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    Just got back from Las Vegas today after attending Junefest. What a great performance by the VoCR band. One correction to Tommy's set list, they did not do Stone Cold. Glenn was more amazing as usual, screaming his butt off!

    I met up with Todd S. who lives in Vegas, Friday night and we attended the Deep Purple show at the Alladin Casino. Talked to Joe Lynn Turner who was also at the show. We even saw Vince Neil in the crowd.

    Hopefully Todd will write in with a more complete review of the weekend. I'll leave that up to him, since he writes for some web sites.

    I got a little bonus as I was leaving town. I stopped by the Hard Rock Casino to check it out and get a couple of souvineirs and I met Joe Walsh who was buying some stuff for himself. We chatted for just a minute.
    I hope to send some photos of Glenn at Junefest soon.

    I have a copy coming to me from South Korea. I found it on Ebay. If someone doesn't beat me to it, I will post information about the record label, etc. It will take a while though, I just recently won the auction.
    I also saw an advertisement for it in Burrn, I belive it was the October 2001 issue, so it's at least available in the Asian market.

    Hi David,
    I don't mean to be critical, but I don't think this photo is from the St. Louis show.
    I attended that show and it is not the same venue.
    The St. Louis show was at Westport Playhouse which is a small venue that is in "the round" (the stage turns around in a circle) So there should be no backdrop behind the band, you should see the audience.
    I have a video of that show, which I'll have to check to be sure, but I don't think they are wearing the same clothes the night I saw them.
    I had the tour t-shirt autographed by the band and I have that and the ticket stubs along with an old photo of Glenn, Mel, & David matted and framed, it looks really cool on the wall.
    Take care, Chi