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    Under the current circumstances do you really think we should be celebrating?
    Great drummer maybe, but serving 7 years in prison for raping young children.

    Sorry to be negative but somethings really are inexcuseable...

    Let's stay true to the facts here... He didn't go to jail for "raping young children"... He went to jail for rape attempt and sexual assault on a 17 year old.

    My take on this, as there's no way to know what really happened... let's just celebrate all the great music Dave Holland left behind during his career 1965-1998.

    Al Atkins' book is a very good read for Judas Priest fans... not much info about Trapeze though... Judas Priest opened for Trapeze in the early 70s... In 1998 Al Atkins released an album featuring Dave Holland on drums, "Victim of Changes"... really good album with some re-recordings of early Priest plus some originals. According to Al Atkins they were ready to move forward as Atkins/Holland, but soon after Dave Holland's troubles began, and that was the end of his musical career.

    Mistreated pointed out the albums... He didn't actually play on Ram It Down though, although he's credited and did the Ram It Down world tour... it was all drum machine on that one. Supposedly Dave Holland left the band in 1989, meaning he wasn't fired... Could have been tired of being just a hired gun after 10 years in the band... also I believe he had some ill family member he had to take care of.

    Great drummer, I know nothing about the technical aspects of playing drums, but I just happen to enjoy his drumming very much... He did a great job with Judas Priest in my opinion... great natural sound on British Steel and Point of Entry, a little more "metallic" on Screaming For Vengeance... and a little more "processed" (in lack of a better word) on Defenders of the Faith. Even his work on Turbo is great, the band was experimenting more with digital sound though. He wasn't part of the recordings of Ram It Down (all drum machine).

    Supposedly there was a hidden drummer on the Turbo tour... playing an electronic drum kit here and there to augment the sound.

    It's strange that the 1968 Finders Keepers single is nowhere to be found... I believe the 1966 and 1967 singles (and b-sides) are on YouTube... Only the singers (Roy Kent-1966 and Ian Lees-1967&1968) recorded those singles though, the rest were session musicians and not the band members at the time (confirmed by Alan Clee, Glenn Hughes)... So for the 1968 single "Sadie, The Cleaning Lady" Glenn Hughes laid down some backing vocals at best.

    They probably first met when Glenn Hughes joined Finders Keepers in 1968. Mel Galley had joined Finders Keepers in 1967. Line-up of the band when they first played together in 1968 was Ian "Sludge" Lees on vocals, Mel Galley and Alan Clee on guitars, Glenn Hughes on bass and David Williams on drums. Later in 1968 (probably August/September) Dave Holland joined Finders Keepers on drums.