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    I'm REALLY diggin' California Breeds first release!
    I love every song on this album and have to say that The Grey may be my favorite song, but, each song has something that grabs me !!!

    Now, regarding the compressed sound and extra noise comments I'm reading...
    I don't have a problem with either! In fact, this was recorded to 2'' tape, so you are going to get a natural compression when providing a 'large volume' sound! I ordered the Vinyl, so, I can't wait to here it on Analog audio equipment (Old School) !

    The extra noise may give some the impression that this recording is a-little sloppy, but, after listening to the entire album over 30 times, I'm enjoying the impromptu placement of ALL sound on the album. I really dig the '60's Car Door Slam' Andrew gets around the 1:24 mark of Spit You Out with his right hand technique..that blows me away!!

    All-in-all...a GREAT album!!!

    Per the Event details, I'm assuming 'The Orchestra' will be opening the show as a 'special guest'. But, it would be great if they join DP for part of their show ! We'll see! :)

    The Orchestra is comprised of the following members from ELO: Louis Clark, Mik Kaminski, Eric Troyer, Glen Burtnik, Gordon Townsend and Parthenon Huxley :thumbup: Unfortunately, no Jeff Lynne, but I'm there to see Purple ! :D

    selly, your one of the lucky ones to see California Breed at the Gramercy!

    Lose momentum? We'll have to see...if the Tour dates are announced soon and the ticket sales begin, there will still be a build-up of anticipation for the fall!

    Also, If the new album get's appropriate exposure through 'air play', then more people will want to come and see the band!

    As we are seeing, more exposure is happening through the magazine reviews for this great album! As people become aware; they hear the songs on this album; and they love Rock...then, they will come !!

    Greetings mrneil2, I hope you enjoy the site and stick around.
    There is much excitement with the forming of California Breed and a new tour to be announced!