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    very interesting post ! :thumbup: I'm a big Mk III and IV fan too.. for the Mk IV the problem is (also studio version) that many peope wants to heard Blackmore's Purple sound and spirit.. Tommy Bolin didn't want to be a copy of Ritchie Blackmore.. so he puts his roots and feeling on the songs which being so different..
    Anyways the biggest mistake they made was to play famous Mk II songs like Highway Star, Lazy.. (Smoke is spécial case..) although to play others Mk II songs never played like Pictures or Never before or No no no (so Mk III songs).. I think it would be better than the old Mk II standards..

    you are right at that time blackmore was the star and people can not imagine purple without even if come taste is better than stombringer
    most of live boot cd from mark 4 are very good and not so boring than mark 3 (space truckin for ex wich belong to mark2)

    and now with the test of time come taste is see like a very good album ..and where is blackmore now...nowhere lost in is dreams

    a great dvd but... blackmore is "too metallic" and destroy the solo of child in time and space truckin hurt my ears
    gillan is not on top but just ok
    on the good things :they are happy

    i bought the japanese dvd /cd on it there is a bonus from the 13/12 highway star ,then they recorded the show whith georges harrison maybe one day it will be....

    on highway star

    • Purple Sitner says: @3…dear Purpledaniel…I can assure you as I attended the show as not even 14 year old lad…this is NOT the complete setlist…they played Highway Star as encore…I still got my ticket and the press announcement…and I still have original pics from that show…have a great weekend and keep on rocking…greetings from Graz
      July 12th, 2014 at 06:59
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      Purple Sitner says: I forgot…second encore….last song but one….Going down….would have loved a different one than a cover…anyway…bliss memories…keep on rocking…
      July 12th, 2014 at 07:02

    then they edit or lost the encores and edit the show without the encore 85 minutes i think