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    OK, I think it's time to close this thread out soon, now that Glenn has told us all the current state of what was BCC via his recent interview with Rockline (if you can't hear it from here, it'll be available on the Rockline Replay page shortly).

    YES!!! Loved it! The name does not matter anymore. What matters is that somehow the BCC will be alive, either with another name, but his music will continue playing. Do not wait to be able to hear some songs from "Afterglow" live.
    Thanks Glenn, Jason and Derek for keeping classic rock alive!

    Richie Kotzen will be an excellent choice.
    He's a fantastic guitarist and he could share the vocals with Glenn.

    Richie is amazing. I love it, is a great guitarist and has a fantastic voice. Probably lots of interesting things could happen with his entry in the band but still do not know if his style would fit in the BCC. I do not see much "hard" in his playing, do not know if for something more hard rock seventies he would do something good for the BCC.
    With the Page, I would be too afraid of the band become a cover of Led Zeppelin or a "New Led Zeppelin", the same could happen with the project "Coverdale - Page," which did not please (although I feel very good) by lacking originality in their sound.
    A guitarist who I think could come in and break it Doug Aldrich, by hard, technique, feeling and influence in blues and hard Rock seventies, but surely it is impossible for their commitment with Whitesnake.
    Either way would have to be someone with a strong influence of the seventies, a strong influence of blues and blues rock ... and not be a virtuoso without feeling, then: John Sykes no way!!! hahahaha

    I really loved the Afterglow. It's a great album, great in every way, performance of musicians and songs. I can not say if it's better than the others, for me each has its particularity ... the first is more direct, more old school, the second is more aggressive and hard and Afterglow is more thought, perhaps the most ambitious. Unfortunately some people want to see the band always making the same album, but I appreciate the changes and the differences between them. I prefer creativity than complacency. Congratulations to all 5 members of the band who have managed in a short time perform three classic albums.

    I am very happy to finally have Jason pronounced. I think now it is clear that Joe is only not interested at the moment in BCC (I'm not criticizing him negatively, but the fact is, and he has his reasons). The output for this problem is obvious to find an excellent guitarist to replace Joe (very difficult thing for me, I would not want to see a virtuoso without feeling in the band) and make the tour as desired by the rest of the band and the fans .
    I'm sorry to say this but I do not like to see Glenn starting another band, starting from zero again, 'cause until the BCC is wonderful and has tremendous potential to be the best band of all time (for me it already is).
    Glenn Please, KEEP ALIVE THE BCC!!!!

    BCC!!!!! And I'm sorry to say this but JLT never really caught my attention. I think he is much below potential vocal compared with Glenn Hughes for example ... but it's just my opinion.

    I really had not seen this before here. But that's okay. I loved the songs ... "Afterglow" is really epic, loved, reminds me a little progressive rock. "Cry freedom" is a great blues rock, the guitar work is amazing. Glenn and Joe singing together are fantastic too. A place worth so little on this album. Even seem to not have any music where the only Joe sings, but okay. "Midnight Sun" is also amazing, the whole band is the highlight here, the bass Glenn found this great music. Really very anxious for this album. Surely the band made another classic ... now are 3!!

    I know the waiting and uncertainty for a tour with the BCC must be terrible for Glenn and the Kok becomes an escape for it. But unfortunately for me, Kok did not bring any excitement. Do not like to see Glenn destined to play covers and stay alternating stage or EP's. Glenn Hughes is larger than this project ... it should be is with the BCC (with or without Joe, I love JB, both solo and in BCC, but the show can not stop now) or doing any concerts or album solo.

    I am very sad that my first post on the forum is likely to end of the band only in recent years that have made me wait for their albums and tours. I do not try to write because I do not speak English fluently but this situation makes me feel at compelled to drop a few words to the wind, hoping that just as the other fans they are read and somehow help band to continue existing.

    By Glenn Hughes still more that can make a beautiful solo career still think the BCC is its place, is the band that brought back the sound of your soul, GH is a true rocker and I think he would like to continue with band because he believes in the power and sound of the BCC. The BCC did reborn and to me, he should stay there.

    As for Joe Bonamassa BCC seems always to have been a fun for him and a side project where he could play something more rock, heavier and take a break from blues, rock blues of his solo career, which is nothing wrong. His solo career has always been and will always come first, because it is a great career with great albums and blues is your passion ... is something he breathes from his childhood. Therefore no one has the right to demand that he change what actually loves only to the delight of some. Of course I think the BCC also helped him to new fans, I'm one of them, because I met him and went to get his solo career after hear it and enjoy it in the BCC.

    So what I see is just opposite interests, no need to fight and discussions. For me I think Glenn, Sherinian and Jason (because I do not believe he thinks his "Led Zeppelin's Experience" is his main band, even though I respect the legacy of his father, but the BCC is his trademark as a drummer, are their creations) could bring another guitarist for a tour, Bonamassa himself made it clear that it would have your blessing. And if Bonamassa unwilling to return more than this new guitarist occupy the post. Almost all members of great bands changed in its history, this would not be the first time nor the last. Of course it is not easy finding a guitarist to replace Joe Bonamassa ... to me his guitar, his playing is stuck in the sound of BCC, as well as the voice of Glenn Hughes are two things seemingly flawless the band's sound, but something has to be done. In my mind even now also, as mentioned above, just think of Doug Aldrich to do something decent with the band, because I know that is a style of sound he appreciates, he would probably be doing something else like that even in Whitesnake, is a great guitarist, a great tone, could play the songs of the band with respect to Bonamassa sure. Besides being a great composer if necessary this function in the future. Too bad I think he'll be busy with Whitesnake for a long time and still have not time for a tour at least with the BCC.

    But anyway, what hope the rest of the staff of BCC do is keep the band alive, remain a REAL ROCK BAND. What you can not do is leave something of great worth dying for simple lack of an outstretched hand.

    Thanks... and sorry for my english.