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    Someone posted "The Real Thing" on YouTube, along with a blurb from :

    On October 6, 1974 Mouzon booked rehearsal time at Glen Holly Studios in Los Angeles, and convened there with Tommy on guitar, Rocke Grace on keyboards and Stanley Sheldon on bass. They recorded the material but it was all wiped except for one tape that Tommy took with him. That material contained "The Real Thing," which was released as a bonus track on the 1993 CD release of Mind Transplant on RPM, and along with rest of the surviving material on the Tommy Bolin Archives release Tommy Bolin & Alphonse Mouzon: Fusion Jam CD.

    which elicited this comment from Alphonse Mouzon:

    Al Mouzon comment:


    Not true!!!The keyboard player (Rocke Grace) had a small tape recorder in the middle of the room of his house for this impromptu jam session that was released as a bootleg on the Bolin Archives. Tommy and I didn't book any studio time at Glen Holly Studios. Tommy Bolin (RIP) and I got together in Hollywood at Rocke Grace's house for a jam session, which was after my "MIND TRANSPLANT" had been recorded at Wally Heider Studios for Blue Note Records.

    So. according to Al Mouzon, this jam was not even recorded at Glenn Holly...It's worth mentioning that the version on "Captured Raw" is printed on the CD with a serious digital glitch and also was generally an inferior sounding version of the recording. The one released as a bonus track on Al Mouzon's CD Mind Transplant seems to have been more carefully mastered, there is no glitch and the levels are better.

    Thanks for tracking down the origin of each of these tracks. It is somewhat annoying that they keep releasing the same stuff with different titles and calling it "previously unreleased." I wouldn't mind if they noted that it was previously released material, so the collectors would know exactly what they are buying.