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    My son bought this for me last Christmas. Hadn't heard it since vinyl. 'Never Before' - I forgot just how funky it was, especially with the short tom-snare intro! Sorry Glenn, reflecting on Purple before you joined, but I also have fond memories of CTtB.

    Epic album - first time I heard DP. My brother bought it in '73 and played it to death on his $30 turntable. I managed to find the CD version in Hawaii 20 years ago then broke it!! Firend of mine also had it on CD but ii had extra tracks.

    Lazy has always been my favorite.

    Me too - I remember Homage to Hendrix. Didn't sound like a Hendrix tune but the playing style was his.

    I remember this well - a friend of mine had it in the '80s but Jimi was on the cover. Don't know if that was the reissue or the original. We had a band and I always wanted them to include Homage to Hendrix in the set list but they wouldn't because it was an 'exercise'. Wallies! It was a great tune!

    The man's a genius!