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    Got mine today, too! :bouncer: :bouncer:

    I felt like a little kid when I saw the FUNK in my mail box a couple days before I was really expecting it. Couldn't play it right away, though, cuz I had to be on a conference call for work. That's over now, though, and I've been in the "Kitchen" ever since. Haven't had time to give it a proper listen, but I like what I'm hearing. It seems like both a logical extension of where Glenn's been recently and yet like nothing he's done before. As is the case with most of Glenn's stuff recently, I'm sure it will take a number of listens to figure out exactly how I feel about it. It'll be spinnin' in the old CD player for quite some time.


    Very disappointing, but nothing one can do :( I suspect that frowny may be an accurate representation of the color of Glenn's face. I remember one of the stops on the Texas tour some time ago, when Glenn was sick. He bucked up admirably and got through the show, but you could really tell that he was feeling poorly. The good news is that Glenn was at home, rather than on the road when he took ill. That means that Gabi can pump him full of tea and get him through it quickly, so he can get back out there. Hope your feeling better soon, Glenn.

    I'll try to make it to the rescheduled show, if I can. So far, the hotel is being pretty good about moving the reservation - even without knowing the details of when we will reschedule. Fortunately, I do not have to worry about airfare. I feel badly for those of you who will have issues with the airlines, and especially those who are already en route. Hope to see as many of you at the rescheduled show as possible.


    Looks like I'm going to be able to make it to the show!! This is probably the closest GH show to my house since DP, so I guess I better go! :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    I also booked at the Quality Inn. I'll be driving in from outside Chicago. Looks like a 5-6 hour commute. Planning on rolling in on Saturday, just in case there may be any weather that weekend. (in February? in Michigan??? not a chance, right?) Sadly, the wife won't be attending. I'm sure I'll still have a blast, and I hope to hear some of the new tunes live! :bow: :bow:

    Hope to meet or renew aquaintences with everybody there.


    I was listening to the radio this morning on the drive in to work when they played a brief news report that Kevin had died. I did a doubletake, and still could not believe what I had heard. I met him only briefly in LA at Glenn's DVD shoot, but he seemed like a decent guy. My next thought was of Glenn, and how he would be impacted by the loss of a brother. And then to read in this thread of Glenn's role in getting someone out to check on his friend, and to discover his demise. My sympathies to Kevin's family and friends, and especially to Glenn and Gabi. RIP, Kevin.

    Hi everybody!! I'd like to add my thanks to Mike for throwing such an incredible bash, and making it possible for me to be there. David & Shirean, thanks for making me feel like family (GHCPs are family!). Ben & Jayne, I think me have met briefly before, but it was nice to be able to have an extended chat, and share a ride to the airport (THANKS again). It's been a little while since I have seen Glenn, but both he and Gabi welcomed me like an old friend. In fact, everybody I met over the weekend was just terrific.

    It was a hot day in Jersey, and those of us in the crowd worked up a sweat. It's hard to imagine how Glenn and the boys put on the set that they did, and play as long as they did, without dehydrating. As you can imagine, though, the set was incredible!

    With the exception of my flight to EWR, I give the entire weekend 5 stars!! :claphands :bow: :claphands

    I missed the recent shows in NY & LA, and was thrilled to be able to attend this party.

    Got pics, of course. Here's a sampling.


    Well, after seeing the clips, I feel worse about not being able to make the trip. Wish I coulda been there!! THANKS FOR SHARING!!!! :thumbup: I got a taste of what it was like to be there, and I'm left hoping that the midwest appears on Glenn's tour date list sometime soon, or at least my personal calendar allows me to make the next US dates! Looks like everyone had a great time in LA, and NY should be a blast, as well :claphands :claphands :claphands

    Looks like Glenn was in top form, too. Of course, there is little doubt about that, EVER!


    I was all excited about making this trip. But, sometimes life intervenes, and I will not be able to get out to sunny CA this time around :sint1: NY is also not going to be a possibility. Wish I could be there with Glenn and all the GHCPs, but I trust I will feel like I was almost there when I hear all the reports from the shows. Have a great time everybody, and pass along my regrets to Glenn.


    :bouncer: :claphands :clapper: :singer: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAH!!!!!

    Been hoping for another GH tour in the US. I've been all over the US already to see Glenn, and I'll be saving my pennies for this tour, as well. Summer is the perfect time for a pass through the Chicago area. A couple of weeks in the upper midwest, and I'll become a road warrior again - ala the Texas or East coast tours of years past.

    Like so many of you, I've been a big fan of Big Daddy all the way back to the beginnings of Trapeze. With each record/CD, Glenn has evolved somewhat musically, and, in just about every case, I have been right there with him - loving most everything he has put out for over 30 years. It is not reasonable to assume that this would continue ad infinitum, and M4TD is the CD that breaks the string for me. Some of it I love - it starts out great with Valiant Denial, Stepping out, and Monkey Man, but most of the rest just doesn't do it for me. I do acknowledge that there is alot of quality work here, and Glenn's voice is, as always, in fine form. I've been playing it for a little while now, and I just can't really connect with it. I hope it sells millions, and helps get GH back on the road in the US, and in the studio for lots more CD releases. I will buy them all. Like someone said, the next one will probably sound like it was written to suit my individual taste. Til then, I'm still waiting to hit that Eureka point with M4TD.


    Well, there is really nothing more that I can add to the description of the show that you haven't already read. It was a wonderful weekend. Away from the Chicago winter to the sunshine of LA, a chance to catch up with a bunch of GHCPs, and to attend a performance from da Voice himself. To Glenn & Gabi, thanks for including us in this venture. To Shirean and David, many thanks for setting this up and helping to get plenty o GHCPs together in the same place. To George, JJ, Chad & Ed, thanks for a wonderful performance. It was an experience that I won't soon forget. I am eagerly looking forward to the DVD, and, of course, the next time we can all get together.


    I sure wish I could be there with you all. Can't do it this year, though. Take lots o pics, drink lots of whatever, and enjoy the weekend. If anybody records the shows, I'd love to hear what I missed!


    So glad to hear that Unca Glenn will be at this year's Bolin fest!! Alas, I'm afraid I will not. We booked a vacation in the Caribbean at the start of this school year, as inspiration for my niece to finish up & graduate this July. Can't change that now, unfortunately. Can't call it bad luck, as I'll be in a beautiful place, but the timing could have been better (for me, anyway). I'll be thinking about you guys from the beach, though. Tom

    Hey all! Some of you know that I missed the most recent Orlando show due to unemployment. Well, Glenn, it's time to schedule a make up performance so that I can attend. I start my new job next week.