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    Funny, Wikipedia can't seem to make up its mind whether Glenn is 65 or 66 today. I saw both 1951 and 1952 as YoB posted earlier. Either way, happy birthday, Glenn - keep on doing yer thing coz it's beautiful! :thumbup:

    Now that's some serious fire power! Glad to see this released. Ronnie was an American hard rock pioneer and the Montrose and first 2 Gamma albums are utter classics. Too bad he had a downturn in his career in the 80's and never quite recovered as another generation of guitar heroes took over.

    "Jeff Kollman hits the road with Glenn Hughes"…ces-shedding-skin-reissue

    Stoked that Jeff is back with Glenn :claphands hopefully this tour will hit the US as well. Never understood why they stopped working together because they have definite chemistry. Jeff is an amazing guitarist/songwriter and extremely versatile - Glenn could thrown anything at him and he'll do it justice.