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    Todd, you'll have a blast. Everybody knows what I think about Roger Taylor, but Brian May handled his vocal duties well too. When it comes to Paul Rodgers, I was a critic of him in the past, but when I saw him come out in Sheffield I ate so much humble pie I thought I was going to throw up. The show seriously rocks and the ability of the band is staggering. Enjoy!


    And can I take this opportunity to announce that, because our man Andy Brailsford at Fireworks did such an awesome interview with Richie and Candice (so good it spanned TWO issues) Ritchie and Candice were more than happy to come back and talk again about the new DVD and a whole host of other topics, including the possiblity of a certain JLT joining them on the next BN CD.

    Fireworks 21 is out in a week or two. Buy it or I shall personally beat every one of you with a rolled up copy.


    I have to respectfully disagree there Grace. It's Iommi's album, depsite Glenn contributing. That does not make it a division of labour, nor does it make it a band project. Kenny and Glenn are present on there because they are exactly what you mentioned - session musicians.

    The fact that Glenn wrote lyrics and played bass is neither here nor there. That's what he was hired to do, by Tony. That's why Glenn did three sets of vocals for Tony to pick what was best. It was Tony's call because it's Tony's album. If it was a fair division of work surely Glenn would have decided and wahey, we have a new power trio.

    We know Iommi isn't a lyric writer. Yet check out Sabbath's "Eternal Idol" CD - it says all songs written by Tony Iommi. I'd bet my CD collection that Tony Martin was the man who put words to the riffs - he was brought in to do a job. There's no credit for whatever reason. Glenn isn't credited to any of the "Burn" album that I know he wrote on for contractual reasons. "Seventh Star" isn't a Sabbath album, it's an Iommi solo album. It had it's name changed to Sabbath to sell. It's what is best for marketing. Glenn was the hired voice, he was never meant to be a Sabbath vocalist. Glenn is not credited as to contributing anything to the writing of "Seventh Star" but I'm betting he did. That's the way of the business.

    Glenn's name made the cover because he's a vocal legend and it's an extra push for Iommi, because people like me and quite possibly you will buy it for Glenn, not for Tony. Iommi and his management have called the shots right the way down the line, because like it or not, Iommi's name sells in bigger quantities than Glenn's in the rock circles. Put both together and now we got a stew going. But it's still Tony's CD. The sounds alone tells you that.

    It's Iommi's management who rationed what samples of the CD were available online, and who got promos. The only reason "Fused" is in Fireworks this month is because I said I'd cover it because I had it. I love Glenn and I think Tony's ok, which is why I bought this album but not the previous Iommi solo CD. To be honest I'm delighted Glenn is getting publicity from this, but the bottom line is, he will have to make way for Tony because that's who's album it is. Not a band, not Sabbath, an Iommi solo CD.


    Yes, but is listed in the Fused inlay booklet though, so we can't complain really. Botton line is, this is a Tony Iommi SOLO album. It's not Iommi / Hughes, it's not Black Sabbath with Glenn on vocals, it's IOMMI. So the fact Glenn has been pictured with Tony in some interviews, has his website on the booklet and his name on the cover are all major bonuses in my book. Anybody remember what happened with the Alchemist?


    I like Soul Mover better after a few more spins, but I still can't get on with "Orion" of JJ's deliberatly awful "Little Miss Insane" solo. I liked SITKOR better but to say I'm disappointed with Soul Mover is an overstatement. I've heard Glenn do better (in my view), but I've heard a lot worse!


    I'm inclined to agree with that. I've made no secret of the fact I thought "Fused" was a disappointment, because I think a lot of the music is very similar and the choice of style for vocals is not to my taste. I much prefer the two Voodoo Hill CD's for this kind of music, and I think Glenn gives a much better impression of what he is capable of in this genre on those two disks.


    As Chris mentioned, there's a splinter faction of people not impressed with Fused, and a bunch of Fused fanatics. I'm just wondering what kind of numbers we're talking about. How good do those who've heard it think it is?


    That was the first thing that struck me when I opened the inlay booklet. Actually I found the artwork quite reflective of my opinion of the album - ok but nothing special. It was better than I expected from the samples, but that still only made it clock in as "aveage" on the James Gaden taste-o-meter.
    I know one group of people love this album, I know one group of people think Glenn is better off on other projects. I put myself in the latter camp.


    I'm seriously worried about Ian Gillan. My reasons are:

    1) He's delusional because he recently claimed he is singing "better now than ever"

    2) His new album features him re-recoding songs from his past that he has no chance of nailing, therefore making point one even more absurd

    3) According to Steve Morse, it's Gillan who write's DP's setlist, so I blame him for it being stale and almost identical to what it was two years ago

    4) His attire, along with his recent regrowing of his long (and now grey) mane, coupled with his penchant for going on stage barefoot, make him look like Robinson Crusoe.

    Sort it out Ian!


    Both of you guys echo my sentiments. I haven't got my copy of "Fused" yet, but I'm not going mental waiting for it like I do with other Glenn releases. I'm glad I previewed the tracks on the net this time because I've got an idea that I won't be thrilled with it. It may pleasantly surprise me, but I'm not putting money on it.

    Seventh Star was a classic in my book, but I think the DEP sessions and what I've heard of "Fused" are mediocre at best. I appreciate it's style will probably garner it more recognition but I think it's a shame that Iommi has to play in a fashion he inspired rather than be his true self. Listen to his playing on the early Sabbath material through to "Heaven and Hell" and there's more variation there than most people credit him for. Not a nu-metal riff in sight, and that's why he's known as the Godfather of the genre. Too many nu-metal bands nowadays sound identical. There's very few that stand out with their own identity.

    If that makes me sound like my parents I don't care :lol:


    The Talisman reissues are great because I got into Jeff Scott Soto's stuff too late to find all the originals. Thankfully, the reissues arrived and all of those are double CD's, with the second disk being demo's, live outtakes, all kinds of stuff, plus some great sleevenotes with the benefit of hindsight!

    I think the Deep Purple ones are generally crap. My brother bought the Machine Head double disk one with the Roger Glover remixes. The songs sounded fine to me originally and it's a classic album, so why screw around with it? And even when he did the rem,ixes hardly sounded any different.

    As for remastering, I think the Kiss Remasters do sound a good deal better than the original CD's, and I eagerly await the long overdue Tommy Bolin ones!


    If laughing stock Osbourne is that much of a problem, why not get a new singer then? Wouldn't be the first time would it!

    If Sabbath were to get a new singer, who could they have?

    Tony Martin - still quality as the Whole Lotta Metal Sabbath segment proves

    Seb Bach - I think he'd be a killer Sabbath vocalist

    Big Ronnie Dio - but obviously only after he's done his "Holy Diver" shows!

    Any other thoughts?


    I have had it on five times in four days Todd. As soon as I heard about it, I bought it. It's a work of demented genius. It now adorns my "comedy" musical selection, along with:

    Mike Reid - Sings
    Pat Boone - In a Metal Mood (No More Mr Nice Guy)
    Black Sweden - Gold (what an album that is)
    And I'm going to be adding Paul Anka - Rock Swings very shortly because the old chap has delivered the definitive version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for me!


    This was Glenn's take on the project when Sue asked him about it ion Fireworks #19:

    FW: "Last year you and Joe Lynn Turner went to Russia and recorded some track with the deputy prime minister. How did that come about?"

    "That was fun! His name is Mikhail - his father was one of the most powerful clergymen in Russia over the last number of years. He was murdered about 30 years ago and Mikhail had to go undercover for 3 years and he then became a politician in his early 20’s. Before that though, he was a rock ‘n’ roll singer and bass player and I was who he modelled himself on. So, he wrote some songs about 20 years ago modelled around what he thought was his interpretation of Glenn Hughes and he sang them in Russian, before the wall coming down in Germany and everything else. His dream was to get together with me one day and we met on an MTV show. He’s a very, very financially well off man - one of the new Russians. He’s not been made by mafia reasons, he’s a very good business man, a very powerful man in Russia. When you meet him, you’re meeting like a president or something, but he’s such a sweet guy. My profile shot up like a rocket in Russia, because you’ve got MTV and VH-1, and you’re national papers. And so Joe and I went over there and we sang in English. We interpreted what he sang in Russian 20 years ago. We did 8 songs, and it’ll come out in Russia - that’s about it! I don’t really want it coming out anywhere else. The music is very ‘80’s. Well - it is 20 years old!"


    Those guys doing the Final Countdown? Who are they, and where can I get the live album?!?!? That was quite simply the best thing I've heard since Hulk Hogan and The Wrestling Boot Band - Hulk Rules CD.


    As a long time Mac user and outspoken member of my "Macs Rules" campaign, I'm delighted to see more people turning to Macs because of, amongst other things, iTunes. It's a great, fast way of downloading and it means the artists get cash out of it, which is what it's all about. I'll never use iTunes to replace buying CD's, but it's brilliant if you want a bonus track of a song from a soundtrack.


    Glenn sings backing on the track "Stoned" on Wave Of Emotion" which he co -wrote with Richie. A version with Glenn singing is on Incense and Peaches. But as for Richie soudning like Glenn, no way on my book. Richie sounds like Richie.


    I'm with you both to be honest. What I've heard so far has left me cold. As I explained in a pervious post, I like Iommi's fast riffing instead of the slow dirgy stuff, which is what most of this sounds like. I didn't care for the DEP sessions either with the exception of "Not The Same Man". I bought that and never play it and I predict "Fused" will be the same.

    If Glenn ventures in this direction I prefer it with Dario Mollo who's songs have more variety. And I had "Soul Mover" on again yesterday and it grew on me a little more - I still hate "Orion" and JJ's "Little Miss Insane" solo though!