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    I got this Christmas greeting from Robert Plant.
    OOPS, I mean 50% of "You Keep On Moving."
    (I thought that he was a Northern lad. Who knew that he was really from Texas, y'all?)

    Doesn't he look as if he has a "super" secret?
    Heh, heh, heh.


    If 50% of this supergroup has the two composers of
    "You Keep On Moving" in it...........I promise you all
    that I will personally die. The shock of our two favorite
    "Purple Boys" together again, would make my brains fall out.

    Since the reunion of Hughes and Coverdale :rose: (I love writing that)
    would be a direct result of my incessant nagging on this web site,
    I would expect that all GHCPs would contribute to the fund
    to commission a snappy statue in my honor.


    Ironically, I'm in the middle of reading:
    The Card: Collectors, Con Men, and the True Story
    of History's Most Desired Baseball Card

    (A baseball player at the beginning of the 20th century,
    Honus Wagner appeared on a small piece of cardboard which
    was inserted into cigarette packs, as part of a series of players.
    Through the years, this rare card has skyrocked in price.)

    Think of going to a garage sale/jumble sale, and picking up
    one of the twelve or so "missing" Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs
    for a dollar. Or finding a Picasso at a Goodwill Industries store.


    When 15 year-old kids, worldwide, walk into a music shop to buy
    a guitar and a "How to Play the Guitar for Beginners" instructional
    booklet, right next to it on the sheet-music rack should be a very
    inexpensive copy of Glenn's book, which might proove in the long run
    to be more valuable to them.

    Hey kid, you wanna be a world famous rock star?
    Then you really should know the high price that fame might demand.
    Sometimes....fame will kill you. Ask Elvis.

    ........."When alternative editions are ready?"............
    Sorry. But I can't quite "buy" into this prospect at this time.
    This line has been used too many times already in other circumstances.
    (Replace the word "edition" with the word "tour".)

    This book's debut should have been acompanied by a blast
    of industrial strength publicity. Not this quiet, almost secret publishing date
    from this justifiably expensive and elegant publisher, with this information known
    to only a few of us because of this web site. And Glenn can still walk from his
    front door to the nearby TV studio to appear on Jay Leno's show for a brief
    conversation about the book, followed by a spectacular GH mini-performance.
    But at these prices, he would be laughed out of the building.

    Also, forget about this book's debut at a Barnes & Noble, or at a Borders
    book signing tour, with normal, everyday fans lined up to meet Glenn.
    I feel like such a fool for actually thinking that I could enjoy seeing this type
    of book debut happen.

    The DELUX DELUX Edition will only be bought by speculators.
    Ten copies each? Yeah, a good investment for future turnover sales.
    The medium DELUX version? A hundred copies ought to do it.
    The fans from Day 1? See the "alternative edition" statement. (above)

    I'm usually known around here for busting chops.
    (A warped sense of humor with a snappy New York attitude.)
    But when I'm serious.......I'm 100% dead serious. And honest.
    I'm heart-broken and upset about this situation with the autobiography.
    And very angry.


    I'm especially happy that he decided to make a rock album
    instead of the polka one that Grace has been campaining for.

    Some people are just terribly polka-challenged..................:rolleyes:

    I don't know, but while everybody is going nuts trying to figure out who
    the super-guitarist will be, I can't seem to forget that monumental photograph
    of Glenn with Jon Lord a while back, at some charity-music-event.

    Back hundreds of years ago, these two weren't, shall we say, each other's best friends.
    (Drugs will do that to a friendship, so I've been told.)
    But that photograph of GH and JL didn't happen in a vacuum.
    Could there have been "a meaningful conversation" between these two rock giants?

    Yeah, yeah.
    I don't know what I'm talking about ~ it will never happen.
    Blah, blah.
    Put me down for five dollars, on Jon Lord.
    And another five on Tony Iommi.


    Reading the long-awaited Glenn Hughes autobiography ~
    Titled ~ "Here It Is.......... because this is the only way
    to stop the constant nagging by the GH Crazy People"
    while at the same time, listening to our favorite GH songs.

    Our brains are gonna' fall out.
    But we'll all die happy. :lol:


    Sending my best wishes to you both,
    on your "9th Wedding Anniversary."

    :rose:___:rose:___:rose:___:rose:___ :rose:___:rose:___:rose:___:rose:___:rose:

    Gabi ~ Thanks so much for all that you do for the GHCPs:
    taking photos to keep us up to date with Glenn's schedule,
    videos, (especially the great one of Glenn's parents in the UK)
    but even more so, always being so charming to us gang of
    GH Crazy People. All of us who've met you, know what I'm
    talking about.

    Holding down the fort while "The Happy Wanderer" takes off for
    concerts around the world, and for being the type of person who
    considers it to be more important to save an animal, than to worry
    about cat or dog fur on the couch.

    Oh yeah......and for being the best thing that ever happened
    to that guy who walks the dogs.

    Glenn ~ Just repeat "Yes, dear." a lot, and you should do OK.

    Have a great Anniversary/Thanksgiving/vacation! :hi5:


    Thinking about it, "Unexpected" really isn't a good
    possibility for the name of Glenn's new album.

    We GHCPs are spoiled, because we expect each
    new CD from Glenn to be unique, as proven how we
    go "crazy" trying to review something that might sound
    a little bit like "__________" with a touch of "_________."

    Glenn's given us a lot of clues as to where he's at NOW.
    (Maybe that's the title?)

    Well for sure it's not ~ "The same stuff you've heard before."
    It's not ~ "Cranking out some sausages from the sausage factory."

    And thank God that the new title is only one word.

    "EVERYBODY POLKA" is two words :) :)


    Glenn, like we need you to challenge us to guess
    what's the new album's title?
    Cripes, half the time we're telling you what to sing,
    what not to sing, and what we want for the CD artwork.
    (I'm always demanding a smiling GH photo on the cover.) ---> :)
    So the hint from today's "Twitter" on the Home Page
    is that the new CD title is only one word, huh? word?

    Then my guess is the one word ~ Unexpected ~.


    My wish list for GH cover songs includes these 4 snappy tunes,
    all of which would be "unexpected" coming from Glenn,
    but since it's been proven conclusively that our boy can sing anything......

    #1. Blackbird, by the Beatles

    #2. It's not easy being green, by Kermit the Frog
    (Think about it, this choice is not as stupid as it sounds.)

    #3. It's Probably Me, from Sting ("Ten Summoner's Tales)

    #4. Yep, another version of "You Keep On Moving"
    but this time, without upping the voltage at the half-way point;
    sung as a ballad the whole way through.

    Anybody else got other album title ideas?
    Bring 'em on!


    .........then I hope that Darwin was right, because people
    are going to have to evolve somewhat, and come up with
    teeny tiny fingers, so they can press those teeny, tiny,
    number/letter buttons on those teeny, tiny phones.

    Anybody remember dial phones, when your fingers "did the walking?"


    Glenn, take good care of those "Titanium Toes." :lol:

    Seriously........I'm sorry that you needed this surgery, but since
    you had to have it done, we GHCPs all hope that you'll enjoy
    resting up for the future. Maybe you'll find the time to call up 'ole Dave
    (your co-composer for "You Keep On Moving") to discuss your autobiography,
    and possibly a future meeting in a recording studio? :hi5:

    PS......Looking at the latest video from you, I can't help but notice that your pooch,
    Mac, is keeping a very close eye on your foot. (Maybe you should have named him ~

    ..........and no polka dancing until the doctor say that it's OK!


    I'm sorry to see that Glenn's recent twitter on the Home Page has fooled so many GHCPs.......
    This cover-up, by using GHs alleged "concert appearances"
    in England, didn't fool me.

    Remember that recent video with Glenn and his parents?
    Glenn's mom struck me as a lovely, elegant lady, who
    reminded me of the group of titled British women who
    act as ladies-in-waiting to the Queen, as she travels
    around the country during her public engagements.

    The problem is with Glenn's dad.
    The man definitely has a twinkle in his eyes, and looks to me
    as what my mother used to call, "a real instigator." I can
    easily picture Glenn sitting down with his dad for the following

    "Glenn, my boy, it's all well and good that you are an internationally
    famous rock star. But if you really want me to be proud of you,
    and to impress this lot in the neighborhood, you must become
    one of the Wolverhampton Wanderers. I've always dreamed
    of you becoming one of the Wolves."

    (Remember Glenn's attendance at a recent Wolves game in the UK?)

    So don't be surprised if after this recent "foot surgery," Glenn's
    management announces that "The Voice of Rock" will be replaced
    by the new star of the Midlands football world:

    ~~ Glenn (Titanium Toes) Hughes ~~


    PS..........Anybody notice if Glenn is laughing? Get well soon :)


    It's interesting that my post about DC, turned into this fascinating
    thread about who should, who shouldn't, and who already has......

    But I'm kind of surprised that nobody thought to mention the Beach Boys.
    You couldn't call them rock, (not evn if you were a little old lady from Pasadena)
    especially after somebody came up with the phrase "surf music" when Dick Dale
    first appeared on the scene. But they at least deserve a mention, beause they've
    lost original people, they've broken up and re-formed, and they were, and are,
    the only people who could do justice ~ live ~ to "Good Vibrations."
    Anybody want to write a doctoral thesis on the broken genius of Brian Wilson?

    As far as DC is concerned......I hope that while he is recovering, and going slightly crazy
    at his house with nothing else to do, he wanders over to our favorite web site =
    and takes our advice: A blusey-funk / funky-blues album collaboration with our other favorite
    former "purple boy."

    OK, we all know how prejudiced I am in favor of the two composers of "You Keep on Moving."
    Glenn has sworn to us, many times, how that song was written when they were both
    ....only 5 years old.
    Consider it to be a school reunion between classmates; after all they both went to Deep Purple
    University together, right? But both know enough about music, (and so would the
    sound technicians in the booth) to team up together and give us Mk3 and 4 fans that beautiful
    Hughes/Coverdale harmony, that so many of us crazy people have never forgotten.

    OK, OK, I'll even agree to calling it the Coverdale/Hughes harmony, if that will help.

    So......if you happen to be reading this, Mr. Coverdale ~
    Take good care of yourself, be well, think about a CD of acoustic blues - sung in beautiful harmony
    with Mr. Hughes, make a gazillion dollars for yourselves, and make your long-time fans very happy.

    :) :) :) :) :axemurderer: :) :)

    After reading you comments about Ian Hunter, I opened up
    my copy of The New Yorker Magazine for August 3, 2009,
    to Page 15, and found this review:


    Ian Hunter, who recently turned seventy, is on a protracted winning streak
    that both belies his age and finds him making full use of his experience.
    The former Mott the Hoople front man began his solo career after leaving the band
    in 1974, and he's been through his ups ("Once Bitten Twice Shy," "Just Another Night")
    and downs (the over-produced, underwritten records of the eighties). In 2001, Hunter
    released "Rant" a powerful record full of nostalgic rave-ups, acerbic assssments of his
    fellow-man, and emotional ballads. "Shrunken Heads," from 2007, was even better;
    the opener, "Words (Big Mouth)," is one of the finest songs ever written about
    the limitations of language.

    Hunter's new album, "Man Overboard" (New West), finds him revisiting the successful formula
    of those recent records, focussing on strong songwriting and straightforward rock and roll.
    As Hunter has gotten older, he has gotten better at writing songs that are about something
    different from what they first appear to be - or rather, he writes songs that are about more
    than one thing. The opener, "The Great Escape," takes a story about a youthful barroom
    fight and refashions it as a tragicomic meditation on morality. "Girl from the Office," a sweet look
    at a workplace crush, has plenty to say about masculinity, freedom, and mystery. "Babylon Blues"
    has a wonderfully ragged vocal from Hunter, here in the service of a spirited bit of invective
    ("Don't try pulling me down to your level / Ain't nothing worse than a phoney-@$$ed rebel").
    And the title track starts off as a companion piece to his late-seventies hit "Ships" and ends up
    as an equivocal defense of the escapist powers of alcohol.

    Hunter and his Mott bandmates are reuniting for a set of shows in October at the Hammersmith
    Apollo in London. Most likely, they won't play any of his solo material. Their loss.

    - Ben Greenman


    I got this e-mail today (Friday, August 14, 2009) from:

    Whitesnake US Tour Announcement



    Unfortunately, last night at the Red Rock Amphitheater, Denver, Whitesnake had to cut their performance short due to Mr. Coverdale experiencing considerable pain in his vocal chords. He was immediately taken to a specialist for examination. The specialist discovered that David was suffering from severe vocal fold edema and a left vocal fold vascular lesion. He was instructed to cancel all performances for the next two weeks and then undergo a further examination. The doctors told us we were fortunate this was caught at a stage where no apparent permanent damage has been caused. We therefore regretfully have to announce that Whitesnake will not be appearing on the remainder of the US tour with Judas Priest. Whitesnake sincerely regrets any disappointment this may cause.