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    Remastered Albums ...UMMM.

    A personal bugbear of mine..I remember in the early 80's reading a piece from a major record distrubutor bragging how the arrival of the CD format was like "Finding Oil"..they could sell all the albums people had on vinyl all over again.
    And when they first god they were expensive.

    Then came napster & the like know the rest of the story.

    I would be more willing to purchase a remaster if :
    A) I could trade in the original for a Discount
    B) They were always superior to the original.

    I have bought many re-masters that sound crap..or very little difference.

    If you really want more bass, treble , whatever ..just purchase some mastering software and changed any track you feel to YOUR tastes.
    Mastering & production is Subjective to different peoples perceptions.

    Burn sounds good to me as it was.

    I like the songs on this album..Glenn sounds great..but I thought the overall mix of this album was a bit poor.
    It lacks any real Guts..with Budgies John Thomas in the line up I remember buying this full of excitement..(I was and still am a lover of the welsh trio that was Budgie) .but it doesn't quite rock the way I thought it would.

    Love the Smoke and Mistreated Versions on here.

    Not A Fan of the overlong Space Truckin..Too self indulgent..probably great to watch live,,but bores me to death as audio only I'm afraid.

    Hi There.

    47 year old Rocker here.

    Hughes is my fave solo artist alongside Steve Hackett & Loudon Wainwright III
    All very different styles I know..but all kings and masters of there own domain.

    I got into Glenn through the Burn album and subsequent listens of his xtra bits in live "Smoke OTW" versions.
    I bought Hughes Thrall first and was blown away.
    My fave album in the studio is probably Music For The Divine
    Worst...The Blues LA Authority. I was so looking forward to hearing this when I first bought it,,,but somehow the songs are a little uninspired.

    Fave Live album was Soulfully..but the DVD sucked I'm afraid..just static camera angles dont do the tracks any justice.

    Loving both Stevie & Glenn they are a rare breed that can almost make a poor song sound great with just the voice..very different styles..but both sing from the soul..thats what sets them apart.

    Which of the Hughes live albums is the best ??

    I have not heard the Wolverhampton Live CD and was wondering how it compares to Soulfully Live which is my overall fave live Glenn CD.