am so happy to share the Video with you all.

    You may have already seen this but I wanted to share how Luckly I was that I had known the great artist, GH :bow:

    [ame='']YouTube - BURN デーモン小暮&グレンヒューズ[/ame]

    Also how his influence was big :bow:
    [ame='']YouTube - PURP DEEPLE - BURN[/ame]

    Found a TV CM featuring mark III famous song.

    [ame='']YouTube - タマホーム限定1分CM ★木村拓哉[/ame] :)

    GH may be far ahead leaving past memories but thought it would be interesting to share this news.

    Jon Lord appeared jamming with DP on stage in Tokyo.

    When Yngiwie (was also touring Japan jointly) joined DP for encore, Jon also joined and eventually you can see Gillan, Paice, Glover, Lord and Malmsteen on stage togther.

    Thanks guys !!! Now I am 50!!

    when I was a kid, I thought that 50-Y-old man was just a mean old man. Now I am the one as I anticipated :lol:

    I respect Glenn who can sing even at my age with that performance !!

    GH forever !!

    I think it is true that GH was a real member who replaced Mr. Gillan successfully. More over, Glenn even increased the No. of DP fans than ever and developped DP music than ever.

    I don't want to be hard on Mr. Gillan as I like him but such attitude of him makes me feel like Mr. Gillan is so worried to be replaced again by such a tallented musician who can really sing even today.

    I am unlucky that I have to miss Chad Smith and Jeff Kollman band as I am leaving for Malaysia before the gig takes place.

    However, I am lucky that I had a chance to see Cosmosquad solo concert in Tokyo tonite.

    I think Shane was the most well known among the others as he had toured with a Japanese Pop/Rock band in the past. He was as agressive/powerful as I saw him with Glenn in Derby 2001.

    Jeff !! You are the man!! His guitar play was so hot and shook the venue with his nice Strat and Fender amp combination.

    Surprisingly, the band did not play any song with voice. Personally, as Jeff on stage in Japan is so precious, I expected something like Jerusalem or other song with his or Shane's singing. They could have done even some rock classics but they did their stage with only Cosmosquad songs all instrumental!!

    Isn't it amazing when Japanese audience is shifting more to domestic music rather than Western music these days, the band did not flatter the audience and finished the show with their original songs!!

    I think I was the oldest in the venue. There were many young fans. Probably, profit wise, I think it is very tight but I respect the band because they were doing their own best under the band name Cosmosquad while there may be a lot more pop tunes which they have collaborated in their long musical history.

    Lastly, I liked your Japanese language with your wondeful bass play, Chris Maloney.

    Keith san !

    It's an honour to be "a GHCP Liverpool Division" :thumbup: (in Malaysia from this April :lol:)

    When I was in the UK, I paid a visit to the city for Beatle.

    It was such a nice place which made be think over and over again how they grew. (Cavern, Penny Lane, Strawberry fields, etc)

    I don't know why but Liverpool is one of the cities which makes me feel very emotional.

    Hope Glenn's super performance with the super new album will take place soon.

    Yes!! That's you Glenn!! :bow:

    I shut up and just wait for the day when the whole album comes to my ears :rolleyes:

    And thank for some great stories like Paicy one or how Maldonado plays like (Another talent!) :clapper:

    It's funny that I'm not living in Liverpool but I feel like I am waiting for Glenn to come back to MY Liverpool :)

    My question now is when you are coming to Malaysia?? :huh: (I have to tell you that I am moving for a new mission.)

    I once received a phone call from a Japanese actress whom I had liked a lot. I still remember that my legs were shakin'

    When I had a chance to meet Mr. Hughes, he knew who I was and he remembered my name in full.

    I shaked my whole body and slipped off from the seat.

    Amazing talent and super warm heart he has :bow: