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    It's a shame that before the release of Afterglow everything falls apart.

    I guess it was wrong that Glenn tweeted about BCC's last album, Joe not up for it etc.
    Wait for the release and see what will happen after that.
    Now you get mudslinging in the press and that's not a good way to end such a great band.

    Indeed. Though to be fair, both Glenn and Joe made mistakes in how to handle the situation and I understand where both are coming from.

    There's obvious potential for this band and it has the chance to gain a rather nice fanbase if they tour more often and keep at it for a few more years, but Joe does have a very successful solo career already.


    I would love to see BCC carry on with someone else.
    Joe wasn't my favourite.
    BCC's most important member was Glenn, he wrote the majority of the tracks.

    When BCC will carry on, they will lose a lot of fan's (Joe's) and will have to find other investers.

    I definitely agree that the band can carry on without Joe, and I kinda hope that they do. If not, I do hope Glenn forms a new band with Jason and Derek.

    @ Cobud: JB must be a little confused: because BCC had FOUR persons in the band ;)

    Nah, they've mentioned before how Kevin Shirley is practically the fifth member of the band. I assume that's why JB said five instead of four ;)


    I must say that I really liked BCC, but I have never seen it as a band, more like a project. I suprised me that this project lasted three studio albums. I thought the end would come earlier, because of JB very succesful solo career. I'm glad we have those three albums, which we can play for years and years :)
    But the mud-throwing is a bit silly, what a shame.
    Move on with Jimmy Page on guitar :thumbup:

    I'm surprised it's falling apart, but that's probably because I wasn't keeping up with what was going on in the band until lately :( But yes, at the very least, we will all still have three excellent hard rock albums! :thumbup:

    Jimmy Page would be AWESOME, but I'm actually hoping the rest of BCC teams up with Richie Faulkner from Judas Priest. He has a YouTube channel that's been around since before he joined Priest, and there's a lot of excellent covers of famous hard rock/heavy metal songs, namely the guitar solos. I'm particularly fond of his covers for "Rock Bottom", "Comfortably Numb", "All Along The Watchtower" and "Little Wing".

    And since Priest has apparently retired from world touring, I would think Faulkner probably has enough time in his schedule to work with Glenn, if they wanted to :cool: But it's probably just a day-dream.

    I do hope so. While Joe has been a big part of what makes BCC work so well, to ignore the obvious chemistry between Glenn, Jason and Derek would be a shame. If they can find the right guitarist, even if the sound is noticeably different, I'm sure the music they'd put out would be fantastic :thumbup:

    ^ Yeah, I lurked on Joe's forum yesterday and saw the messages (and their disappearances). While I do understand where he's coming from, as a fan of Black Country Communion, I'm personally pretty disappointed.

    These guys are probably my favorite rock band out there nowadays, and I hate seeing this group go up in flames because one member isn't as willing to commit to making it the main effort, in comparison to the rest of the group.

    Hey fellow fans of Glenn Hughes!

    Been a fan of Glenn's work for a few years now, but have lately become more and more appreciative of how great his work is. Definitely worthy of the title 'The Voice of Rock'! :bow:

    Hope everyone is doing well here! :thumbup: