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    Hi. My husband plans to put up an auto shop before he retires from work. The space he's gonna use is now waiting (he got it from his hard work). He already has some stuff that he could use for the business. He may start operating anytime soon. I know all the other things he needs to have because he talks about it all the time. Now, I want to surprise him for his birthday. I'm planning to make a loan so he could finally start his dream business. Banks' interest rate is quite high. Have you tried loaning from a credit union? What can you say?

    About a week ago Phil Collins posted this on his website
    23 September
    Phil Collins announced today that he has no plans to return to the concert stage at this time contrary to recent news items. He will be performing three or four songs at a charity event in Miami on 6th December on behalf of the Little Dreams Foundation, the charity that he co-founded with his ex-wife Orianne, but has expressed concern that his brief appearance could be incorrectly viewed as a full-on Phil Collins show based on some media reports. While Phil is fully supportive of the charity he does not want ticket holders to have any false expectation regarding his appearance. "I will be performing three or four songs semi-acoustically, and maybe one more with my 13 year old son Nicolas on drums, but that's all as I am not ready to return to the full concert stage at this time" said Collins.


    Hoping he could return to the full concert stage soon! His fans are missing him and his music!