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    I've been a fan of Glenn since Seventh Star and Phenomena. Since then I've back-bought him through Trapeze and Purple, Hughes/Thrall and all his solo albums (some of which really are excellent).

    I admit that I grew a little weary of him a few years back when he seemed too concerned with self-promotion (and arguably still is). One time I saw him in London between almost every track he kept saying, "Go out and tell all your friends about me. Tell them I'm a great guy with a lotta soul." Like a door-to-door salesman. Then with BCC, it was like Brer Rabbit saying "don't throw me into the briar patch"... "Whatever you say, don't say I'm in a SUPERGROUP. I'm not in a SUPERGROUP, honest"

    To be frank when BCC came out I couldn't believe I was hearing the same album as everyone else. I found it dull, predictable and "heard it all before". Rock by the numbers hampered by folk moments. BCC 2 was equally tepid but, in all fairness, matters picked up by BCC 3.

    The soap opera was unattractive with Hughes and Joe airing all their dirty linen in public. It was with zero suprise then that Hughes wasted no time in annoucing another (whatever you do, don't call it SUPER) group. Only this time the cynic in me thought, "They've found a young guy who's hungry and who they can push around." And it was asking for trouble to start mentioning Hendrix in PR



    California Breed has blown me away. It's real music, it's come from a genuine place and for all it's callbacks it feels fresh and forward looking. Great vocal performance (just remember his age, people, and look at what's happened to Paul Stanley). Solid playing. Okay, the mix is a bit hard to listen to (noise etc.) But what really works is the songwriting and arranging. This is where the album totally kicks ass. And some great female backing vocals to freshen it up. I just love the QOTSA vibe on "Strong". Some of the sonic choices are exciting, unexpected and well nigh perfect.

    So now my Top 5 Hughes Peaks (in no particular order are):

    1. KLF - What Time Is Love
    2. Hughes Thrall
    3. Black Sabbath - Seventh Star
    4. Glenn Hughes - From Now On
    5. California Breed

    I bought this album feeling so jaded and it's been spinning in my player ever since. California Breed really is that good and arguably the best original grouping he has ever been in.

    Glenn, this is the real deal. Do not f**k this up. Let's all enjoy the ride.

    PS: already looking forward to the 'difficult' second album.

    PPS: look forward to see you headline in the UK. I'll be damned before I pay any money to see Slash... even if he does come from Stoke.

    PPS: Shout out to Andrew and Jason too for their great writing and arranging!