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    Satan, I'm happy to say it's reviewed in Fireworks and is branded as nothing less than essential. And what we say in that magazine goes. ;)


    If I was going to give you a brief synpopsis of Glenn's solo work not his collaborations, I'd say:

    Play Me Out - the first Glenn solo album and staggeringly good. Not for the rock fan though! This is funk and soul, horns, strings and girls backing singers all the way.

    Blues - Great vocals and Big Daddy's comeback album. Bluesy rock and fairly traditional blues songs with a host of guests.

    From Now On - superb AOR from Glenn. All out rock and some stunning ballads, but not really a 'true' Glenn album.

    Burning Japan live - Glenn tears it up on the From Now On tour, with a set featuring several Purple numbers, Hughes/Thrall and others. Excellent but 'Muscle and Blood' is a bit OTT!

    Feel - my personal favourite, a true Glenn CD with all his style on one record. Unbelievably good, right down to the Stevie Wonder cover at the end.

    Addiction - Cracking dark hard rock album dealing with Glenn's demons. the funk is in short supply here, but the power more than makes up for it.

    The Way It Is - an underrated classic in my book, that's got something for everyone. Belting rockers like 'You Kill Me', a Hendrix cover, this albums got it all.

    R.O.C.K - exactly as the name suggests. Not bad, but to me it sounds like Glenn making a hard rock record for the record company, not because he wanted to.

    Building The Machine - a return to form and well liked by a lot of the fans. Cool songs and even a re-working of Purple's Highball Shooter.

    S.I.T.K.O.R - powerful rock album from Glenn which really shows JJ off for the talent he is.

    Soul Mover - brand new and highly rated, Glenn plays six songs from this album live so this is a good starting point!

    Alternatively, the 'Different Stages' compilation CD isn't badly priced at £8.99 from Amazon and gives you 20 tracks - a good insight into most of the cd's I mentioned above.

    Happy shopping!


    I heard some bootlegs of the Gillan Sabbath tour and thought they were good, but yesy he paid the price. I can't see his new solo project of re-recording old tracks being much good.

    Still, he left behind quite the vocal legacy with 'Hot Line' from Born Again. that is an UNBELIEVABLE vocal! :bow:


    Hope you enjoy them Mark - you have made a fine choice!

    Thanks Keith, likewise, I'll plug you whenever I get chance. ;)

    Oi Grace, yes it is too early to be selling my autograph! Besides which, soundclips or no soundclips, you'll get a chance to hear the full CD very shortly because you're one of my best critics. i took this one that seriously I didn't even mention David Hasselhoff in the sleevenotes.

    Shame on me.


    Thanks everybody, much appreciated.

    Of course Sue, the emotive vocal behind 'Doing It All For My Baby' was because next to my lyric sheet I had my favourite picture of you taped there, and I crooned it for you as best I could. ;)

    If you think people would be interested, let me know which track(s) you think are worthy of uploading - it'll be interesting to see if it tallies with the other feedback I've received. Then I'll bang them in the Keeping Time section for people to laugh at/worship/send postal orders for the full album*

    * delete as applicable


    Greetings gang,

    I would like to cheekily hijack this section to blatantly plug myself. The Great One has decided to plunge into the world of self-employment (hence the new avatar and everything), so if you fancy surfing over to my brand spankin' new website;'ll find out all about it. I've done my best to make it amusing and interesting and if you know anybody who might benefit from my considerable skills, please point them my way! ;)


    Wolfy's got a great point, we are taking JJ for granted. All my favourite Glenn albums are one's co-written with JJ.

    But, to look at what Tony said, I had dreams of Glenn joining Queen + Paul Rodgers as the bassist, but after hearing a particularly good bootleg of the show in Basel I don't want to change a thing! Paul had a throat infection so he sang the first five, then Brian May sang two, then my hero Roger Taylor sang two (result! :bow:), then they duetted two before Rodgers came back to finish the show. It was brilliant and I don't think it could've been better even with Glenn.

    I'd still kill to hear a recording of him singing 'Stone Cold Crazy' from last year though!


    Glenn and Sykes could be great but after hearing 'Bad Boy live' I'm more than happy for Sykes to keep doing his own thing - he gets better with every record! My dream one would be Glenn and Richie Kotzen - the tracks they did on 'Incense and Peaches' were great, and Kotzen is an excellent songwriter and superb musician. The pair of them could do an album together and you wouldn't even need any other musicians!


    'Soul Mover' hasn't clicked totally with me yet. I like the title track, love 'High Road', 'Dark Star' and 'Don't Let Me Bleed' but some of the others are taking some getting used to. Personally I thought Glenn's best writing period was the triumvirate of 'Feel', 'Addiction' and 'The Way It Is', but I'll happily be a minority if people are really getting into 'SM'! :clapper:


    Glad you were happy with them Sue - the Mike Reid one is so good it improves with every listen. Fresh bum notes every time you hear it! My personal favourites are the velvet vocals on 'Always On My Mind' and 'Just The Way You Are' and the staggeringly good vocal crescendo that finishes off 'Recipe for Love'.

    I should get out more? I thought you'd be thrilled that your lust fuelled feelings for me weren't just one way traffic. :cool: