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    i always love learning about the back stories on these records - i don't have a huge tommy collection or anything, but i do have some stuff. i don't have this, yet...

    congrats on getting your first flying v!!
    iv'e got the same epi '58 reissue korina v and the same valve junior!!!


    Sorry to say that, but this album is just another victim of loudness war - one of worst example´s of this crime I have ever heard. I am not able to hear WHOLE album in 1 listening.... it´s just painful to hear that album! It´s really sad, because it seems that in that whole "noise" some really good music was hidden!

    maybe 'noise' to you, but i hear vital, powerful rock 'n roll - the big beat, pumping bass, fresh guitar grinding through those marshall and orange amps, with possibly the greatest voice in rock on top of everything....oh yeah, my kind of noise.

    For my $, CTTB was DP's most interesting effort...I think David was at his peak vocally, and what can you say that hasn't been said about Tommy? He was such an innovative player who just had such a great imagination in the way he approached guitar...He and Glenn were so locked in musically that it was sick..They were truly twin sons of different mothers...

    agree 110% .....i hit shuffle on the ipod on the train home from work yesterday and what comes out first? "this time around/owed to g"

    such a fine line good!

    hi, kahauna from san francisco here....near-lifelong fan of glenn hughes and pat thrall since hearing deep purple mk 4 at age 3 and automatic man at age 5.....just heard california breed last week and damn! what power, what a voice!!!