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    I agree, Marc. The two songs we've heard so far would be two of the best songs off the last cd, and I like the mix of "Outsider" better than the last cd. My two gripes about the first cd were that I thought Sherinian was buried too much in the mix, and the sequencing - first half is all Hughes vocals and the second half was Hughes and Bonamassa. The songwriting was ok on the first cd - I thought too many of the songs were just cool riffs without much time put in the songwriting (arrangement, melody and lyrics). Which is understandable considering that they didn't have much time to write and record that cd. That was still a very good cd, but I am expecting the follow up to be much better.

    Like the new "Cold" preview. Nice teaser for the new BCC cd! And the Hughes/Travers "Cold" inspired me to take out a couple older GH cds this morning for my drive!

    Great news! I bought two copies yesterday at Best Buy but had trouble finding it. I finally asked one of the employees and she said "Oh, that came out today" and walked me to the COUNTRY MUSIC section, next to Brooks and Dunn!!! I grabbed two copies and told her it was misfiled. She said that's where they were told to display the cds and walked off. UGH!! So, I grabbed the remainder of the cds and display card and filed them appropriately with the ROCK cds! My friend also picked up a copy at another Best Buy, but that store only ordered one copy of the CD and my friend got the only one!! Best Buy just doesn't know music, but they are selling the CD/DVD package for only $9.99, so I give them credit for that.

    I have to admit, I wasn't overly excited about the Hughes/Bonamassa pairing when I first heard it, mainly because I wasn't familiar with Bonamassa and I'm not a big fan of most blues players/music. But, after watching the videos on here, the guy can definitely play some raunchy blues rock, which I do like. And the more I watch these videos, the more excited I get about the potential of the band. Joe B. certainly can play and he's a pretty good singer, too. I think he'll write some great songs with Glenn and I expect a good dose of dirty groove rock when the Black Country album comes out...and I will be crossing my fingers for a club tour in the States!

    That's interesting - I never heard about that until now. Common knowledge was that Brush Shiels, Skid Row's bass player in the 70s, sued the American band claiming the name unsuccesfully. I never knew that Moore was involved. I thought the name belonged to Brush Shiels. Might be a matter of bad editing on wikipedia though?

    As for the Black Country band name... I think this will have been sorted out when the band is being officially announced ;) Or - as Todd suggests - Glenn & Co. can still call the band Black Cloud, or even Black Country Side :cool: - an excellent band called Black Mountain is already out there, you know...


    I remembered reading that quote from Bach in an interview, which is why I looked it up. So, I think the wikipedia entry is accurate, though who knows if Bach's memories of the deal are! As far as the band name, I don't like any band name that starts with "Black". I was just discussing this with someone last month. Not only with classic rock, but with all the new indie bands (like Black Mountain), there are just waaaay too many bands with Black in their name now! But, at least this has some meaning to the band (since it refers to the area Glenn and Jason grew up in). I really don't care, though - it sounds like it will be a pretty cool project no matter what they call it!

    From Gary Moore's Skid Row's wikipedia page:


    In 1987 Moore sold the name Skid Row to the American heavy metal band for $35,000.

    Sebastian Bach: "When (Skid Row) got signed to Atlantic, Gary Moore heard about it and said we could have the name for $35,000 U.S. dollars. 'We have to pay Gary Moore 35 grand to use the name,' and so we, as a band, did buy the name from Gary Moore. We were all glad to do it because it is a great name for a band. I remember saying, 'Wow, that's a lot of $, but we gotta do it!'"

    Thanks for the great work, Fedor. Looks like David now has Glenn all to himself...and his plan for total domination of the GH Universe is complete! (insert evil laugh here)

    I'll be at the Detroit show regardless to see King's X and Extreme, so if Glenn's camp band opens up, it will just be gravy for that night! If I had an extra $2000 laying around, I'd consider signing up for the camp experience, though with my luck I wouldn't end up with Hughes as my counselor and I would be pissed that I spent all that money!

    According to the Deep Purple Appreciation Society, it looks like the wheels are turning again on the DEEP PURPLE "Stormbringer" remaster. The album, which was originally issued in November 1974, will be re-released as a double-CD set, with CD1 featuring the original album remastered plus the new mixes by Glenn Hughes and Pete Mew. CD2 will contain the original quad mixes in 4.1 and stereo. The set is likely to come out in a special edition, which Simon Robinson from the Deep Purple Appreciation Society has been asked to put together. "I'm going for a CD-size hardback book format, with extras including accurate reproductions of the American in-store advertising card and other goodies," Simon says. No firm release date has been confirmed yet.

    Did I just read a comparison of Hughes to Bon Scott? Never thought I would hear that. Maybe they'll compare him to Lemmy next time.

    I really like the snippets - so far, sounds like the best work he's done in a long time. But I'll wait until I hear the full songs before I hold myself to that statement!