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    Fantastic clip Thank you In uTube it says live in Stockholm 1994 but checking the tourography in this must be 10 September 1993 Zoo Club or 29 October 1993 Melody Stockholm Anybody knows ? Anyway Into The Void was not on the setlists

    In all the years he played with everything I remember a Mark IV photo with a Yamaha one. He had ESP Vigier, on last tour Shekter and around 1995 he tried the five strings and sometimes I think Im not sure fretless. In some Lives I think I hear fretless but maybe its just the sound. I remember I read somewhere he is a collector and I would love to see a photo with his basses like one I saw of John Entwistle. Before this now signature bass in the Voices Fanzines he was in Italy with a company I dont remember well check it out. And the historic Richenbaker from DP. Anyone got any photos? Maybe David can ask for a photo of his collection

    Ok GHCPs time to ask some questions I start with the easy ones 1.Glenn was born in 1951 or 1952 ? I believe 1952 but I read here and there both 2.On gary moore's and norum's cds Glenn plays bass without singing on one track which are these tracks I want to put them in my collection also 3.I downloded a track called What A Fool Believes but I believe Glenn is not singing Maybe in backing vocals ? I checked out all the setlists but didnt find anything anybody knows ? maybe a guest appearance? 4.Another one is John Sykes - Out Of My Tree - Soul Stealer also I cant recognise Glenn 5.I got the In & Out Of Love as a Bon Jovi is it Snakes In Paradise ? 1993-4 ? 1998 ? 6.On Alchemist Glenn sings five and not six songs from the eight The last one is instrumental and he is NOT on Hypnotised & Fools At The Wheel. Right?

    Now songs that I try to find many years:

    I got the Trapeze song Nothing For Nothing but I dont have and looking for the other one Chances. Is this 1975 before the DP split or 1976? Also I realise I dont have the second outake of Phenomena - Running With The Pack. I checked the Session Man covers and I saw rare acoustics Walking On The Water & Redline (and also other rarities I dont have). Another one Im looking for is the VOCR Battle Hymns Of The Republic. And track 1 Stormbringer from Funky Business Can anybody help me find any of these? I search usually in Limewire. I have more questions but I got to stop somewhere. Maybe its better ask one or two things each time? I feel a little guilty but you know how hard it is even to know exactly what BigDaddy have done. The most difficult is to recognise him where he is on backing vocals only. Any posts of these rarities here or elsewhere? Just yesterday I find here one more demo Tell Me What You Need.

    I have it on vhs black & white copy bad quality the show is not so good many breaks between songs but is interesting for every purple fan This is the Gillan comeback on stage it must be on Mark IV days, Lord & Ashton , Ray Fenwick I love these oldies I would love to have also the Coverdale song and the Gillan song on mp3 or mpeg Another rare and unusual gig was about a year earlier I talk about the Lord's Windows any memorabilia ? I want to thank specialy David for all the rare videos HughesThrall 1982 MTV1994

    Thats a fantastic idea I would love to find first unusual or unplugged gigs like the Cabo Wabo Mexico or the Florida Bahamas Sailaway these are very unusual setlists from Big Daddy covering Beatles Bowie Al Green Bill Withers etc

    I did the same question weeks before I'm a CoastToCoast junkie and a DarkerThanBlue junkie Alright we know all the latest news day by day but I miss the old interviews the ThoseOtherSessions series and articles of the past like a Bobaloos story or whatever Anyway the site is fantastic

    I dont have a photo of my cat She is a girl called Maya
    She is very old 17 1/2 years
    before some days I saw an old Glenn's message I think
    on Glenn Hughes Com previous messages it was 2 years
    ago Xmas time and Glenn was sad because his cat died
    He had her from baby she is in Soulful Xmas cover and
    she was the same age with mine

    Thanks for the information Beese
    The track list of the From Now On Demos is :
    1.The Liar
    3.Tell Me What You Need ( first unknown )
    4.Devil In You
    5.Why Don't You Stay
    6.Hidin' From Myself ( second unknown )
    7.King Of The Western World ( Billie Liesegang )
    8.The Night Will Soon Be Gone ( Billie Liesegang )

    Anyone Knows what happened with the Italian Project Moonstone and the Zeppelin cover and we have to wait for a new Phenomena ? I got the Higher one minute clip
    Any information about these tracks : Whole Lotta Soul , What A Fool Believes , Walk Across The Sun ( Guffria Demo ? ) , In & Out Of Love ( Bon Jovi One Wild Night ? ) , Soul Stealer ( John Sykes )
    There is a bootleg vdv of Black Sabbath 1986 Detroit I got some mp3s from the same night bad quality and we know that they played a few concerts and Glenn was not in good form , any information about this ? Did you see the Deep Purple Mark II Denmark DVD ( Scandrinavian Nights ) In the extras there is Burn from California Jam from different cameras from what we knew
    I found on net the demos of From Now On , I downloaded just the Liar it's interesting different takes and two unknown tracks
    The new Young Lust is different from the one before ? another take ? If it wasn't a Wall Tribute but a Floyd Tribute I would love to hear Glenn singing on The Great Gig In The Sky , you Know the track from Dark Side with the female vocals, that's my favourite Glenn no text just improvisation with oooooh and aaaaah in his negar falseto A good move for Glenn it will be to work with Carlos Santana , in his last two cds he uses so many different singers , they are both religion spiritual human beings they both did Gypsy Woman in the past and Glenn has the connection with Alex Ligertwood Also I would love to see Glenn put in his set list something from Play Me Out maybe he need some horns or something to do butthe two tracks you have in Jukebox from 70s are fantastic and he can play with his quartet and in the next Live cd to put something unusual from the tracks he is doing now like White Shade Of Pale or Higher Ground or Nights In White Satin or Sail Away
    My favourite drummer of Glenn is Gary Ferguson , modern & jazzy , listen to 1999 Brazil Bonus Cd and second one Morgan Agren with who I have A Zappa Tribute Video , with Glenn he is only in the two live bonus in Addiction ? What happened to Coast To Coast ? Will it be one in the year ? I miss the Bill Jones' Those Other Sessions , is he well ? Once again thanks again for all the goodies and Glenn's video clips in the site , now we only need the Why Don't You Stay clip

    You know in this crazy world you must change yourself
    his new haircut is not so very short like addiction
    I got double pleasure because I'm a bassist
    and in 2000 roger glover signed my Steinberger
    and now The Great Big Daddy signed on the same bass
    Thanks to the blond guy roadie of Glenn
    Glenn felt very good in the greek show
    Anyway anyone from Greece?
    I would like to trade rarities
    I tried to connect to anestisbolin but I can't
    Anestis if you read this answer me
    And one more question
    Why I can't play the tracks in the jukebox?
    I need a program? and which?
    Thanks for the fantastic Days Of Avalon clip

    Hello brothers & sisters

    I’ve got some news from Greece

    On Sunday July 3 I saw Glenn in Ioannina

    He told us he came straight from A

    so it must be the first concert of summer

    He had a new look , short haircut

    a new drummer his small name was Sebastian

    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]it was the first gig with him

    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]a new setlist

    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]and a new sound , you know last years when Glenn

    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]takes a solo usually in You got to dance to the Rock ‘n’ Roll

    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]he uses the wahwah sound now he continues with a new

    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]sustained dirty sound

    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]all the others were Purple and Superstistion

    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]MIGHT JUST TAKE YOUR LIFE
    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]SOUL MOVER
    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]ORION
    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]MISTREATED
    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]SUPERSTITION
    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]GETTIN’ TIGHTER
    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]KEEP ON MOVING
    [size=12][font=Times New Roman]ENCORE BURN

    Glenn will play tomorrow Sunday in Ioannina in Greece
    I may go it's a long trip from Athens 5-6 hours with bus
    It's a two days festival with meny greek groups in a beautiful castle
    It was a surprise for the greek fans cause he was in athens in march

    Thank you James Gaden I Know these things
    and i also got the track Stoned with Glenn on backing vocals
    but this is something different maybe in the limewire where
    i downloaded these the album title is wrong
    It says Richie Kotzen - 2000 - Waves Of Emotion
    Maybe is this something like remastered of the old cd?
    I don't think so and there's no track Stoned
    The tracks that i found are 1.World Affair 2.Wave Of Emotion
    3.????? 4.Degeneration 5.Air 6.Sovereign 7.Breakdown
    8.????? 9.Fool 10.I'm Comin Out 11.Strobe
    Right now i download these I didn't listen to them yet
    but only the two tracks air & strobe i got
    The voice is so good and it is very much like Glenn
    Me I'm almost sure
    but i never read about these tracks anywhere

    I downloaded 2 tracks and there's another one titles: air & strobe
    from richie kotzen 's 2000 wave of emotion
    It sounds like Glenn to me but I never read somewhere about this
    guesting Is there a Glenn's clone like Coverdale's one in Snakes?
    Anyway I need my drug the new coast to coast fanzine
    My other drug is Darker Than Blue
    the last one was so thin and before so long
    where's the Those Other Sessions & so many ?
    Kisses from Greece