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    I can certainly see how some people are turned off by instrumental music, especially in comparison with music that has such vocal soul and lyrical content as Glenn's, but I think its worth mentioning that very little instrumental music is made with rhythm sections as groovy as Glenn and Chad. As far as lyrical guitarists go Joe is right up there, he does everything to add extra nuance like a vocalist would.

    I would imagine, were they to tour, there would have to be some vocal element and that would be a real treat. Joe was a great team player when he worked with Purple and approached that material with great reverence. I'm sure we'd see some really cool power trio versions come to pass.


    Wow. Blown away to see someone has some Guitarist magazine scans on Mel. I'll look forward to my account being in a position were I can have a look at them, There's just so little out there, that's a really valuable save.

    Since (for the second time) having my chest opened up to have implants and wires to my heart its messed up my playing/teaching career. Its just too painful to have a guitar over my shoulder and on my chest. I had some work arounds first time but Im back here again and theres more hardware this time... Im keeping Mel in mind as an inspiration to work through it and get back on the horse.

    Any attention towards Tommy has to be a great thing. I used to always use his versions of 'Smoke..' and Stormbringer to illustrate to students how two different guitarists could play the same riff and end up miles away from each other.

    Its that soul and timing that clinches the deal for me and also why I love Mels playing so much.

    I hope its ok to bump an old thread a little.. some great book suggestions here.

    I'd like to recommend "I'll sleep when I'm dead" Which is a biography of Warren Zevon written by his former wife. A hell of a read and features a great chilli recipe too so there’s an incentive if ever there was one!

    Hey Guys!

    First post here hope I'm doing it all right.

    I'm a long time fan, Glenn's work with Trapeze and Purple had a profound effect on me when I discovered it and was in my musical infancy.

    Just wondering who out there may have been at the Manchester gig October 15?

    I had a huge cardiac arrest a few days later and spent some time in a coma and have consequently lost my memory prior to the event for getting on for 18months.

    Typical! Get to see a main hero and influence and can't remember it!

    Is there any photos anyone took that I could be directed to? Even the smallest thing might jog the old mind box.

    Hopefully I'll get the chance again one day. Unfortunately Ive just had another arrest and the implanted defibrillator didn't really do its job so I'm not driving again and having a break from gigging and teaching. Doh! I've been soothing myself by listening to some proper grooves by you know who.

    Anyway.. thats my waffle over. Just want to say what a wonderful forum you've all got. Take care!