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    After listening to the clips, it seems Glenn is singing more with an English accent than he does on his solo albums.

    Anyone else noticed any differences or is it just the crappy mp3 quality (56bit) ?


    The soundclip "Who Will You Run To" is the same as on the "Highway Star"-boot.
    So either this new show is a fake or something is wrong with the date/place of the Highway Star-boot.
    It was mentioned elsewhere that it is actually from Dallas, but this "new" show is supposedly from Resada,CA.
    Listen to the Paul's clip and you hear Glenn say it's only their second show (like on the Highway Star-boot).

    In the jukebox-section there is a Trapeze-song
    I've never heard of.
    It says "Knockin'down the old town door" from '71.
    Does anyone have any info on this song?
    Is it officially released?
    What is the real title? (He sings "Kickin'")
    Did they rework the song? (to "Your love is All Right", maybe)
    I'm very curious about this terrible sounding RealAudio-stream :)
    Cheers , Timo from Holland

    Hi, The new album is released and already it is on the net

    I couldn't resist to listen to the tracks and I think it's a great album.
    'Standing on the rock' is a great rocker!
    Written all over your face is the long epic.
    Did you notice "The Beatles-Rich man"-part at the end?:-)
    Also Gasoline has a very familiar Riff.
    (Thin Lizzy-Cold Sweat anyone?
    After the first listen I think it's another great album by the Funkmeister, only a bit shorter than usual this time.

    After every Solo-tour, Glenn would say that on the next tour he will be playing less DP stuff and more from his own albums.
    So with HTP he will definitely play the Purple songs as he already did with "The voices of Classic Rock".
    They even played "Smoke on the water" together among others.
    I think now would be more appropriate than ever.

    Did you know Tony used the riff from 'Don't you tell me' for his solo album?
    Halfway through the song 'Black Oblivion' featuring Billy Corgan.
    It is not the best song, but I think this album is far more interesting than another sabbath album yet again.