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    I'm a WWE fanatic so I watch their programmes religiously, along with a British soap opera "Coronation Street". My all time favourite shows include The X-Files, The West Wing, Arrested Development, Magnum P.I., Seinfeld, The Larry Sanders Show, and various others.


    Hey Gustavo,

    There's not a weak track on the album, but track four, "This Is My Heart" is just unbelievable. Joe sounds great on it, and it has a huge, goosebump stadium rock chorus. Just brilliant.

    I'm in the process of trying to get another interview with Joe to get his thoughts, because my promo doesn't list the songwriters he collaborated with by track, it just has a list of names on the front. He's on such a run of form lately - "Usual Suspects", the "Fire Without Flame" and now this. What a time to be a JLT fan!


    I've just got the promo of this, and it's got some absolutely superb stuff on it! if you don't know, it's Joe dusting off some of the stuff from his aborted follow up to "Rescue You", collaborating with Jim Peterik, and basically rocking out 80's style, but with a more modern production. Absolutely great!


    Guys like the ones mentioned on the Jeff Beck board are musical nazi's. The Queen board has people like that, plus a great deal of thirteen year olds who are convinced they know more about Queen than me. In fact, some have yet to even buy all the albums!

    It seems the bigger the act, the more moron's there are. I'm just glad the ghpg family is a bunch of intelligent beings, who are up for a discussion of an artists music. Otherwise we could all be sat here saying "Hey Ken, Are You Home" from I&P was Glenn's finest work, because nobody dare say otherwise!


    Hiawatha, the reason I can't stand "This House" for example, is precisely as I stated - I think it has a horrible melody and a vocal style that does nothing for me. I love Glenn's funk and style normally, but this track in particular is all kinds of wrong for my taste. Glad you like the website though - it's in the process of being redesigned which is why I haven't updated it for ages!

    Achim is absolutely right - I'm a die hard Glenn fan. He's done way more good work than he needs to to have me hooked for life. With a standard that high, it would be very difficult to maintain it without a blip that displeased someone out there. Personally, I haven't enjoyed his last two albums all the way through, but there was more on Soul Mover that I liked than this one, which I why I made the claim that for my money, it's his weakest album thus far. That doesn't mean it's crap - there's some great stuff present. But there is more stuff I've not liked on this CD than any other, so I have no choice but to say it's my least favourite as an actual album.

    But as Wolfy states, we all like different parts of his career. I bought M4TD the week it was out, and that will never change. I've been a Glenn fan for a long time, and I will always buy his records. But at the same time I'm honest. If Glenn himself asked me what I thought, I'd tell him, just as I've told all of you. And unlike other websites, nobody is spouting abuse for doing so.

    Yet. ;)


    I think Jeff's a great choice to front Journey for the remaining shows. Jeff is a born live performer, and I think he'll win a lot of new fans.

    Augeri has never impressed me. He did a good job on the 2001 DVD, but the use of tapes on the UK shows earlier this year is unforgivable. Plenty of people have a pop at Coverdale for having ropey vocals some nights, but David would rather suck than use tapes, and I appreciate that.


    I was exactly the same. I got "Play Me Out" thinking it would be like rock with a bit of funk like Mark III. I hatred it on the first play. Now I love it to bits. A truly great debut solo album from Glenn.


    Well, I've read all the reviews, I've sat and listened to the album while I worked, I sat and listened to it doing nothing else, and I have to say, no matter how often I play it, I think I must have got a different CD to everybody else. For my money this is Glenn's weakest album yet.

    Before everybody decides to murder me in my sleep, I'll talk you thorough my feelings toward it. I didn't like "Soul Mover" as much as a lot of people on here. It was ok, but not the masterpiece people kept telling me it was. I've stated the best three Glenn albums for me are "Feel", "The Way It Is' and "Addiction", and the last one I liked in it's entireity was "SITKOR".

    I played "M4TD" and found a decidely mixed bag. The good news is the funk is back big style. The bad news is there's some stuff on here I just cannot connect with.

    "The Valiant Denial" opens the album, but is pretty repetitive. Glenn's put that twang in his voice that he uses sometimes, and it's an ok song, but at nearly 7 minutes it doesn't hold my interest for more than 4.

    "Stepping On" is much more like it. Proper funk rock with some great bass work and a a more suitable vocal from Glenn. THIS is superb, with a great chorus and melody. Brilliant.

    "Monkey Man" picks up the baton and runs with it - great groove, funk in abundance and another great chorus with a huge hook.

    "This House" undoes all that good work. A melody and vocal that really grates on me. I don't want to say negative things because I've been a Glenn fan for ages, but I won't split hairs. I hate this song, which is a dubious distiction for "This House". The first song by Glenn I despise.

    "You Got Soul" soothes the nerves with the most up front funk offering from Glenn for years, if not ever. Not perfect, but cool. Sounds more like a funk jam than a song written specifically for an album.

    "Frail" restores the faith that "This House" attacked. A much better ballad from Glenn, and a vocal that is beautiful. Great chorus, great song.

    "Black Light" brings back the funk, but it's a good job "Frail" was between this and "You Got Soul" or they may have blurred into one. I could see this on "Soul Mover". Good, but nothing special.

    "Night In White Satin" was onto a loser before I played it. I've never really liked the song, and Glenn does a great job on it, but it takes more than a great vocal to change my mind on a song I've never liked to start with. Now it's just a song I don't like sung well.

    "Too High" features more of the funky feel, which is always welcome, and a good, driving beat. A strong song, but the chorus is a little weak after the drive of the verse.

    "This Is How I Feel" eludes me completely. Sounds like about three different songs to me. Nice to hear some strings in a Glenn song, but I don't like this track much.

    Ending with "The Divine", this song has a downbeat feel. Another great vocal from Glenn, and strings featured much more prominently and effectively. A nice song, and a mellow ending.

    While "M4TD" has some great moments, it also has some average and some uncharacteristcally poor moments to my ears. I have no intentions of fighting with anybody over this - this forum has always being about sensible discussion. So those are my thoughts.

    While I'm delighted that Glenn is getting such great feedback for this effort, I will file this in the "Glenn albums I rarely play" section, along with "Soul Mover" and "Building The Machine".


    Ther's a couple of mentions of Glenn in the new issue of Fireworks this month. The sickeningly talented and lovely Mrs Ashcroft interviewed our cover boy - called Coverdale, and there's a chat with Tom Galley about the new Phenomena album, which of course features Glenn. He's on the little collage or artists at the bottom of the interview, along with some totally overrated six stringer called JJ Marsh ;)

    It's been printed at the moment, and then will have the free CD attached to it before going out - it'll hopefully be available in a week or two!


    Mine is on it's way and I'm looking forward to it - Matt Moreton is my mate and his two biggest vocal heroes are David Coverdale and Glenn, and he was terrified when he heard Glenn would be singing on the same CD! :lol:

    He's capable of rising to the occasion though - after touring with Tony Martin in the same band and outshining him on many a night, that's no mean feat! :claphands


    Just for guys who have amazing ranges and can do all sorts vocally, I'd pick:

    Freddie Mercury (if we're allowed dead guys)
    Ian Gillan (in his prime)
    David Coverdale (in his prime)
    Ronnie James Dio
    Jorn Lande
    Jeff Scott Soto
    Graham Bonnet
    Steve Perry

    BUT I also have a list of guys who's voices I love who aren't really rock singers, like Tom Jones, Michael Ball, John Farnham etc

    AND there's a lot of guys who's voices I like but maybe aren't as versatile - people like Mickey Thomas, Jimi Jamison and Lou Gramm who always do the same kind of genre, Eric Martin, Roger Taylor, Richie Sambora.... The list could go on forever!


    Definately "Once Bitten" if you like Moody/Marsden era Whitesnake. They tried remaking almost the whole album as "Burst The Bubble" but it didn't cut it - accept no substitute!

    All his solo albums are good efforts, but despite the great reviews I didn't like Masterplan much.

    I can't find "Live In Europe" to save my life - anybody able to help?


    Hughes/Thrall is the real highpoint of Glenn's 80's run. There's not a duff track on it and Glenn and Pat ooze chemistry. It's a great album and I'm looking forward to the sequel!

    We can't accuse them of rushing it now can we? :lol: