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    Although Machine Head is classic, Burn really does it for me. Two great vocalists sharing the mic. WOW!!!

    Honestly its the vocal harmony that puts Burn over Machine Head for me. Although I've got plenty of love for both records haha

    I just discovered Pay The Price, It's Not Too Late, Searching Love and Don't You Hesitate. Were these all intended for the 2nd album? Are there any more? Pretty good stuff I must say.

    Wow just checked Pay the Price, Glenn really does have such a tremendous voice

    Hey all,
    I've been jamming out to the Burn record all day today and I was wondering if anyone here has stumbled upon any records by other bands that are similar to Burn stylistically. Just everything about it: the combination of funk, blues, rock, soul and gospel, the organ solo, the ridiculous drumming, the vocal harmony. Its such a unique sound and I've yet to stumble upon another band like it. Let me know if you've found one

    My son bought this for me last Christmas. Hadn't heard it since vinyl. 'Never Before' - I forgot just how funky it was, especially with the short tom-snare intro! Sorry Glenn, reflecting on Purple before you joined, but I also have fond memories of CTtB.

    I don’t know how I’ve never heard this track before but thank you for this. Holy hell it’s a great song

    What a wicked album man. When I first heard this album it was the only thing I listened to for maybe months. I still throw it on very often now, I can never get enough of those fantastic vocal harmonies. Easily one of the best things about this album. Not even a single good track, they’re all amazing

    I really think Burn is underrated. Not to say that people don't talk about it, but I think it's a far better album than people credit it as. People always talk about Burn and Mistreated as standout tracks, but I think Lay Down, Stay Down, You Fool No One and What's Goin On Here are some other EXCELLENT tracks. Great solos, phenomenal drumming and of course the sweet vocal harmonies. How these tracks aren't more talked about it beyond me.