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    We did it again at the gala day this year (last Saturday). Again we didn't have much time to practice as the drummer dislocated his shoulder a couple of months ago. One full rehearsal together, but it was fun :)

    The Trooper + Don't Stop The Sandman

    Brü - The Trooper/Don't Stop The Sandman - YouTube[/ame]

    Detroit Rock City
    Brü - Detroit Rock City - Glassford 2014 - YouTube[/ame]

    Are You Ready + Hammer To Fall
    Brü - Are You Ready/Hammer To Fall - Glassford 2014 - YouTube[/ame]

    On Saturday I played at a musical event at a gala day in a tiny village a few miles from where I live.

    The band was put together very quickly - four practice sessions, two without the singer - so a few rough edges, but it was fun!

    Star - YouTube[/ame]

    There's 3 "oldies" in the band and two young 'uns. In this clip I'm on acoustic guitar and my son is on lead guitar.

    Glenn blames Jon for his hearing loss, and Jon blamed Glenn for his own poor hearing! :)

    At Jon's lecture in Paisley a couple of years ago (I was there), he said Glenn was a "doink" kind of bass player and said he had half normal hearing in his left ear because of this.

    I think Glenn came over really well in that interview, despite some of the uninformed questions.

    While Jon's passing is sad for us, how much more for his close family, friends and bandmates.

    It was Ritchie that first brought me into the Purple world. In 1980 I was immersed in punk, new wave and two-tone. I tuned into BBC's Donington broadcast and was absolutely blown away by Rainbow and Ritchie in particular. I bought the first Rainbow album and Deepest Purple, and quickly appreciated that Jon was every bit an integral part of Purple's sound as Ritchie.

    Jon was part of my first introduction to live music (Whitesnake - Come An' Get It Tour - 1981 - Glasgow Apollo) and what an introduction! Sitting in the gods at the old Apollo listening to Jon's solo is still one of the best experiences of my life.

    I had the opportunity of meeting Jon and David on the Saints and Sinners tour, and as many have said he was a complete gentleman - a genuinely nice man.

    I've seen him live with Whitesnake and Purple many times and was also privileged to be at his last two appearances in Scotland.

    Concerto in Edinburgh - October 2009

    Lecture in Paisley - February 2011

    (my username on that forum is Big J)

    The Concerto was an unforgettable experience - so glad that Jon took the time to coach the young students and deliver such a fantastic performance.

    After checking various sites on Monday for the "massive Purple-related" news what a shock to see that instead we got even bigger but awful news. It really does put things into perspective.

    Sadness at his passing, yes, but what a wealth of fabulous music he's left behind.

    RIP Jon.

    Agree with u about Foreigner. Kelly Hansen stole the show at the LG Arena with Styx not far behind. Journey played great and a great setlist but Arnel just doesnt have the stage presence or front guy persona needed for a big band. superb voice tho that could indeed be Perry at his best.

    Agreed. Foreigner are far and away the best band I've seen this year. Simply stunning and blew Journey off stage.


    as for ticket prices - look at it as being half the price of Take That, Madonna, Roger Waters etc rather than £25 more than a GH solo show.

    These are all huge arena or stadium shows, hardly comparable to a debut theatre tour.

    Again, compare to Alter Bridge. £18 in the Academy last year. Now stepped up to arena shows and prices are £24. Ok, these prices are lower than average, but if AB can do it why not BCC?


    "MSG rocked like it was 1981"

    Diary of a Madman, Killers, Mob Rules, Come An' Get It, The Wild The Willing and The Innocent, Difficult To Cure, Future Shock

    Give me a time machine now!! :)

    Seriously, MS played a crowd-pleasing set and I loved every minute of it. Yes, it was probably the easy option, but the reaction they got from the crowd on RYLAH and Rock Bottom was amazing.

    The BCC gig was by far the most expensive show I've ever seen at the Academy. Most gigs there are at least £10 cheaper, and that includes big name acts. I saw Alter Bridge there last year and the tickets were £18! BCC was almost £50 including booking fees!! To be perfectly honest I would think twice about paying that much to see them again. It was good, but I've seen many other bands at less-inflated prices deliver equally good shows. GH's Edinburgh gig was about half the price of BCC!

    Your comments about MS not having a clue how to move forward. I think the second new song proved that he does. It didn't sound retro to me, and on first listen I think it could prove to be a classic Schenker moment.

    Agree with all your comments Chris. 'Good' is how I would rate it. I detect a slight disappointment in your review? If that's the case then I feel the same. While it was great to see Glenn at a larger-than-usual venue, to be honest the gig didn't match the GH solo show in Edinburgh earlier this year. That was a killer show, and this didn't quite live up to it. There was virtually no interaction between Bonham/Sherinian, and Sherinian's lack of showmanship was strange as I thought he left Dream Theater due to being too much of a showman??

    Having said that there were some fantastic moments. Save Me was the highlight for me, brilliant performance. The Ballad Of John Henry was another great moment with some wonderful theremin and slide from Joe B. Crossfire is great on record but didn't really work as well live.

    Schenker was brilliant, but then his set was full of crowd-pleasers. The 2 new songs bode well for the forthcoming album; the second song in particular (don't know the name) was excellent and was in the same league as the older classics. Pete Way is a legend and managed to stay upright throughout his short time onstage!

    So all in all, good rather than great.