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    Happy(belated)New Year to you all.Iwas wondering what the chances are for a Dvd of the new album.I for one would be very happy with a new recording along with other stuff ,mainly to achieve a possible10/10 rating compared to the slightly poor reviews of Soulfully...... due mainly to the dissapointing picture quality.

    Just wondered what everyone else thought :confused:

    I have just started a Pay Pal account with e-bay but I had problems using my Amex card.The accounts department called me to sort out the problem and while we were chatting she asked me what I was buying.I told her that it was a cd from my fave artist Mr. Hughes(insense and peaches)She had heard of Purple and Whitesnake but not Glenn Hughes.The upshot of the story is that she called me back and said that she had been on the net to find out about Glenn and she was really pleased to find out that the singer on What Time Is Love was the man himself and that for about 10 years the record was her favourite tune and that the singer had an amazing voice not knowing who it was.

    She has just bought Soul Mover from an on-line site and cannot wait to get her hands on it!!!!! :)

    Another happy fan.

    Thought that you might like to know.

    Graham had a song called These Eyes in 1980/81 which I believe was released as a single in the UK.My question is this.The song was used in a TV advertising campaing for a very well known American brand of clothing(with a slightly different title-to match the brand name) .What was it called?What was it advertising? ;) Good guesing.

    P.S Emma uk not allowed to answer as she is my daughter!

    A very good friend of mine has just told me that his son has just got the gig with Lunar Mile.The band are rehersing for an up-coming short UK tour with Glenn and Iommi:confused: I am hoping that this is both reliable and true.I will try to find out a little more and keep you all posted.

    Thank you for the comments David,but with respect I think that you have slightly missed the point.I was trying to convey the fact that with Glenn singing in this partiular style,it was not in my opinion completely suited the the heavy Iommi based riffing.

    The vocal style is ok with me but slightly dissapointed with the fact that I was expecting(hoping)for the "metel"Glenn to be more evident :confused:

    First off,I am a huge Glenn fan and have been for many years but I am really struggling to like his vocals on Fused.I have been an admirer of pretty much all of his work and amazed at just how he can change styles to suit certain songs.

    With this in mind,and the fact we all know he attemps several vocal styles on many tracks,I cannot help but feel that it just doesn't sound right on the new album.

    I like the songs very much and believe that it will certainly keep Glenn and Toni fans happy(as well as some new ones)but why the need to sound almost"Cockneyesque" on some of the lyrics. I just feel that on some of the earlier vocals he has delivered on Addiction,Dario Mollo and even the Blues album eg:-"The boy can sing the blues" would be better suited in places.

    Not so much a critisism but a slight dissapointment :(

    Any thoughts?

    Well then?As previously mentioned,this was my first ever Glenn gig and I can say that it was such a fantastic experience.My daughter and I were right at the front(my daughter had a few smiles from the man himself).superb set,great sound and overall a quality show.What really stood out for me was that Glenn and the band really enjoyed themselves and,as pointed out several times elsewhere,seems very humble and down to earth :clapper:

    This show was much more than I could have hoped for and all in all a brilliant experience for us both.

    I have attached a few pics from last night.Ihope they are OK.I shall treasure them for ever.


    Hi all.First new post,please be gentle.I am going to see Glenn in Northampton Sat.with my daughter.I have never been to see Glenn before and am really excited.I really believe that this is the year that Glenn makes a BIG return to the world stage.He has planned his"comeback" over the last 12 years or so very well and with the exposure he is now(rightly)getting will make this the time that his vast talents are apreciated by the wider audience he rightly deserves.After all,if my 15 year old daughter is just as excited as me to see the show who knows.... I may even get my Father to realise that there are more singers in the world other than Bill Haley and the Comets!!!!!;)