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    First off, let me say that it is an honor to be part of this community. I am 59 years old on August 18, and I remember EXACTLY how I felt when I opened up and played the album "Come Taste The Band". It was better than ANY drug I have ever experienced in my ENTIRE life. Seriously. I turned SO MANY people on to that album. It was the gatefold original album and it was my album that I used to roll my weed, and hash on. Never got into the next 'level' drugs fortunately for me. NOT to condemn ANYONE who did OR has,........I had many friends who did a lot stronger drugs. It just wasn't for me. But they were and ARE still friends of mine. The ones that are alive.

    Mr. Hughes - I must thank you personally and profoundly for your music. I have classical piano music training so I am not blind when it comes to music.
    I have a 'good understanding' of what all is going on , when you are playing music. You are a genius. It's that simple.

    I am actually quite glad that I did not run into you and Tommy Bolin circa 1975- 1976 because I probably would have been a statistic. I did love to ROCK IT hard in the 70's. But I am quite sure we would have had ONE HELL OF A GOOD TIME. That is for certain. Many of my past memories of the ROCKING HARD days are etched in my memory. WOW. I'm pretty sure you can say WOW too Mr. Glenn Hughes. Pretty sure.

    Thank you Mr. Glenn Hughes for ALL your music.

    Rock on, my friend. ( I think we have gone through "similar" experiences in life). Live life to the fullest, and be safe. DO what is BEST for Glenn.


    I guess I'm a die hard fan of Glenn Hughes since 1975. My first exposure to Mr. Hughes was when he played with Tommy Bolin on "Come Taste The Band". My all time favorite rocker album.............although that may change since I have listened to "RESONATE" and "ADDICTION". Incredible albums.
    Thank you Mr. Glenn Hughes. Phenomenal work.