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    Hi all.I haven't posted on here for a while but I look and read nearly every day.I was here!!!!!!!!!!Brought four others, daughters and boyfriends.What a fantastic show.Energy, passion,gratitude,humour and above all humility.

    You could tell the band really appreciated the turn out and the response.

    I saw Glenn in Reading on the 6th which was a really good performance to a pitiifuly small crowd..their loss.(not to mention the low ceilngs eh Soren?

    Have to mention also the sound.Perfect.

    Comedy moment of the night was Glenn hitting his head coming on for the encore.He laughed!See..... the show was HEAD-BANGING :)

    Anyway as I said it was a tremendous show with a huge ammount of passion(Did Glenn have a tear in his eye during Don' Let Me Bleed?) Fantastic version full of power and soul.Got a round of applause from the band!!!.

    Must go.Glenn thanks for a memorable night.

    I thought that this might happen.

    I have re-read my post and stand by it.

    Having read the comments from Roger a dozen times.I think he got it wrong.Does he really think that me or anyone else was trying to disrespect Glenn or his family.That makes me angry.You should consider removing that!!!!

    Rogers other comments were constructive and taken in the way I believe they were intended.

    The point I was trying to get accross was a very personal one to me.

    I am the most un-controversial person there is and I was most certainly not attempting to get a reaction.

    I have said on this forum many times how I have been trying to spread the word about all things Glenn and I most definately will continue to do so in the future.

    I do not profess to be an expert on all genres of music but I do think I know a thing or two about his music and his journey.

    I am very sad that some points were interpreted wrongly.

    I am also upset at the thought that any new visitor to this forum might take my comments as unkind,non-constructive or plain unkind.Would they really?The post was not inteded to do this in anyway!

    Glenn has more right than most to make the music he wants to after all his hard work,dedication,sincerity,honesty and professionalism he has shown to us fans.

    I have never met him and one day the great honour may be a possibilty, but I would really hope that my"critisism" of the album.....wasn't taken unkindly by him.This was not the intention.

    Thanks for the time you have all taken in having a passionate discussion.Believe me.This Glenn Hughes Fan is going nowhere :thumbup: :thumbup: :clapper: :clapper:

    I find this very difficult to say but I don't like the new album :huh:

    Before anyone tells me that I don't know what I am talking about,I have been following Glenn and his music since 1979 and have a very big collection of virtually every thing he has ever done,but......I just can't get into the new album.

    Glenn is in the exact position he wants to be in,making the music HE wants to.

    My problem is that it is not the music I want from him.

    What I am trying to say is that over the last few years I have been so excited to play his music to new ears with an excitement from the new listener saying"Wow. What a voice.Who is this man etc.etc.At this moment in time, the album is just another album that so many people could have come up with but it is not THE Glenn album I want.

    I know I am just another punter,but I feel as though we will never hear a Glenn album again in the the old school vein.

    Maybe I am being selfish, but I feel that we have come to an end of an era.An era that I grew up with.And an era that I want and hope to see again :( :( :( :(

    Sorry folks but this is how I feel.

    Totally agree with all of the above comments.As I have said before in my posts,Glenn comes across as a true gentleman and very down to earth :thumbup:

    Now.I have a family of 26 people(all of which will have to travel thousands of miles) who will all have a slight cold during the UK dates this year and I was wondering if Mr.Hughes could drop in for a barbeque,sign a couple of blank cheques and play a gig in my living(tour)room :) :) :) :) :) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Wow!!It really does look like Glenn is about to set off on his fisrst groundbreaking"The living room tour".See previous thread....If Glenn could? :)

    Also,as the average door frame size here in the UK is 6 foot 6 inches it seems that Glenn has certainly grown recently.See last picture.

    THE LIVING ROOM TOUR sponsored by IKEA
    Featuring Glenn on Vocals,Bass and "Rocking"chair.

    Chad smith on Tupperware with the first playing of his signature Fresh salad 9"container kit with dishwasher safe material.

    JJ Marsh demonstarting the superb sound of the Pouffe(footstall)and 6 Pegged hatstand,finished in mock mahogony with extra wide bass for (stability)sustainability.

    Ed Roth on the(front door)keys

    And finally Mrs Hughes on backing duster and vacuum with a special mid-set solo of the scatter cushion and throw routine first aired on the"From Now on...(keep the place tidy)tour :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

    My wife and I were out for an evening meal on Saturday(3/11/07)in my local pub in Andover ,Hants.

    I am convinced,when a group of four people came in,that a certain Mr.Barnes was one of them.

    Yes I know I should have said something but I have this problem that when well known people are out with thier families they shouldn't be disturbed :(

    Any ideas if it could have been him? :confused:

    Please help.


    Totally agree.I got my copy today and I too think the quality is fantastic.I have just bought a new 42"1080p lcd tv with 1000 watt surround sound Dolby Pro logic kit :p The only reason I mention this is because the sound quality is the best I have ever heard on a live musid cd/dvd.You can hear everything including the voices of the crowd during the quieter moments.

    Glenn is on great form with what I think is the best version of Mistreated I have had the pleasure to experience.

    I liked the bit where,when asked to do Burn he said"what in an acoustic set!!!!!!!!! :) and then proceded to tell the sound man he was going to get his bass turned up louder :thumbup:

    Go and buy it :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

    Thanks for the reply Chad.Now with Wolfy's reply I am not sure who is the most famous :D

    To the "drumming" Mr Smith.I was wondering if you could do anything really.It might be better if you were to come up with something?

    I don't want to set a trend for everyone asking for stuff.It might get a bit silly.

    We both hope to be in Norwich in November as both of our Birthdays are in the month.

    But please don't feel as you have to something special.Anything would be great :thumbup:



    I have been trying to get a good friend of mine,Darren Brown,interested in Glenn and his music.

    It has taken a little step closer with the realisation that a certain Mr C Smith has been involved with Glenn for some time.He went to the drum clinic event in Norwich.

    He has promised me that he will listen to Mr Hughes and go to the next UK concert if he can somehow get a little"Hello" direct.

    Very cheeky I know but....if you don't ask,you don't get ;)

    Here's hoping.

    Kind regards


    I must admit I think Glenn looks so much more natural when singing and playing the bass.

    I cannot play any instrument and I can't sing(would be funny though if I tried them both together :D ).

    Actually............I think I will take up the Lead Electric Triangle whilst performing my rendition of Mistreated(Misplaced more like).

    Anyone fancy joining my band and supporting Glenn in the UK for a full tour?

    I think David could be the Manager/Tour organiser and perhaps Wolfy could Get Mel to sell some T-Shirts at the gigs :thumbup:

    Let me know if anyone is interested and I will see if I can come up with some original material.......Don't all rush!!

    Working titles for the album"Songs in any key that Rock,Soul Murderer,Music for the Insane,That's the way it isn't,Attrousrious,Foul and the C.R.A.P sessions".

    I'll get my coat ;)

    Hello all.I remember hearing that there is a recording of Graham singing Mistreated which If I am correct was at the Monsters Of Rock concert in 1979-80 at Donnigton Park.

    Can anyone confirm this and if so is there a copy floating around somewhere? :confused: