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    Great choice David. Fire and Water too for me. Wow such intensity and feeling. Free and Deep Purple really were the two bands that I looked out for. I actually preferred them to Bad Co.which was (to me) a more obvious commercial route, albeit a successful one.

    Glenn of course often cited Andy as one of his major influences in various interviews that we did with him and elsewhere throughout his career. He was naturally sad about the news. The early BCC demos were very heavily influenced by Free and other contemporary bands that preferred earth to planet Mars.

    Another one gone.

    I am sorry to report to friends that Andy Fraser has passed away. This is unfortunately not a rumour, as was the case in 2012. We were in the process of negotiating a performance with Simon Kirke and Luke Morley and heard the news today. Our thoughts with his friends and family.

    Older forum members might recall a nice thread about "the groove." You know how do you define why some songs get you? Well the answer was of course that you can't. Some songs just Feel good. This one feels good. We all have our ups and downs in life. I am going through a not so good phase with one thing and another. Yet songs like this (and Glenn has done this for me over the years) pick me up like nothing else does - even Everton winning :) In the groove. Goodnight all x

    Interesting branding and certainly different from the usual imagery associated with s called 'classic rock.' Let's hope this illustrates musical intention.

    Most of us guessed this line up which is easier to manage than a five piece. I'd like to see this run and run. We'd all like to get a load of this band in each of our countries. I reckon we should be patient and book early when they do arrive.

    From California Jam to California Breed. Here comes the sunshine.

    Just a swift one from me as Glenn's former PR guy. Sometimes you just can't say. It's as simple as that. So many factors. I am only guessing (and don't have insider info) but I am imagining that Glenn doesn't want to announce something unless it's cut and dried. I doubt very much whether the 'teasing' is some ploy. The fact is that if you announce things too early, it can **** up a whole load of contracts, agreements, goodwill and stuff that might not quite be fully cooked. One thing is for sure, Glenn's heart and soul will be into this new set up and he will be champing at the bit to bring the news to you as fast as he can ;)

    Welcome Rick :) Getting a band together is never straight forward at any level. My guess is that Glenn wants to avoid a similar BCC situation where one member has prior commitments. I guess it is better to wait for stability than have problems further on down the line. What is clear is that these are more exciting times to be a Glenn Hughes fan. In fact when I joined this forum a decade or so ago, I was buzzing about the future. No change there then! Waiting is believing ;)

    It is wonderful when people also remember the families as well as the music. I know this was of great comfort to Mel Galley's family. Sometimes ( and I speak for myself here) us fans are selfish in that we often remember the music over the person. And with Jon, the two of course were synonymous. His music came from the heart - from the melodic Pictured Within to the pure genius of the classical breaks in songs like Burn, Speed King and Highway Star. I have had a few days to think about this but I still can't put into words the regard I have for Jon and the gift of Deep Purple he gave me personally.

    We went to see him in Derby. Great show and worth seeing. One fellow scribe had never ever seen Ritchie perform and he was pleasantly surprised that the lack of Purple and Rainbow numbers wasn't a disappointment. Thankfully I have witnessed the whole smashing range!

    Excellent stuff. I wish I was out there. A Glenn Hughes tour is one of the most uplifting experiences and it is great to hear everyone's wonderful times, reviews, pictures and videos like these.

    I was reading Glenn's FB about Jerusalem and can only agree with him. A captivating place which everyone should visit.

    Do you know I missed the fact that it was Joanne Shaw Taylor, Ben? I recall the solo by a female guitarist, but I had been distracted as to why Annie was striding around wearing wings and singing 'Angel' really slowly like it was an opera or a Cantata.

    Wolfy, I deliberately left out Cheryl Cole because she is a talentless trollop in the first place and I dunno why people were surprised she couldn't sing without being sponsored by Roland autotuners or Loreal "Waaa wuthit gurls.' But Will I am Not? No such excuse.

    Sorry lioness. I can't stand Robbie Williams. Tom was great as you say. Yep Macca, Stevie and Elton did the biz.

    No sadly I am not talking about Queen featuring Glenn Hughes on Bass and vocals although I am pretty damn sure that would be one cracking combination.

    I am talking about the Queen of England's Jubilee gig. Gary Barlow who, for non UK members, is the leader of a major English boy band called Take That - see NKOTHB or WGAS (Who Gives a ****). For some odd reason Barlow, like Ken Barlow from Coronation Street, has become a national institution. I prefer Ken humming La Traviata myself but hey, 'Sir' Gary played safe and assembled a veritable line up of the great and the good from Stevie Wonder to an in form Paul McCartney.

    Thankfully the international heavyweights didn't let us down with Stevie Wonder taking the plaudits for a near faultless set. I say 'near faultless' as a roadie actually passed Will I Am a mic! I do like the Black Eyed Peas, so it actually hurts me to say that Will I Am cannot sing live. Or maybe he could if he rehearsed. But if you spend less time singing and more air time judging talent shows, you kind a lose it you know? I think Prince Will would have done better.

    A word for Grace Jones. Wow scary man. Has anyone seen the Hoolahoop Set where she stands in her panties at the age of 64 whirling a ring around her waist while singing Slave to the Rhythm? Look it up on You Tube if you haven't. But do fast forward past the bit where the cameraman focuses in on the veins. Or at least don't play it if you are eating spaghetti. HD has its disadvantages.

    Apart from that, opera, excellent animation during the otherwise formulaic Madness set and a nice anthem from old baggy eyes, Andrew Lloyd Webber assisted by the aforementioned Gary 'Ken' Barlow and it was a case of Job Done.

    All we needed was a Mark 3 Reunion. More chance of Will I Am taking up the Queen vocal slot for the 2013 tour.

    For my internet radio show, I covered a festival an hour from my home town. I interviewed about nine bands including the excellent Black Stone Cherry, Therapy?, Girlschool, but the one that was most interesting was the 23 minutes I spent with Glenn's drummer, Matt Goom.

    A highly intelligent guy with a great sense of humour, Matt and I go back a while on the road on the Glenn European tours. We were supposed to be talking about his current band, The Quireboys who btw did a great set. Glenn advised him wisely it seems about his career. Here's my review.

    But I have to say that it was cathartic talking to a fellow Glenn Hughes fan in depth about the man, his music and his renewed success. I haven't played the whole thing back yet as I am on my travels to London again soon. But once the show has been aired on Sunday, and with David and Shirean's permission, I would like to share it with you on here.

    I am not claiming it is an exclusive, it's just two guys enthusing about Glenn as an artist. Just four minutes of it is included on Sunday's show about two thirds in at 21.00 GMT until 22.00 which is I think 14.00 in LA and 16.00 Eastern:-

    So Part Two will be here after Sunday when I get back :)

    Frank, I totally agree. But occasionally I am reminded that in 2006 I actually guested on another band's rendition of Soul Mover. Thankfully Animal Behaviour (now defunked) were good musos with a cracking singer. Now Lee, being a bit of a devil, sang the first bit "Just got back from Monterrey...." which meant that I was the one who had to take it up an octave for the second verse. Yeah right.

    Can you imagine that moment of trepidation? I haven't watched it back needless to say. But one day someone will post the video at which point my name is Vastos and I live in Greenland. Ciao.

    That was weird. We were checking out the local times for Midnight in Paris on myvue here in UK and the trailer for BCC flashed up.

    It did actually make me think about when I first found this site and around 11/12 years ago. I remember Glenn posting on the home page that he had just hit 49 and was expressing amazement that people were still interested in his music.

    I did often wonder whether his day in the sun would be a distant memory in the haze of the 80's. But it's both weird and wonderful that it's happening for him again. It also shows hat you can't beat quality.

    As a fan, this event more than any has shown that Glenn is having the success he deserves. Many of us have been saying it for years but now we're at the races big style.

    Popcorn at the ready, Glenn :)