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    I was at the Appreciation tour in St. Louis Mo in the Summer of 1976. Can't remember what month. They played at the then Kiel Auditorium. It is now called the Savvis Ctr where the St. Louis Blues play hockey. At the time Kiel Aud held about 7or8 thousand. The place was about 1/3rd full. They should have played a smaller venue. Anyway a band by the name of Starz opened up. Their lead singer was Steven Tyler's brother Can't remember his first name. That was the first and last time I heard their name. Trapeze performed well. I remember Glenn saying he had just bought Mel a new guitar. It was a black Les Paul which by the way sounded sweet as always.I remember they had alot of energy and seemed to really be enjoying each other. In their hayday in 72 and 73 they came to St.Louis quite alot. I Believe at least 7 or 8 times with the varies line ups. Trapeze was an Awesome band and truly underrated.

    If anyone out there has any Trapeze tabliture for guitar I would be very thankful. I cant find any in the usual places on the net. Thank you in advance. There has to be some guitar playing Trapeze lovers out there.