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    Glad to see you have power again. I know it's a relief, it makes it a lot easier to start getting back to "normal".

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    Hey Guys,
    Glad to hear that things are getting back together for you. Another awful year for us Sunshine Staters !! All that matters is you are both well and have a solid structure to live in, even though your tropical setting will need rebuilding. Once we hit December maybe we can get together in Orlando (hear me David, Shirean and Kat) and throw back a few and just relax.

    In the meantime, be well.

    Sounds like a plan to me! I could use a drink about now. It's been a sad day for me. My cat Oreo died this morning. I had him for 15 years, not sure how old he was since I got him as a stray. I knew it was coming, but it didn't make it any easier.

    Since a certain singer/bassist that we all love to see live hasn't had a show here recently, I must occupy my time with other bands LOL!

    I went to see Foreigner at Velvet Sessions last night. It was a great show! Only one original member in the band, Mick Jones, but it didn't matter LOL! The lead singer Kelly (formerly of the band Hurricane)and the bassist Jeff (formerly of Dokken) were all over the stage, hard to get pics of them as they were in constant motion. Jason Bonham is the drummer so they played a Zep song for the first encore song.

    After the show I got to meet Kelly and Jason get pictures with them and get them to sign my set list.

    band line up:
    Mick Jones lead guitar
    Jason Bonham drums
    Kelly Hansen lead vocals (ex Hurricane)
    Jeff Jacobs Keys
    Jeff Pilson bass (ex Dokken)
    Thom Gimbel rhythm guitar, sax, flute

    I'm glad someone heard from them and that they are alright. I recall those conditions well from last year, but I cannot imagine it going on for so long, the most we had to deal with was 5 days without electricity, and that was not fun. I hope the electricity comes on long before the projected time for them.

    I saw the Doobie Brothers in concert last night. It was a free concert, part of the Downtown Concert Series. I was right up front as usual for me and took a ton of pictures (oh what a surprise huh?! LOL!) Great show! Very bluesy rock styled show. The place was packed! The band was joined on stage by the legendary Les Dudek for a couple of songs, including one awesome blues jam. (I first saw Les Dudek in concert in June 1978, playing as Dudek, Finnegan, and Krueger.)

    The band line up for this show was:
    Guy Allison - Keyboards/Vocals
    Michael Hossack - Drums
    Tom Johnston - Vocals/Guitar
    John McFee - Guitar/Strings/Vocals
    Marc Russo - Saxophones
    Pat Simmons - Vocals/Guitar
    Skylark - Bass/Vocals
    Ed Toth - Drums

    I uploaded 64 pics to my yahoo site:

    A mighty fine report Wolfy! It's always a fun, memorable evening with Glenn and Chad around. Good to see the show sold so well, hopefully it'll get more shows started, like over on this side of the world?!

    Thanks all, glad you like the photos! Ever since I got that photo card that holds about 350 photos, I spend most of the show staring through the view finder LOL!

    Max has definitley been around awhile putting out some very good music over the years. It would be really cool to chat with him, but alas, he proves to be elusive -- so far anyway ;)

    Meeting the other fans is always (well almost) such a treat. Now I could tell you horror stories of some fans of other bands, that are just nuts :eek:

    The Grand Funk Railroad show last night was GREAT! :claphands If you get the chance to see them....GO, you won't be disappointed. I was front row center YAY! They played all their really big hits. "We're An American Band", "I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home","Some Kind Of Wonderful" and "Loco-Motion." They have one song they do,"Thunder and Lightening," (I think is the name of it) it's like an old-fashioned revival meeting, and everyone in the band plays a percussion instrument -- very cool. Max Carl was also in .38 Special when they had the big hit "Second Chance" so they did that song too. Bruce played "The Star Spangled Banner" on guitar which was awesome!

    After the show I got to chat with Mel and Bruce and get some things signed. I also bought 2 of Bruce's solo CDs from him and had those signed as well. Both very nice, soft-spoken men.

    I met up with several fans from the CyberFunkers mailing list that I am on. Very nice people. (Reminds me of the people here, and I KNOW at least one here is on that list as well LOL!)

    I took over 200 photos, but only (only --HA) uploaded 97 to Yahoo, plus the signed stuff I scanned in.

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    Hmm...writing or singing?

    I would love to have heard Glenn singing with Kevin on that nine-minute version of "Metal Health" he did with QRiot down in Florida last year...


    I was there! YAY! Hopefully he'll do a guest singing job or two, or twenty when it's recorded LOL!

    Nothing against Kevin's singing, it's quite enjoyable also! Just, what can I say, you can never hear Glenn's singing enough LOL!

    Kenny, good to hear you and the family are OK. I feel for you about the AC, I think that was the one thing we all missed the most last year everytime we had to go through it. Glad to see the air is back on! :clapper: