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    I am always so thrilled (and Jealous) to read the reports of shows. Everyone does such a great job of covering all aspects it's ALMOST like being there. Hopefully sometime in the future I'll get another chance to catch a show.

    How very sad. I really enjoyed meeting Kevin a couple of times, and time spent with him and Glenn together was always fun.

    A couple of years ago I gave Kevin a framed copy of this pic of him with Glenn - he got a real kick out of it.

    When I read the news on JSS blog, I was very surprised. I had been able to see him live as a member of Journey and thought they all worked very well together. I am glad he had that stint with Journey as I got to see what a terrific showman he is - even if it wasn't his own material. I eagerly await his next project and hope it is one where I'll get to see him perform live again.

    I went to see Firehouse last Thursday for Velvet Sessions here in Orlando. Great show!

    Here's a link to pics from the show:…/album/576460762399614664

    Last month was The Fixx. They always put on a great show as well!


    And - of course - while I was there both times I mentioned bringing in a certain talented man that we all enjoy. She was with a friend of hers when I came up this last time to put in my request and he piped in that he would love to see Glenn there again as well. I said good now you can work on her to make it happen as well!

    I'm letting you know the Jeff Coffey has a new CD out. It's titled "Long Way Home."

    You can hear songs on it here:

    or more songs on Jeff's regular site:

    Songs from the new CD have already been garnering international attention and winning awards. The title track recently received the honor of being named Pop song of year by the Song of the Year ( ) songwriting contest. Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest supporting VH-1’s Save the Music Foundation, and its judges are some of the biggest names in music including many Grammy Award winners. “Long Way Home” also features the highly popular song “Through Your Eyes” which was featured on NBC's Star Tomorrow. "Ordinary" will be featured in the new HBO film "Kid Midnight" which will begin production in LA this summer.

    You can find ordering info on Jeff's My Space or his regular site. It is well worth picking up a copy or two or three.

    They don't think so at this point, since it occured at 2 different plants in different parts of the country. But last I read they haven't discovered just how it got in the product.

    Hopefully those of you with pets have already heard about this major pet food recall.

    Pets are dying in large numbers. 9 out of 25 of their own test dogs were killed by the dog food.

    2 weeks ago, my dog Muttly fell seriously ill. He was old and had been having health problems, so it wasn't a surprise. I was pretty sure it was kidney failure and didn't want him to go through all that he went through last year with his cancer scare. So I enjoyed on final day with him and had him put down. A few days later the food recall came out, that was the only food he ate.

    I seriously don't think there could have been anything done for Muttly, but knowing his death was caused by an outside source rather than just his old age - made it even more difficult to deal with.

    I urge any pet owners to check the list of food recalled, it's just "moist" foods so if your pets only eat dry - no worries. It also involves cat food as well as dog food.