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    What's really sad is that Glenn and Jason seemed to have a great working relationship, and a definite chemistry together while performing. It seems that Jason's concern was doing the tour and making almost no money. If he's got bills to pay, then he has a hard choice. I'm sure his heart was in California Breed, but we don't know his financial situation and the bills he has upcoming. If there are hard feelings now, then maybe the bridges have been burned and he won't make his way back. Seems a huge price to pay.

    The bonus tracks on this have got to be made available. They should all have appeared on the Whocares cd. It seems there must be some way for me to buy the songs I am missing from itunes at the very least!

    The two musicians whose deaths have had a personal impact on me are Ronnie and Jon Lord. I guess they were such a part of my life for so long that it seems that I miss them every day and I never even met them. Others like Bolin I view as a tragic loss but with Dio and Lord it has stayed with me in a personal way.

    Burning Japan Live is just incredible!

    Some others I love :
    Deep Purple Made in Japan
    Black Sabbath Live Evil
    Hawkwind Space Ritual
    Humble Pie Rockin the Fillmore
    Thin Lizzy One Night Only (loved Sykes on this one - nice tribute)
    April Wine Live
    Uriah Heep Live
    Yngwie Malmsteen Trial by Fire Live in Leningrad
    Scorpions Tokyo Tapes
    Rainbow Live Between the Eyes
    Gary Moore Rockin Every Night Live in Japan

    So the new guy is Joel Hoekstra... Anybody familiar with him? I see he's been in Night Ranger but I've never heard him play. I remember DC tweeting that he wanted somebody who could sing and play, so I'm looking forward to hearing Joel in Whitesnake soon.

    Deep Purple is sadly unappreciated in US and Canada right now. I saw them live last year and they were awesome but the fans there only wanted the old songs. I was wanting to hear some more of the new songs played live

    I just signed up, so I'm a few days late to wish Glenn happy birthday. I've been a major fan since Deep Purple days, but when I heard "Blues" album (back when it was released) I was blown away with Glenn's talent. Have been a collector and lifelong fan since.