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    I don't think smiling would really suit the image though Grace. The music will be grim heavy metal, so cheesy grins would do the boys no favours.

    It reminded me of something though. I remember when I went to see the Sabbath reunion with Ozzy at the NEC, when I got back my grandma asked if I'd "had a nice time". I told her it was a great show but when she saw photos she was shocked that:

    A) Sabbath didn't wear dinner suits or at least nice matching outfits

    B) The audience were STOOD UP

    C) She finished by commenting Geezer Butler looked like he needed "a damn good wash".

    Each to their own :lol:


    I was about to mention Purple, but Todd beat me to it. I feel sorry for Lou, but I think Kelly Hansen is a great choice and I hope this means Foreigner will get some gigs under their belt, get tight and record something new.

    For me, the Kiss line up now is brilliant. Gene and Paul ARE Kiss in my book, and to have quality like Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer as oppose to workshy wasters like Criss and Frehley who do nothing but damage the band's live rep, I don't think you can go far wrong. You get all the live action of the make up era but none of the crap performaces from the spaced out twosome.

    Rush have been together forever and never had a line up change, but other than that I'm struggling too.


    Thanks everybody! Yeah, I had a awesome time talking to Joe. For those who've seen the magazine version of the article they'll know it took up four pages, and believe it or not, that was edited down! Yeah, the guy can talk alright, but it was great fun. I've always been a big Joe fan and when I met him in Bradford and then got an hour of his time uninterrupted on the phone, nothing in my opinion changed!


    Quote from Ad

    b.t.w. wasn't he going to release an 80's metal album LIDDEL, RUSH & THRALL that had been shelved...but that news was from years ago!!!

    Yeah, what the hell happened to that album? I got the track "The Law" which was great, very "Muscle and Blood"ish on mp3, and then all went quiet. I actually had the album preordered at one point but my guy told me it had been removed from the release list. Anyone know what's happening?


    Mac's rock - I've sworn by them for years and I'm delighted to see them appearing all over every industry. They are rock solid, beautiful machines, easy to maintain, and Apple develop some of the most influential bug free software available. The people who gave us the iPod can't be wrong. Come on people, join the Great One in my Mac crusade! :thumbup:


    You're right Todd, I have to crank my Teaser right up. Plays havoc on my iPod!

    I wish I could take credit for the hospital tea gag Tony, but I can't, I have to doff my hat to one of the writers at fireworks, John Tucker. He used that to describe production on an album and I loved it! :lol:


    I think jerklund is referring to "Trouble" and "Lovehunter" Todd. The remasters just jump to "Ready And Willing", and I don't think they're totally with Coverdale's blessing. To be honest, I think these remasters are pretty pointless. My copy of Burn sounds fine, and I notice when I hear all these "Glover remixes" on the Mk II stuff it just sounds a bit louder than before! There's some stuff in my collection that really needs redoing, like Tommy's "Teaser". The sound on that is weaker than hospital tea.


    I've got a CD of Joe with his all-star band from 95 and he ties his show up there with "Highway Star" and "Smoke" too. Well he used to sing Purple covers before Fandango, then got to be in them, so he maybe likes to bang them out. And they're very recognisable!

    Glad he played some of "The Usual Suspects" though. Cracking album and it derseves to be heard!


    Hey gang,

    Just to shamelessly plug, the newest issue of Fireworks is out now, packed to it's 72 page rafters with everything you could possibly want from a melodic rock magazine. There's a glorious technicolour pullout programme to accompany our Firefest weekend designed by the Great One himself, and interviews with the likes of Paul Gilbert, the Scorpions, Doogie White, and Joe Lynn Turner among others to please our lovely reader's eyes.

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    If you chose not to buy it you have my eternal pity for your life will be a drab, colourless place, and our readers will have the benefit of our unbiased, well researched information that you don't get with... ahem... lesser publications. ;)


    Oi, steady on Todd, leave Uncle Dave out of this! :D

    No, I love 'Addiction'. That, 'Feel' and 'The Way It Is' I think are unsurpassed as a triumvirate. I have no qualms with Glenn's heavier side - indeed I think 'Wild Seed Of Mother Earth' is great, especially 'Dying To Live'.

    'Seventh Star' was the album that introduced me to Glenn as a real ass kicking rock singer, because all I had heard before that was 'Stormbringer', 'Play Me Out' and 'Feel'. When I heard that he had sung for Sabbath I thought "This guy with the Stevie Wonder thing going on? Can't see that'd work...." but I gambled and bought it. As soon as I heard the first line of 'In For The Kill' I was blown away. I still like that album a great deal now, but as far as the DEP Sessions go, I can really say only 'I'm Not The Same Man' grabbed my attention.

    I think it boils down to the fact that while Iommi is known for his heavy, dirge like power chords, I much prefer it when he's riffing - he's written some great uptempo riff heavy songs and that's what I prefer. If you offered me 'Gone' versus something like, say, 'Born To Lose' or 'Hard Life To Love' from 'The Eternal Idol' then 'Gone' wouldn't get a look in. From the soundclips so far, there doesn't seem to be much of that on offer, but as I stated previously, it's a taster and of course I'll buy the album because Glenn's on it.

    I also appreciate I'm in the minority and may well change my opinion when I buy the album, but I think it's a bit early to start raving about a CD none of us have heard yet. It's the discussions about the music that make this site and such great places to hang out!


    ps I only think Uncle Dave has made one truly great album.

    I think we should all hang fire until the album actually comes out! :) While everybody who has posted above me is championing the soundclips (and a similar thing is happening wherever else 'Fused' is mentioned), I have been totally unmoved by them, but that is all they are - tasters! Excitement of new Glenn material is always positive, but shall we save the reviews until the CD is released?

    It reminds me of a write up I saw on Amazon - some guy "reviewed" Robert Plant's new CD two weeks before it came out. How? Well, he saw Plant live and Robert played three or four new tracks and the guy wrote "If the album is as good as what I heard here tonight it will be great." Just steady on!

    Glenn has made albums before that I didn't get after a first listen (namely 'Play Me Out' which I now adore) and one's I loved immediately but now play less (like 'From Now On') but I don't think he's ever made an album alone or with somebody which can accurately be judged on one spin, let alone a few sample tracks.


    Any top drummer list that doesn't include my two idols, the God like Roger Taylor and the extremely skilled Pat Torpey can do one. So Classic Rock scores slightly higher than Sue's.... :D

    I've heard a lot of good things about Virgil Donati lately - be interesting to se if he lives up to the hype.


    Welcome Emma, glad you're in on the 'secret' of Glenn's talents! Davids right, there's an unbelievable amount of stuff here. Don't be afrain to ask for a map. I've been here since 2003 and still can't get out. ;)