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    Anyone else getting only audio on those links? I wanna see if his hair moves when he talks.

    Edit: Of course the video worked after I posted that question. It was nice to hear him characterize his relationship w/GH as soul brothers who email each other frequently. Makes me nostalgic for their Purple album collaborations - I really liked having two great singers who put the funk in Purple.

    I think this all harks back to points i've made before. What were the band members expectations of each others commitments to the band from the get go...

    If Joe, [i mean lets face it, we know it's about Joe and his commitment or lack of commitment to touring] has always said he's got a busy schedule and is unavailable to tour, then i dont think he should be blamed...

    I'll be disappointed for Glenn, because he obviously has been enjoying the critical success its brought him....

    Aspects of this situation remind me of a saying that goes something like "Never make a deal with someone who has nothing to lose." Sounds like some of the bandmembers felt they had nothing to lose by not proceeding with BCC. That's why in poker everyone antes the same amount...a bit harder to do with careers.

    I can imagine him saying something along the lines of DP being a couple of band's ago in his career and what he's doing now is worthier. But that's just me on a snarky day.

    Well I might have been snarky, but I was also pretty accurate. How nice, I've been right twice this year.

    I hope everyone can put aside their insecurities and find a way for everyone to enjoy a celebration of all that DP created, and how it only led to enabling each member to move on to whatever was next for them.

    how many people think richie blackmoore will attend ?-thats the ony question i have

    I can imagine him saying something along the lines of DP being a couple of band's ago in his career and what he's doing now is worthier. But that's just me on a snarky day.

    It's about time DP and Heart were nominated. I'd vote for Rush, but only if Geddy Lee promised to never sing in his upper register again. I'll vote for PH.

    NWA? Naw!

    I recognize that dessert! It's a flan over cheesecake; an amazing creation they serve at Catalina Kitchen at Terranea Resort. That's what I had for my birthday dessert when I went there and saw you there too! I hope you had as great a celebration as I did.


    Hearing of his passing reminded me of a fond memory from back in the early days of the internet. While I was a grad student at the University of Texas at Austin in the mid-90s I became a denizen of for awhile. Aside from getting to know and meet some great, friendly, fellow fans, Jon Lord and Roger Glover also participated on the forum, which made it very special. I particularly remember receiving an email of good birthday wishes from Jon on my birthday. He mentioned that he named his daughter Sara (my name), with the same spelling and said it conferred many additional blessings on me. I enjoyed following his career as he explored his own muse to other types of music and then back to DP. There's a Hammond B3 rockin' Heaven now!

    Watching this episode made me wonder how this show is going to remain provocative and popular since "reality" tv seems to on misbehavior and outrageous conduct and that is supposedly in the past for GS. I'm hoping the producers and audience find ways for "being good" to also be entertaining.

    Not enough GH in this, but I do thank you for posting the link so we could watch!

    Hi all,
    Yesterday, July3 was my birthday and I always like to go to a restaurant at Terranea Resort on the Palos Verdes peninsula for dinner. As we were escorted to our table, I saw Glenn and his party just getting up and leaving their table. Apparently, it was someone's birthday at their table too. I hadn't seen GH since I was a teenaged DP fan, so this was a huge gift for me!

    Perhaps I can see him perform again before another 35 years goes by!

    Sara :birthday3