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    I appreciate so much the effort.
    I hope the CD/DVD will cover the South America Tour performed with, I thinks, the best band members. I don't like the US tour members way of play. And in I like so much the Chilean Drummer Escobado: absolutely astonishing. If you do not know, you could think the drummer is Ian Paice!!! (Listen to "YFNO")

    The first show to be made available is now ready for you to download, whether you purchased the single Live in Hamden CT 2018 show, NORTHEAST Package or 2018 USA TOUR Package.

    You’ll find the download link for this show in your original Purchase Receipt. For more info. visit here :thumbup:

    Hi David,
    I download NY show but quality is not so good. Keoyboard sound overall. It's the same for all the shows or is NY recording to be not very good?